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am 1. Dezember 1999
I consider this book to be a general guideline for new comers to the networked industry. This book does not provide thorough examinations drawn from successful and/or unsuccessful examples, nor does it give the reader critical analyses to back up the writer¡¦s own point of view. What we get from this book is a set of rules, reminders, and assumptions which is not practical enough in my opinion, and perhaps only good enough for those who first come to the newly developed internet industry.
The idea to link biological Darwinism with industrial Darwinism to explain how the fittest survives in highly competitive business environment is not a new thing. People who have had a certain degree of understanding about it will be disappointed as the writer goes all the way to explain what they have already known. People who have been close enough to the development of the internet industry will find this book uncreative. People who have already been in this business for some time will not be inspired by this book, but most likely be bored by its dragging explanation of how ¡§the fittest survives¡¨¡Xa concept these people probably have already known.
Although this book only provides a set of generalized ideas, ¡§7 Breakthrough Business Strategies for Surviving in the Cutthroat Web Economy¡¨ as its subtitle describes, it can be seen as quite a handy book. At the end of every chapter is a brief reminder of how certain problems can be solved. This may be a streak of help when the manager is buried by overloaded work and forgets where he stands. This book is helpful, too, for those who newly come into contact with the industrial side of the internet.
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am 17. August 1999
The catchy title is just a title, and it drew me in to a fun and fantastic read. A bright spot is the examples of entrepreneurs (the real E in e-commerce) finding the Web as an ally in contrast to examples of subsided businesses that relied solely on the Web and Web hype (those with a hammer always seeking a nail; those with a computer seeing business as data). Includes keen admonishments toward certain companies that tout the Web yet deny Web-users access to their products or services (initials are B&N, CompUSA). The lesson delivered is not in the list that frothed to the top but the personalities behind the steps, along with some vernacular mixed in with good narrative. (Dell newbies attentive to low badge numbers; Seven Cycle chapter alone could inspire someone to just start a business; REI chapter makes me want to try out their store.) Nowadays companies with Web sites scream customer-service-this, customer-service-that.... The brightest spot in this book is the back-to-the-future (back to the past?) notion of customers driving business, people service, craft, artisan and manufacturing jobs instead of automation--people can do this kind of thing since the Web allows efficiency (customized products) so companies aren't concerned so much about stocking warehouses as entrepreneurship. Nowadays companies with Web sites tout "customer- service-this, customer-service-that." This book will show why that phrase appears on some companies as a glossy add-on, and why on others it stands for delivering to the customer.
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am 3. März 2000
With a title like Digital Darwinism: etc. etc. one is set with the expectation that this book is a kind of silver bullet. But the question is for whom? Throughout the book I had a constant feeling of a big so what? Who is the audience here? Certainly not me and I am not a player in the web economy. Yet. I certainly neither absorbed nor abstracted anything more that I have from the examples that proliferate through reading profiles in quality business journals or talking to business colleagues. Perhaps maybe an artsie-but non-techno-literate-I-wanna-know person would find it appealing?
Aside from this, the book is written in a style that is supposed to engage through permitting the reader to abstract it's key messages from storylines. I felt that it uses a set the scene, stream of consciouness, I am going to tell you a story style that makes Europeans sometimes nauseous and feeling "just get to the point please, the book is small enough!".
Go for a book that's not hyped-up from the start and delivers a simple structure for your mind to frame concepts, remember points for further reference and doesn't state the obvious.
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am 18. Juli 2000
Of Ebusiness? Here is your read. I am an MBA student who was in desperate need of understanding the power and nuances of web based principals of business. I found that many of my professors simply refused to acknowledge, let alone embrace, this emerging business modality. Fortunately, I found this! Marketing, branding, value added product and services components are described as they specifically relate to the web. It describes and explains through proven or failed examples specific take-aways for the web. Schwartz has captured the essential elements of Web based business in an understandable, matter of fact way. Perfect if you are a student in search of knowledge on the matter, and the classroom isn't enough or your professor has not quite grasped the significance of web based business.
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am 14. Juli 1999
I started my own web based business five years ago when it was a wilderness and browsers and search engines were horrible. I read this book in one sitting and plan on buying a number of copies for business friends. I've read them all and this IS THE BEST of the lot. I've learned a lot; take your super vitamins, excercise, use a 'Light and Sound Machine to meditate and sleep, use neurosync behavior tools while you work, READ this book, and the only other book you need,'First, Break All The Rules.' I am of average intelligence, looks, personality, and middle aged. I've made millions since I started my own company and I didn't have the benefit of these TWO MUST HAVE books.
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am 21. Januar 2000
When I first got hold of this book, the foreword immediately struck me. It is the kind of book that will get you glued and make you want to finish it. It is fully packed with content on various topics surrounding the e-commerce paradigm. The biggest help that this book gave me is the full appreciation of affiliate marketing and partnering with and If not for this book, I would have start in a different way in my web site. I find the case studies informative as well as it gives a reader a full perspective on how the Internet business model is different from the traditional one.
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am 14. Juni 1999
Being in marketing for over 15 years, and in the Internet business for six, I have yet to read a better book. I read this book in two days, and I got more ideas and insight than any of the dozen trade publications I receive weekly and various other books I have read in the past. And those so-called Internet marketing gurus out there who tout themselves as "experts" will want to get a few ideas from this book as well. The only real expert here is Evan Schwartz...
I would've paid TWICE as much for this book. A must read. Invaluable.
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am 12. August 1999
This book outlines 7 marketing strategies that businesses have to follow in order to gain a competitive edge in e-biz. Real-life examples are provided to illustrate how these strategies to be implemented.
I highly recommend this book to those who are involved in marketing and strategic planning, especially those who are not aware of the paramount importance of e-commerce. This book has sharpened my strategic insight. Thanks author !
I wish the author can bring us more good read in the future.
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am 17. Juni 1999
Digital Darwininsm is the fourth book about the network economy I've read in as many weeks. I found it highly relevant and thorough, with clear and concise writing. "Information Rules" provides a sober perspective on what the network economy does and doesn't mean to an enterprise, but lacks the thoroughness of "Darwinism." "Unleashing the Killer App" and "The Experience Economy" are full of unsubstantiated futuristic babble and can be safely skipped.
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am 27. Oktober 1999
This book is an excellent reference tool. Not only does the author use good case studies to make his point, he also provides a list of websites to study for your own information. (He also did this in his first book). Although a lot of the suggestions are based on common sense, the author also provides a lot of current information, i.e. viral marketing. Definitely a good starting point for anyone interested in learning about (and the some of the terminology for) e-commerce.
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