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am 7. Juli 2009
If you have Taschen's All-American Ads series you'll probably have all these ads in the various editions. I did a quick check on three of them compared with this book. Here the forties has 36 compared to 110 in the Ads book; fifties has 44 compared to 200 and the sixties with 54 compared to 267. Of course if you don't have the All-American Ads series and want to see just over four hundred auto ads presented in a beautifully designed book then Classic Cars is for you and I think it's way ahead of any similar books.

Each of the ten decades starts with a few hundred words intro and an interesting timeline across the bottom of each page to point out the significant industry developments then the pages feature the ads either one to a spread, or page or two on a page. Fortunately none of them are too small to prevent you reading the amazing copy that writers toiled long hours over. As well as great photos, or art in the early decades, I thought that reading some of this over-the-top copy was one of charms of the book. How about this Olds ad from 1952:
'You've got to drive it to believe it! Never before has Oldsmobile had such an exciting performance story to tell! For here is a NEW kind of "Rocket" Engine car - dramatically new with the flashing 160-hp. "Rocket"...now paired with smooth new Hydra-Matic Super Drive'.
There's page after page of this stuff.

The book's production is quite impressive. The ads have generous margins on the page and captions that provide some background material about the cars. All the ads have been scanned from printed originals yet there is no screen clash and with matt art paper and a three hundred screen these ads are about as prefect as you'll get.

A wonderful, colourful look at American wheels.
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am 7. März 2013
Wieder einmal ein phantastisches Buch des Taschen Verlas. Egal ob man sich mehr für Werbung oder für Autos interessiert, diese Buch lohnt sich auf jeden Fall. Sehr schöne Aufmachung, exzellente Druckqualität so wie man es von Taschen gewohnt ist. Die Anzeigen reichen vom Beginn des Automobilbaus bis zum Jahr 1999, so kann man den Niedergang der amerikanischen Automobilindustrie von Jahrzehnt zu Jahrzent verfolgen. Für mich persönlich sind die 50-70 Jahre am interessantesten. Text ist in englisch , deutsch und französich.
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