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Golf at its best bares us, shows us not who we think we are, but who we truly are. As we curse and delight in the game's cagey offerings of disappointment and intermittent reward, as we alternately buck and welcome its fabulous mystery and rolls, even the most reluctant of us cannot help but heed the ageless pull--we unwittingly fathom the game is alive, stirring our souls. Like no other work before or after, GOLF IN THE KINGDOM calls us to this recognition. From its epigram, "The game was invented a billion years ago--don't you remember?" on to the now-famed, "Let the nothingness into yer shots," we are beckoned to what we know. With grace and lyricism, Michael Murphy concocts a shimmering world in which golf can live, and like an alchemist--through the whimsical, wise, larger-than-life magical master Shivas Irons--creates the voice of the game itself. Some years ago this book drew me back to the game I love. As a golf coach, I've carried it as a talisman, recommended it to my students, and bought more than my share of copies for friends. Because Murphy's magic is infinite and simple. In his kingdom he lures us to fascination, moves us to believe in golf's--in life's--special powers, and so, ourselves.
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am 21. Juli 1999
A delightful journey through Eastern and Western philosophy and mysticism fashioned by the master teacher and acclaimed 'human potential' researcher/philosopher/writer from Esalen. The fine writing combines the simplicity and depth of Steinbeck with more than touch of J.P. Donleavy's raucus good humor. Don't miss the opportunity to laugh at yourself and the human condition with Murphy's wonderful characters. You may want to improve your golf score and succeed by reading this book, but this is a work with the potential to transform your perspective on life. Murphy delivers this jewel with an elegance and wit worthy of the wonderful game he uses to convey his message. Treat yourself to a classic. Thank you Michael!
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am 18. Dezember 1999
Murphy takes you on a magical and enlightening round of golf at the place where it all began, or at least could have: Scotland. His descriptions of the landscape and the golf course made me long for the links courses we have on our own coast. I enjoyed his attempt at mimicking the various dialects of the Scots and other characters in the book. After their round, Murphy and his new acquaintance, Shivas Irons, a sort of golf priest have a few shots of Scotch, and then go for a midnight stroll in search of Seamus MacDuff. We never really know if Seamus is alive or a figment of Irons' imagination. They find an ancient club that's suppose to belong to MacDuff in a cave and some featheries, and then they hit some perfect shots in the moonlight. Up until this point the book is about golf and the feeling many golfers have that golf is much more than hitting a little white ball around a nicely maintained park. But then the book goes off on some transparent pop psycobabble from the '60s while Murphy spends years searching for Irons and MacDuff. If this book were a round of golf I'd have to say it that Murphy shot par on the front nine and double bogeyed his way through the back. I'd recommend reading the first half and then just dreaming about what the last half could have been about. I'm sure you'll do a better job of finishing the book than Murphy did.
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am 23. März 2000
This book uses a technique that I've noticed is typical of alot of new age books. They start out fairly well grounded, then (assuming that if you've read this far you accept anything the author says) they go off the deep-end.
The book starts off with a tale of playing golf with a man called Chivas Irons, and this is ok. Then it wanders into of all things: physics! Mr. Murphy seems to feel that our current crop of physics P.H.D.s have it all wrong, and that they should come to him to get straightened out. He talks about "true gravity" and all sorts of stuff. Then there is a chapter called "We are all Kites in the Wind". Interesting analogy you say? No analogy, he means it! He states that we are all acutally kites in the wind! What is the evidence for this statement? None is given.
As you have probably guessed by now, this book isn't about golf. It's about...., ahhhh,...whatever - you tell me. If you are the sort of person who likes silly things, claiming that proves "open-mindedness" and "imagination", then you'll probably like this book. If you are looking for a book on golf instruction, you'll be bitterly dissappointed.
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am 9. Januar 2000
Michael Murphy is not simply a golfer, or golf writer, but a philosopher, co-founder of Esalen Institute and a thinker who has boldly gone where no other has before him -- or certainly not with such dash and wit. Shivas Irons is one of the great creations of golf literature or any other. I've read this book six or seven times, always captivated by the prose and the tale-spinning. I believe it every time! And the gems tucked in here: the dinner in which Shivas speaks in praise of golf is lifted from Plato's "Symposium," complete with the drunken intervention of Evan Tyrhee (Alcibiades to Shivas' Socrates) to make his speech in praise of his mentor. Excellent on every count, worth a read and a re-read every year.
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am 16. Februar 1999
after having read golf in the kingdom twice i knew what to expect. what an excellent book to pick up anytime and read for inspiration in golf and life. tough to grasp the gaelic dialogue at first and has turned off a few friends whom i recommended it to but once you get used to this the book literally sings to you. you can almost smell the heather shivas describes growing on the hillsides. i decided i needed to listen to the tape read by mitchell ryan and was not disappointed. i have never been one to sit down and read a book all the way through but listening to the book read by ryan left me mesmerized. now i cant wait to start on murphy's follow-up(written some 25 years later)The Kingdom of Shivas Irons.
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am 22. April 1999
This book substantially changed the way I play golf. For starters, I've managed to stop abusing my equipment. And I'm less prone to overswinging. Most of all, I enjoy playing more. A great life lesson.
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am 16. Juni 1998
I have just finished reading this classic for the fourth time, and I never fail to learn something new. My copy is dog-eared, underlined, annotated, and highlighted, and I'm already looking forward to my next read. It is not a book about technique, but it has done more for my game than any book on technique ever has, and I've been playing golf for over fifty years. You can hear the Scottish burr, you can smell the heather, you can almost taste the whiskey. Thank you, Michael Murphy, for showing us the way.
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am 30. Juli 2000
What started out as a golf novel turned into psychology 101. Having been compared to The Legend of Bagger Vance and The Greatest Golfer who never lived, I was compelled to read it. But little was about what I consider a true golf story. It was more about the meaning of life? It took a lot of effort to read on, after the only round of golf described in the first few chapters. Although, I did enjoy the round of golf.
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am 14. Oktober 1999
This book is absolutely a waste of time and money. Is there one character who is not taken directly from the realm of stereotype? We think not. Looking for a good book to read, try "the Long Walk," or "The Island of Dr. Moreau," or "The Book of Tao": there are many excellent books written by excellent writers - this high-school level offering is without value.
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