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Five Lessons the Modern Fundamentals of Golf
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am 13. Dezember 2014
.........in my very extensive golf instruction library. This simple, and concisely illustrated golf primer remains the standard for golf instruction many decades after original publication. There was probably no better ball-striker than Ben Hogen, and the way he goes about sharing information regarding his swing is equally concise, detailed and very easy to assimilate. In my humble opinion, the Best out there !
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am 3. März 2014
The 5 basics are still the same despite the advances in golf technology .. a remarkable book considering how old the teaching concepts are
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am 2. August 2013
ein super buch zum einstieg in den golfsport. Konnte einiges daraus mitnehmen, so das meine bälle öfters sogar gerade aus fliegen...
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am 22. Juni 2014
Eindrucksvolle Zeichnungen - erlauben die Darstellung des Wesentlichen besser als jedes Foto.
Nachdrücklich formulierte Texte. Vieles kommt einem aus der letzten Stunde mit dem Pro bekannt vor, nur kann man es hier Schwarz auf Weiss "getrost nach Hause tragen".
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am 11. Oktober 2013
Ich kann dieses Buch jedem Golfer nur wärmstens empfehlen. Spitze Ratschläge von einem der besten Golfer aller Zeiten. Von diesem Spitzengolfer kann man was lernen,
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am 27. September 1999
I think that this is a good book. I loved the discussion on swing planes, the set up and the follow through. Unfortunately, the chapter on the grip is a little dated. For a full swing, Hogan recommends a neutral grip with the "V" from each hand pointing at your chin. This grip robs you of a lot of distance in your shot because it restricts wrist cock at the top of the swing. It is similar to a continental grip in tennis. (Another outdated grip) Almost all the modern teaching on grips recommend the "V" of the right hand to point at your right shoulder and the left to point at your chin. This grip is similar to a two handed backhand grip in tennis. You will get more distance using this power grip. Given that half a century has passed and that almost all the information is still accurate, I still recommend buying this book.
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am 14. Juli 2000
This excellent teaching device found me at the right time, having mysteriously started struggling with my takeaway and back swing [right elbow flying out at the top!]. I poured through it in a night to search for the secret cure and I found it. I can't believe it took me 18 years of golf to discover this book. This really should be in every beginner's bag, to get his or her mechanics and fundamentals together, as well as any long time golfer who occasionally 'loses' it. It's quite a testament to its staying power to note that there are no reviews of less than five stars for this wonderful manual [my rating will be no different]. Hogan boils down the game to one important aspect, striking the ball. Grip, stance, setup, back swing, downswing are all meticulously verbally described, and then highlighted by amazingly detailed and accurate drawings. Written as a series of SI articles in the 50's, the teaching voice has lost none of its punch over the ensuing years. The gods are in the details, and I noted immediately in the setup section things I was doing to hinder the chain-reaction of his preferred swing. Left foot out a quarter turn, hmm, that's new but makes sense, elbows at hipbone at address, and arms very close to chest to allow the right elbow to fold properly. That's what I needed. His description and the images of the glass / back swing / downswing plane will provide appropriate visual clues during practice. I found his discussion of the waggle and supination of left hand on follow through also quite interesting. I've purchased copies of this for my long-time golfer mother and my girlfriend who's just taking up the game, hopefully they'll enjoy it as much as I did, and we can discuss Hogan's straightforward instruction with a common background understanding.
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am 21. Oktober 1999
This is a classic how-to golf book. Written under the guidance of Ben Hogan, a professional who could actually practice what he preached! His reputation as a meticulous perfectionist is evident in the detailed descriptions of the golf swing. The outstanding illustrations provide the necessary visual reinforcement to the text. Any golfer who is trying to improve his or her game can accomplish this goal if they patiently apply Mr. Hogan's Five Lessons. In this case, good things do come in small packages!
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am 3. April 2000
For nearly thirty years, my golf game has been "respectable." I've hovered between a 15 and 20 handicap, content -- though not thrilled -- to play bogie golf. This year, that will change. This year, I will break 80. And next year, I will do so regularly. This book is the reason. From the moment I decided to forget everything I thought I knew about golf and start practicing Hogan's dictates -- from grip through downswing -- I noticed an immediate, undeniable increase in the power of my swing. I'm hitting every club in my bag, and particularly irons, with a distance and accuracy I've heretofore only dreamed of. If you learned that the position of the ball within your stance is dictated by the club you're playing, i.e., woods and long irons near the left foot, mid-irons in the middle, and short irons off the right foot, that's only half-right. Hogan explains everything, from grip to stance to line to a little-known word, "supinate," all of which will change your game if you are willing to forget what you think you know and listen to a true master of the game. There are no easy fixes for mediocre golf, but Hogan proves that good golf needn't be complex. He simplifies the basics in an encouraging, assuring, positive style that builds confidence. I consult the book daily, and no matter what life throws my way, I make time to head out to the back yard with some wiffle balls (if not the driving range) every day, to further groove the "repeating swing" that Hogan, Herbert Wind and the precise drawings of Anthony Ravelli have given me, through this wonderful book. The best ten bucks you'll ever spend. Enjoy!
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am 24. Februar 2000
The basics never go out of style, which is why this book will be a perennial favorite among golfers. No fancy swing theories du jour. No promise to fix your slice in an afternoon. Just the basics, simply explained. The book breaks down the golf swing into five discrete components. For each component, ample pictures and descriptions are provided. Several of Hogan's concepts, most importantly the concept of keeping the club and arms beneath a plane, are essential teaching tools for virtually all golf instructors. For novice and experienced golfers, you should buy only one book of instruction. And this is the one.
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