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am 18. Juli 2017
A must read for everybody who is going through a tough time, is trying to achieve the "impossible" or simply wants to enhance the status of mind and soul.
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am 13. September 2017
Tony has just proven one more time that he is the best in his field. definitely, a book for everyone
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am 15. Februar 2013
Anthony Robbins kann der Star ihres Lebens werden, dazu brauchen Sie nur dieses Buch lesen. Sie werden danach mit Resultaten urteilen können, denn die erhält man danach!!
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am 7. Februar 1999
I reread this book regularly to help check on my level of complacency. Before rereading the book, I feel like I am trying to accomplish as much as I possibly can. While rereading the book, I realize that I am suffering from "flabby" goals, and start to raise my sights to where they should be in order to live my dreams and help others the most.
I gave this book to each of my children, and told them that reading, rereading, and following the lessons of this book would make an enormous difference in their lives. They did not believe me, so I am repeating the message for you. Perhaps you will improve your life enormously, and tell my children that you did it after reading this book on their father's recommendation.
I believe that we all have extraordinary gifts (which are unique to each of us), and that fully utilized these gifts can take the whole world to a better place. It is exciting and fun to live life that way, and this book is the best way to be sure that your goals match your talents. Isn't it interesting that although each of us OVERESTIMATES our current level of accomplishment, we each UNDERESTIMATE our potential. THIS BOOK IS OUTSTANDING for getting you to set the kind of energizing, stretch goals that will make your life a work of art and more of a joy to live. Receive this message with all of your love for others, and you will grow in ways that you never dreamed possible. Most of the significant things I am doing in my life now were triggered in part or whole by reading or rereading this book.
Try it! All you have to lose is your underperformance versus your potential!
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am 5. Juli 2003
If anyone read that comment "HUMAN MISERY" and thought it made sense , then consider, that Brian Tracy said, the reason you're going back to your old self is that you let yourself get dragged back by your environment. This means that the environment (parents, friends, neighbours, ...) who created you that way, will make you your old self, except if you apply these three rules two your life:
Avoid people who work destructively on your life. Be with people who want to change their lifes, too. Always know that people will change you, so know your direction and stay with it, because only you know it.
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am 30. August 1998
Every once and awhile I get on and see what they are saying about Robbins. I must tell you, I am surprised to see so much negativity. But then you have to step back and ask why? I would have to say that most of the negative reviews where because people thought they where going to purchase a book and open it up, then the next morning they would be rich and happy. As ridiculous as it may sound, that is really what they believed deep within themselves. I will tell you that this was the first book I purchased of Robbins. I APPLIED the material to my life and went from a depressed kid that worked in a restaurant to a happy person that now makes six digits trading stock, as my father would say, "not bad for a twenty-two year old". Did Robbins do this, no I did. Robbins did teach me how to apply my attitude and skills to master my financial, physical, time, emotional and relationship skills. If you are looking for a simple, easy, no effort needed, way to change your life, then this is not the book. If you are looking to take your life to another level and are tired of being confused on how to do it, then this is the book. By the way, someone said that he charges a lot for his seminars and that is how he makes money. This is true, but he is the only one that I know that gives a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee on everything he sells. So, obviously what he gets for his seminars must be worth it, or he would be out of business by now. Best of luck, Dave
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am 12. Juni 1999
I first saw Tony Robbins on the Joan Rivers show back in 1993. I was very impressed by his charisma and energy, but like many others, felt that Tony Robbins was just a salesman trying to dupe the naive into buying his books and then all of the other products, seminars etc. At work, I ran into a friend who was radiant (unusual for her) and unusually bubbly She told me some of the changes in her life that were taking place and she had begun to read this book: "Awaken the Giant" What really impressed me were the changes that started taking place in the days and weeks that folowed. She started to lose weight, was participating more in meetings at work, and then got promoted. I was impressed. So I decided that this must work. I went out and bought Awaken the Giant and began to use the techniques such as "the swish pattern" and"scrambling technique" Awaken the Giant is a huge book, but I read it in one week. My job performance improved immediately as did my tennis game. I got immediate and dramatic results. This is not just a "feel good book" the techniques really work. My girlfriend also recommended that I read "More Wealth without Risk" by Charles Givens. She told me that More Wealth without Risk did as much for her on a Financial Level than Awaken the Giant did on a personal development level. I went out and read that book and I got equally dramatic results from a financial perspective. I highly recommend both books to anyone who wants to dramatically change their lives...and quickly!
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am 25. Januar 1999
If value were weight, this would be one of the three heaviest books in the universe. Of all the great deals you'll ever cut in your life, paying under $15.00 for this book is by far the steal of the century. If I had a choice of a new Mercedes and never holding this book in my hands or the book and no Mercedes..... I wouldn't even bat an eye choosing "Awaken the Giant Within." And I dearly love Mercedes.
This one book dramatically upgrades the hardware we call the human brain. It makes it about a hundred times easier to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish. It won't turn you into a Tony clone. It will bring the very best of YOU out easily.
I owe my life and my web site to a great coach by the name of Tony Robbins. His work really did dramatically upgrade my mental hardware. I was chronically depressed for 30 years, panic attacks, 3 suicide attempts, drugs, road rage.... I was always one to take action. Look at me now. I'm still taking a lot of action, very different action.
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am 10. Januar 2000
I would have given this book 5 out of 5 but I believe nothing compares to seeing the man in person. In October '99 I attended one of Anthony Robbins' seminars, albeit reluctantly dragged to it by my boyfriend (I too was a cynic). Two years before that I had attempted suicide, been admitted to several psychiatric hospitals and was on a huge amount of medication for a 'mental disorder' as well as various painful physical ailments. I was addicted to sleeping pills, was unemployed, overweight, depressed and often violent. Anthony Robbins' seminar inspired me enough to test out the merit of his claims by quitting smoking and no longer taking medications and I embarked on the vegan diet he suggested. Within a week I was feeling wonderful and decided to improve other areas of my life. Reading 'Awaken' has given me new insights into how I can improve and it is great as a handbook to remind you of how you can be at your best - but by all means GO to one of his seminars. Be sceptical, but also be eclectic and use to information he gives - if you want happiness enough, you can have it! This book is an excellent distillation of ideas. Start with the physical and go from there if you need proof that his ideas work. Anyone who believes they can perform at their best while eating animal products is kidding themselves - become vegan and you will understand how energetic, vital and balanced you can really feel. I have been totally vegan for 4 months and I lost 25kg effortlesly and now maintain a stable weight of 57kg. Everyone is amazed at how wonderful I look. Also, I practice the breathing techniques every day and use his simple NLP techniques to control my anger. Anthony Robbins is a fantastic guide.There is always room for improvement. It works - just give it a try!
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am 23. Juni 2015
although inspiring from time to time, the book is mostly filled with random anecdotal evidence that is trivial and without real depth. The part on Financial freedom shows Tonys lack of knowledge on (or his ignorance of) fundamental economic realities, being a showcase example for 80% of the book. Mixed with inspiring quotes from more or less great minds and et voila, you got yourself the formula for some yes you can do it if you only change your belief system - type bs. Which can be, admittedly, do the trick of motivating you
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