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am 26. August 2016
I guess if you have to read this book, it can’t win. Required reading at school has always been and probably will always be a pain in the derrière. Even giving this book to my 19-year-old daughter on her gap year was a mistake. You need a certain distance, I suppose.
This book is seriously funny looking back on those days when you were young and confused (as opposed to old and confused). The characters of Dave and Liz stir up memories of how important it was to go for life experience at the beginning of adulthood, of how unclear it all seemed and how self-centred we were at the same time.
Dave comes across as a sissy and a loser during most of the story but in the end he manages to struggle through even without Liz who he wanted to have so badly at first. Liz’ character is laid out as so naïve, ruthless and egocentric, you cannot help but despise her. Or pity her hoping she will grow up one day.
Certainly, India is shown from a subjective angle. Are we allowed to find India revolting if we want to be politically correct? The answer is: Yes. This is a novel, not a factual report.
These are the perks of being a private teacher: You get to read good books your poor students have to deal with at school, but you get to read them at a much more suitable time in your life.
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am 20. August 2014
You should read this book if you:
- understand and like satire and sarcasm
- have been on a few backpacking trips yourself or intend to do so
- find yourself asking questions about rich and poor (you won't find answers here but you will find that you're not the only one)
- like or hate (both will get what they want here) the typical backpacker
- are not afraid of some let's say more vivid scenes (Delhi Belly - big time)
- like reading "modern" language (there sure are a lot of cusswords)
- want to find out about the ups and mostly the downs of backpacking
- want to read about young characters who are trying to figure out who they are (or what their centre is)
- want to read about how travelling may change you and how it's not for everyone
- feel annoyed by everyone's need of going off to travel (or feel it yourself)
- want to laugh out loud when reading

You shouldn't read this book if you:
- are already in horror by reading the above ("You should read this book if you")
- are looking for a guidebook to India (they do name a few places but this will not be of much help)
- want to learn about Indian culture (get a traveller's guide or an appropriate book instead)
- can't handle close-minded people (the protagonist Dave and Liz are a little hard to get)
- feel offended when reading cusswords

It seldomly happens that I laugh out loud when reading but this book made me several times! I actually had to get my act together a few times when reading it on a bus or in a public place! Awesome!I liked this book so much because it was REAL. I can easily imagine that somewhere there is a guy like Dave who feels obliged to do the travel thing because everyone seems to be doing it now. So he goes off to do it and he hates it. He's a little close-minded and kinda tries to get his friend Liz into bed. But to be honest: there are soooo many people like that out there. He feels uncomfortable in some of the hostels (travellers, who hasn't experienced that, yet?) and doesn't really know how to handle his higher status that he gained a little unknowingly by birth ("first world problems" but still very disturbing when travelling abroad) . He has to deal with the same issues someone travelling in the real world has to deal with. This book is honest and maybe a little one-sided but well, that's what it is then. It wouldn't be a good book if it would tell us "everything's great" in every sentence. This is a character travelling and he's not really good at it, or at least, he's having a hard time coping with all of those spiritual thickheads. I for myself love travelling but when reading this book I often thought "sooo truuuueee!". I loved it.

Those who say that they didn't learn anything about India here, well yeah, you're right. But it's not because the implied author doesn't want to tell us about India or is not aware of it's chances and problems or anything like that. This story is about the inner workings of the protagonist and his interaction with all those other travellers. If you want to read about India's culture, get a non-fiction book. Because this one is - even if this bugs you - FICTION.
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am 8. Mai 2013
Wir mussten für die Schule dieses Buch lesen.. Ich hab mir erst gedacht Oje... was da wohl kommt.. Aber war total begeistert.... zum einen vom Buch selbst :p zum Anderen von der doch sehr guten Erhaltung des Buches trotz Vorbesitzer :)) Bin sehr zufrieden
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am 10. Mai 2014
Ein wirklich tolles Buch. Lustig und super geschrieben. In der Zwischenzeit hab ich es auch schon mehrfach verschenkt, weil ich es einfach großartig finde...
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am 20. September 2013
Einfach genial! Selten so gelacht, selten so gut unterhalten worden! Ein absolutes Muss für alle (Indienreisenden). Kann ich bedenkenlos weiterempfehlen
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am 21. März 2001
Ganz nett geschriebenes Buch. Die Hauptfigur geht einem aber zwischendurch mehrmals ziemlich auf die Nerven. Anfang und Ende des Buches sind gut, dazwischen ein paar Längen. Trotzdem als Reiselektüre (V.a. für Rucksacktrips) ganz gut geeignet.
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am 30. Januar 2014
Die Neuanschaffung dieses Albums und von Electric Ladyland schien erst einmal überflüssig, aber die im Vergleich zur abgenudelten Langspiel-Schallplatte knisterfreie Wiedergabe überzeugte von dem Gegenteil, obwohl die Aufnahme durchweg etwas übersteuert ist.
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am 4. August 2013
Wir müssen dieses Buch in der Schule lesen und für mich ist es reine Zeitverschwendung. Meine Lehrerin hat total begeistert davon geschwärmt, weil man ja so viel über Indien lernt und deshalb war es eine große Enttäuschung (sind vielleicht die unterschiedlichen Generationen). Außerdem kann ich mir nicht vorstellen inwieweit mir das was für das Abi hilft, wenn es ja nicht einmal Sternchenthema ist, aber naja. Ich bin froh, wenn ich damit durch bin!
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am 20. Dezember 2013
Von der Songauswahl sicherlich 1a(Purple Haze Hey Joe Wind cries Mary)Band of Gypsies und Electric Ladyland sind die "Nebenbuhler" Am besten alle drei besorgen!
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am 12. März 2014
Diese Bewertung ist die gleiche wie bei Band of Gypsis. Wenn schon, dann sollte man alle Studioalben von Jimi Hendrix haben.
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