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am 26. Juni 1999
I loved the first book. plain and simple. i loved the hidden meanings (i may very well have dreamed them up but i found quite a few) and the real world allusions though there were only a few of these. however, i thought the second book had a tad too many rollercoasters. how many perils can one family have in such a short period of time. i understand a book needs something to keep the reader on edge but i think it did need a few breathing periods. don't get me wrong, i still loved it, but it seemed it was more or less passing time before the third book.
oh and a side note, though i identified with jaenelle, (you know being supreme power and all) Surreal was my woman (you'll see the influence in the name) being tough and sexy :)
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am 18. November 1999
I enjoyed this book more than the first one because of several reasons. First, the book is lighter and more fun to read. There were places that I found myself laughing at the mess that the got themselves into. it was also neat to see Saetan as a loving father and not a cruel demon. There was still enough of the dark feeling to the book that made the first one enjoyable. I wish that Daemon was in the book more. It was expected that he didn't play that much because he was mad. There is only so much you can say about a mad person. That could also be a reason that Tersa didn't play that much in the first book, but was mentioned more in the second. I have one problem, what am I going to do until the third book come out?
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am 8. Mai 1999
This was an interesting read, but I really missed Daemon. :) Who wouldn't? Jaenelle did seem to have a very speedy recovery, and Saetan, for a High Lord of Hell does seem very... foolish at times, given to frustration et al. Hey, how can we blame the guy? He's a parent! :) Besides, I like him.
I can't wait for the third book, Queen of Darkness. Daemon's coming back. It was rather heart-rending to see the developments coming so slowly. Argh! What _is_ this fascination with the Twisted Kingdom?
All in all, it is better than most novels, but still pales in comparison to the first one, in terms of characterization and subject matter.
Or maybe it's just because it's not fun without the Sadist...
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am 14. März 1999
Wow. 'Daughter of the Blood' was fantastic. It completely caught me up in the adventures of the characters, and the whole thing was so dark and glittering with forbidden, dark, secret magic. The characters were the best part, though. I hope the sequel treats the characters nicely! Especially Surreal. She has become my new idol, I think. I've read the book literally about one hundred times, just waiting for the next book to come out. I can't wait! Anne Bishop has gotten me completely hooked. I even keep a little calendar with a countdown to the publication date!! My only fear is that the sequal might not be as good. I mean, It has a LOT to live up to! But I have faith in the trilogy. Good luck!
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I first discovered her first book in a second hand book store and was reluctant to buy it because it was part of a series--but I'm glad that I did because I laughed and cried with these characters and I think that all three books were one book--it seems that way!! The endings just seen like the next page should be chapter wahtever. Anyway, I can't get enough of these books--but I do agree with everyone when I say--MORE OF DAEMON!!!! He is so compelling and I have to admit that if I met that guy, I'd be just like all those other women, I'd want to get my hands on him even if it hurt!! Also I was wondering if anyone knows exactly when the next book in the series is coming out. Thank you!!!
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am 8. Juni 1999
I'm giving this book five stars inspite of its flaws, which I think might be editorial.
I have the distinct feeling from the symbolism of the book that this might have been conceptually a four volume set and not a trilogy-- the four sided triangle mentioned several times. Anyway, there's a dead spot about three quarters of the way through this volume. I read the first three quarters at break neck speed then got pulled up short and it took me a while to actually finish it.
Other than this though, the gothic world of the Blood is both interesting and entertaining. It reminds me of early Tanith Lee and I am definitely eager to get my hands on the next volume.
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ok here I am, back again, i've read the book and ok it is perfect! Anne Bishop has got to be the best writer of all time! I've been wanting to know more about Luciver and i finally got the chance! and... oops can't give away the book, but the book ends the worst way! well i mean it's a wonderful way but it's realy annoying because it's cliffhanger type. but still when i get the third book i'll do what i did when i got this one get down on my knees thank god for getting the book to be so fast run to my room and read it about 20 times! Sooo basically I am telling all of you to go out there and read this book, and that means the entire trilogy as soon as you can!
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am 9. Januar 2000
I really enjoyed this book because it brought out one of my favorite characters of the series, Lucifer. I felt so bad for him, being locked away in the salt mines with his poor wings rotting away... :( I really enjoy the relationship between Daemon and Lucifer, because they both love each other, yet hate each other. *Being brothers, and all* It makes it very interesting to read them interact with each other, and I can't wait for the next book. *Just to say, my favorite seen in the book was when Lucifer escapes the salt mines and makes a run down the canyon even though his power is running out and his wings can't support him anymore....LUCIFER! (( sob ))*
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am 18. März 1999
Heir to the Shadows is the second book in the Black Jewels Trilogy. It continues the story of Jaenelle, Saetan, Daemon, Lucivar, and the Blood. Janelle awakens from her coma-like state with no memory of what had happened to her. She shys away from her past friends, and it takes a long time for her to trust Saetan again. Saetan gets legal guardianship over her, and they are happy. Daemon is lost in the twisted kingdom, and only Jaenelle can bring him back- except she doesn't remember him. Heir to the Shadows is an amazing book that I couldn't put down until it was finished. Anne Bishop's style envelops you so that you are completely in the book and it's story.
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am 27. März 1999
This book was very well written, and kept the point of the first book. In the dark, shadowy world where these characters reside is well described and interresting. In the first part of the book, Jaenelle is still in the Twisted Kingdom,and her now legal Gaurdian, Saeten SaDiablo, is trying desperatley to get her out. The rest of the book describes her development into a strong queen, and Saeten trying to cope with the previously done damage to Jaenelle's trust. Also interwoven is the story of Lucivar, Surreal, and Sadi. After the massacre of her unicorn friends, Jaenelle makes the offering to Darkness, and keeps the Dark Council out of the Other Realms.
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