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am 8. November 2007
War der Vorgängerroman "Shadow of the Hegemon" noch recht interessant, geht es hier in der direkten Fortsetzung steil bergab.

Besonders schafft es Card diesmal nicht, seine Figuren glaubwürdig darzustellen. Sie wirken seltsam unnatürlich, was auch den zum Teil schlechten Dialogen geschuldet ist.

Ebensowenig wird die weltpolitische Situation, die eine der Triebfedern der ganzen Geschichte ist, nachvollziehbar dargestellt. Der Leser fühlt sich wie im luftleeren Raum und kann mangels tiefgehenderen Beschreibungen weder zu den Figuren noch zum Hintergrund eine echte Verbindung herstellen.

Die Krönung des ganzen ist die Beschreibung, wie es zur "Wall of India" kommt. An dieser Stelle hätte ich das Buch am liebsten in der Luft zurissen, so - Verzeihung - dämlich war die Idee (wer's gelesen hat, weiss, was ich meine).

Ich kann jetzt verstehen, dass dieser Band der Ender-Saga nicht mehr auf Deutsch erschienen ist.
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am 2. Dezember 2009
I like Orson Scott Card as author but I din't like this book very much. I loved Ender's saga:
Enders Game=excellent, Speaker for the Dead = genial - I personally prefer it to Ender's game for it's deeper psychological plot, Xenocide and Chldren of the Mind= is actually one large book but very good anyway
Shadow's Saga:
Enders Shadow = also excellent but of course not as revolutionary as EG, Shadow of the Hegemon = mediocre,Shadow Puppets= it's even worse. This two books remind me little bit of Tom Clancy's thrillers - lot of computer game like military action and political chessgames - ok psychological profile is probably better, but on the other hand the knowledge about countries depicted like Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, is relatively shallow. The story itself has it's psychological and logical flows as well:
Love story between Bean and Petra and her child wish - very young (15?) I didn't buy it. Why do they go to Mollescu - the same guy who killed 22 of Bean's siblings - for in-vitro fertillization? Why does Peter behave so foolishly towards Achilles? By the way the change of personalities through the Ender's and Shadow saga is sometimes non credible: Peter from sadistic genial people manipulator to the average and naive politician, who had to be helped by his parents,..etc. The other point is that OSC wants to transfer "higher" ideas but it's not doing it very subtly. Those are e.g.: the marriage between man and women is sacred, even gays (Anton) and lesbian should marry opposite sex and raise children, in-vitro fertillization is wrong, embryo consisting of two cells is already human, people shouldn't change the human genes because it's God's work,.. The problem isn't me agreeing or disagreeing with those Christian (Mormon) ideas of OSC, but that they are stated too plainly and too didacticly like in the children text book and that's not worth of such excellent writer.
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am 21. März 2003
In this novel the author, Orson Scott Card, focuses on secondary characters from ENDER'S GAME.
Peter Wiggin (a.k.a. the Hegemon, among other alias names), Julian Delphiki (a.k.a. "Bean"), and Petra Arkanian must deal with Achilles de Flandres. Achilles, if you recall from the previous books, was a genius. Mentally, however, he was very unstable. He wanted nothing more than the deaths of Peter, Bean, and Petra. Second on Achilles's list of things-to-do was to conquer all, starting with the Hegemony!
Suriyawong, Virlomi, Hyrum Graff, and Volescu appear as secondary characters. They were not just for show or used as "fillers" though. Each had vital roles in the book and possibly in the next. (My hope springs eternal.)
***** If you have not read the previous books, I highly recommend that you begin at the beginning, with ENDER'S GAME. Not only because all in this series is fantastic, but also because you when previous characters or events are mentioned, you would totally understand the reference and feel more a part of Card's vast universe. This author does not insult the intelligence of his readers; therefore, he will not go into deep detail on past events. He just mentions a person or event and carries on with the current story. I love that in an author!
Orson Scott Card made a fan of me with ENDER'S GAME. Of course, since I enjoyed it so much, I handed it over to my husband and the "Ender's Bug" (as I call it) bit him too. Card quickly made his way from my list of "Good Authors", to my list of "Favorite Authors", and currently resides on my "Elite List" which contains only four names (and one of them are deceased). I tell you that so you may understand that I do NOT consider myself to be overly dramatic when I say, "If you love Sci-Fi, you MUST read this series!"
Orson Scott Card rules the Sci-Fi universe! *****
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am 10. Juli 2003
I love the first two books of the Shadow saga, but i was kind of disappointed by this shallow ending. maybe i was hoping for an absolute climax way too hard ...
The story seems quite idealess, not as elaborate as the others, even the the caracters seem quite blurred sometimes. i think it was quite impossible to find a still more powerfull ending.
but, all in all, its not a bad book and worth reading if you already started the trilogy!
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