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am 8. Februar 2013
Mir hat das Buch gut gefallen. Die Geschichte war nicht überragend, aber solide. Mir hat die Welt, die Stross für das Buch entworfen hat, sehr gut gefallen - insbesondere den Aspekt, dass die Singularität bereits stattgefunden hat.

Das Buch hat drei Mängel - von denen zwei eng zusammen hängen:

Stross hat in Singularity Sky versucht - sehr ähnlich wie Simmons in Hyperion - die im Buch verwendeten technischen und physikalischen Konzepte im Verlauf der Geschichte zu erklären. Dabei hat er sich jedoch so viel vorgenommen, dass er zwangsläufig viel Voraussetzen muss. Das Buch versucht bspw. die Relativitätstheorie zu berücksichtigen, erklärt jedoch, die für das (grobe) Verständnis dieser wichtigen Konzepte des Lichtkegels und der zeit/raumartigen Pfade sehr grob bis gar nicht.

Das zweite Problem ist, dass die wenigen Erklärungen, die geliefert werden, so kurz sind, dass sie teilweise nur grenzwertig richtig sind (ob der Autor die Konzepte selber 100%ig verstanden hat, oder nicht, vermag ich anhand des Buches nicht zu entscheiden).

Mein dritter Kritikpunkt ist vermutlich Nörgeln auf hohem Niveau - ich hatte den Eindruck, dass Stross befürchtet hat, dass seine Leser sein Buch nicht verstehen und deswegen die letzten ~50 Seiten damit verbracht hat, das Buch noch einmal sehr ausführlich zu erklären. Mir wäre es lieber gewesen, hätte er sich diese Seiten geschenkt und das Ende nicht so in die Länge gezogen. Aber nun ja.

Also zusammen fassend würde ich sagen: Solide Geschichte, sehr interessanter Versuch viele Konzepte der modernen SF in einer Welt zu vereinen. Mängel bei der Lesbarkeit (im Zweifel einfach hin und wieder bei Wikipedia reingucken, wenn physikalische und oder technische Vokabeln vorkommen, die nicht klar sind) - Alles in Allem eine Empfehlung für "fortgeschrittene" SF-Leser.
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am 5. Februar 2018
I ve also read accelerando, which is supossed to be the more refined version of the singularity concept. But make no mistake- this here is the true masterpiece. Yes, the characters are not classic literature- but if you are in dire need of human sock puppets to feel invested in a story, that is about a clash of concepts- or the lack of ability ot grasp those, maybe you are wrong with SciFi all along. Even Le Guin- a master of social SciFis characters, where- when you broke them down- nothing but walking examples of a conceptual societys output.

In this book- the author too all ideas available related to a singularity, put them into contrast with a conervative society- and just ran with it. While underway, he picked up speed and crashed through several genre conventions. Its a fascinating tour de force of classic military scifi bumping into the glass roof that is the limits of human imagination.

One of ten books i would read into a telephone, should they ever drop out of the sky.
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am 28. Juli 2005
I must admit I was disappointed by this book. May it be due to having finished the "Hyperion/Endymion"-Saga (Dan Simmons) the night before? No one knows, but this book ain't definitely no science-fiction book!
It is a political thriller set in a "Sci-Fi deco". Would have been the same effect if you had this story told within the very heart of a brainsurgeons' world: The author bombs you with highly incomprehensible details and technical expressions, and you, the reader, are not meant to understand the least bit of what's meant. (And I am no beginner, just to put this statement in it's right position. I've been reading Sci-Fi for about 20 years now...)
So you don't have to care, and concentrate on the plot. The way Stross told his plot reminded me strongly of "Gorky Park" by Martin-Cruz Smith; which as such is not a bad reference...
The "love-part" in the book nevertheless was hopelessly unnecessary and bent by the will of the author. Absolute spoiler.
All in all, if you are looking for great Fantasy-SciFi, go for Simmons' Saga. If you are looking for some sort of "funny" thriller set in strange and utterly fantastic surroundings, go for Stross.
Thx for reading me.
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am 27. Juli 2004
Wow! This is how I would describe this book. Wow!
The New Republic is under attack by a post-singularity civilization called the Festival, which starts a information plague on what is a rejectionist society. The results is a revolutionary upheaval which causes the New Republics leadership to attack the Festival. Since they don't want the revolution to happen in the first place they decide to do a little time travel for a surprise attack. That again brings forward the interest of the Eschaton, a de-facto god who likes his position very much and has therefore banned time travel. Mix in a few agents and you have quite a roll.
Charles Stross comments on nearly everything. Social structures (including Marxism and Feudalism), the folly of human greed. Religion, gods, post-singularity type of entertainment etc etc etc.
This books reads like a satire. It is propably meant as one. There is enough action and tech-talk. Even though the latter was a bit much for my undereducated (at least concerning quantum physics) mind. The characters and their respective culture shocks are highly enjoyable. I recommend this book fully.
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am 25. September 2005
Read it in one weekend, very captivating, nice characters doing team-play (I loathe hero-novels), believable science, slightly paranoid story but fun :) The only annoyance is the cliff-hanger about the Eschaton that makes you want to read more books in the series. Wouldn't be necessary, the story is good enough without that.
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am 24. Oktober 2017
This is super entertainment for sci-fi fans with science literacy. A bit of Hitchiker's Guide, and a very detailed and complex story. Lot's of fun!
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am 16. Dezember 2006
Fully agree with "davideverard2". The story has some unnecessary lengths, interrupted by really great highlights. This is mainly the description of what happens with a society refusing technology suddenly being confronted with altering nano-technology. This is where the story gets nearly fantastic: Humans are upgraded with cyborg technologies, strange zombies come up, speaking animals/ animal-human crossovers come into existence. My favorite: the rabbit-human. During this part of the narrative stream, the novel gets brillant - unfortunately, this is only a part of the book. Still, it is a good science-fiction novel.
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am 26. August 2008
Stross erzählt eine spannende Geschichte in einer fernen und seltsamen Zukunft, stolpert jedoch ein wenig über sein eigenes Wissen um Technik und Hintergründe. Im Gegensatz zum Nachfolger Iron Sunrise bleiben die Charaktere etwas blass und zu oft verfällt der Autor in Beschreibungen der Technik, der Physik und Hintergründe, was den Lesefluss immer wieder hemmt.
Dennoch hebt sich das Buch deutlich von der üblichen Space Opera, wie Star Wars und selbst dem technobrabbelgewohnten Star Trek ab und setzt hier einen interessanteren Maßstab. Ich würde gern 3,5 Sterne geben, aber 4 wären auf alle Fälle zu viel, da hat der Autor mit dem Nachfolger Unterhaltsameres geschafft.
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