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am 10. März 1999
I'll be blunt, I mightily disliked the first series, mostly because of the really shoddy treatment one of the characters received at the hands of his own family. So here we are, 17 years later, and the Lizard females have arrived to stir the pot. Turtledove handles the development of a partially alien-occupied earth well, and the characters and situations are believable. Not a bad read, but I *wish* Turtledove would stop re-fighting the two ugliest wars history has ever seen and go on to something new.
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am 18. März 2000
What happened Harry? The first part of this series was fun because we go to see how some of the most famous and well know figures in history would have responded, in the the author's view, to alien invasion. I thought, for that reason, it was fun but not well editted. This series is worse.
First, it takes over 300 pages of more then 600 before anything substantially new appears. During this period we meet some of the new charactors and most of the old ones. But over and over again we are told how remarkable the Big Uglies are and how conservatives the lizards are -and slow. Okay, we get the story. Now where is the story?
In Colonization, Turtledove had the opportunity to be a little unconvernational. I would have preferred an earthman invasion of their planet or the introduction of a new race competing with the humans of earth and the lizards. No. This books, instead, talks about the continued stalemale of the remaining powers 20 years later! Please, if people with 1940's tech could have fought them lizards to a tie, people in 1960 with 1980s or beyond tech - that wouldn't even be close. Okay, I know there would be some problems but since nothing new is added here, why not buy something new and different or simply re-read the first books in the series. You won't miss much and the writing will be better.
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am 15. Juni 2000
The original 4-book series was awesome. Aliens invading Earth during WWII. Great concept! Now it's 20 years later with Earth (or Tosev 3) divided under Race and human rule. On top of that, the alien colonization fleet arrives. Not as much action as in the first book, but Turtledove does a great job showing how humans and aliens are trying to co-exist, and how each one is influencing the other. Ginger, which is like cocaine to the Race, plays a very big part in the story, especially with the newly arrived female aliens. Very good job showing the friction between aliens of the conquest fleet, who've seen the horrors of war and dealth with humans for 20 years, and the colonists, who have no understanding of humans and view their soldiers as failures. And kudos to Turtledove for not making the Race your typical, malevolent alien conquerers. In the Race-ruled countries, humans pretty much go about their business and the aliens are even educating them (though this is to make them better citizens of the Empire). Excellent character development. Plenty of old and new faces, including historical ones. Love watching men like V. Molotov, Earl Warren, General Le May and Adolf Eichman deal with an Earth full of reptilian invaders. Lots of suspense revolving around the destruction of some colonization ships and the U.S. space station. Looking forward to the next book.
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am 31. Mai 2000
Now, I've read all the four books of the original series (though I see no point in talking about _two_ series, this is as direct a continuation as they come) and so I knew I'd had to read this one too.
With a sigh I went to a book store and opened the book to its first page. Sure enough, it began with Atvar calling up the knight one more time. Every blasted book of this series has begun with this same old tired scene. Unfortunately this is typical of how the books in the series are connected. Every book has to introduce the billion characters Turtledove believes are necessary to carry on the story. Then, when all the old fellows have been reintroduced you're halfway through with the book and soon have to start reading the same reintroductions in the next book...
Even the Lizards, whose viewpoints have usually been the most interesting ones, are getting tired. All they talk about is how the Big Uglies are hopeless and how they would like to be back on Home and how the weather's miserable... Nobody likes hearing a child nag and to read through hundreds of pages of it is too much.
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am 13. April 2000
Harry is again limited to the reptile alien structure and mannerisms - read - hiss and thumping their tails etc. Sounds like something partying humans do (in analogy) at a sports tailgate party. Character development style has gotten lethagic. All in all I grown bored and dulled by same redundancy - may finish the book as a summer read. New Turtledove readers should wet their appetite on "Guns Of The South" or first tetralogy set from "Upsetting the Balance" ("Striking The Balance" may disappoint in its climax). Might be good read as quasihistoric (Earth leaders wise) for freshmen in high school. Avid Turtledove fans will be quickly putting this down. Mr. Turtledove seriously must change style and concept of this theme (Maybe this is a comedy alternate war/earth history? And his macabre intentions! ). Read a library copy or your friend's copy and your dollars saved will be worth better. Paraphrase "To see it again for the first time." HoHum.
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am 15. April 2001
Turtledove manages to insert a couple of new twists into the sequel to the World War series. I read the first four books and in the end I was a little bored. Second Contact manages to revive the plot. It continues with a lot of the characters from WW (Yeager, Drucker, Molotov, Atvar etc.) and some new ones. Second Contact is set in the 1960s, ca. 20 yeards after the conquest fleet had landed. In the meantime the race's colonization fleet has also arrived and has started to colonize the planet. The most interesting part is Turtledove's description of how the earth has coped with the lizards (human teens, for instance, have developed a youth culture that apes the lizards) as well as how the arrival of lizard females changes everything. Almost as intriguing and well thought out as WW. If you liked the WW series, you gotta.
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am 11. Juni 2000
While a moderately interesting alternate history book, DO NOT expect another "Worldwar." Taking place 20 years after Turtledove's original series, this book is rather boring and slow comparatively. Some interesting developments are made, especially at the end, but the majority is his constant repetition. Also, he seems more obsessed with his own character creations rather than historical figures, which noticebly detracts from the fun. Still worth reading though. (In paperback if possible.)
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am 9. Juni 2000
I really liked Worldwar a lot; but this is better. Now we begin to see the cultural, social, economic and technological implications of twenty years of Lizard semi-occupation are. Now we see the Lizards have to deal with the problems European colonial powers faced in the same period. And best of all, now we see what Lizard civilians are like, and how they react to the poor soldiers of the conquest fleet. Throw in the effects of ginger on females, and oh boy, is this a heck of a book or what!
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am 21. Februar 1999
"Colonization : Second Contact" proves, yet again, that Doctor Turteldove is THE master of alternate history. This first book in his latest series is different from the Worldwar series but different does NOT mean bad. Rather than focusing solely on war this book focuses more on the messy results of the WorldWar. We have mysterious attacks on the Lizard fleet by unknown assailants, we have the mystery of a massive ship built by the U.S., we even have Sam Yeager surfing the Lizard version of the Internet. Some people who have posted reviews on this book complained that is too padded. I totally disagree. I read a book with very well developed characters, extremely well though out sub plots, and a very high level of detail. Some people seem to have a problem with the concept of a series or a sequel. To me a series means the author can write a more detailed and involving story. Instead of trying to cram the story into one book Turteldove has plenty of room to get creative. This book is a must-read for Turtledove fans and all alternate history fans in general. Beyond that fans of science fiction should also love the book. One last thing, about the cover art. I agree the cover art is very weak but Turtledove has NO control over that, and it has nothing to do with the quality of the book. I would rate this book a six stars if I could.
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am 17. Mai 1999
This second series taking place soon after Turtledove's well received "WorldWar" saga is a good read that kept me entertained. But it is also a disappointment in that it's pretty clear that the author padded the book enough so that he can make what could probably be written in 2 books into a 4 book story.
What's particularly unfortunate is that Turtledove pads the book with largely irrelevant character building that makes the book feel like "Winds of War" with lizards.
A book such as this has so many opportunities to go into detail on how this alternative past is different than our own. The technology changes, the general life of the average American, Japanese, Russian, German, etc could be fleshed out more. In this alternative history, the US apparently goes to Mars. This is just mentioned in passing. What other types of technology do they have?
Another surprising thing is how little detail is given on human military technology. I know in our time line what 1960 era jets, tanks, and ships could do, what is different in this alternative timeline?
One of the most surprising things is how little mention the United States gets in the book from a governmental point of view. The reader gets no real inkling to where the US stands when compared to Nazi Germany or Russia from an economic or military balance other than a vague understanding that the US is "on par" with Germany in military technology.
Some things just don't make historical sense. In this alternative history, Great Britain slowly moves closer to Nazi Germany in behavior. I don't think many historians would agree that such a thing was even possible in a Churchill controlled Britain.
Even some of the character behavior seems senseless. The Race seems too ignorant to be as advanced as they are (not knowing how to deal with Snow? Even their home world would have to have polar icecaps and you'd think they would have been briefed).
But overall, my main disappointment with the book is that it's basically a 150 page book stretched into a nearly 400 page book.
But I would still recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed the original series. The original series suffered largely from these same things, especially the later ones). It's a good book but one that could have been so much better.
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