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am 16. Juni 2000
If you are traveling to Venezuela, this is the book that I recommend you buy. Unfortunately, I did not buy this book before I moved down there. I went down with two other travel guides and threw both of them out. I met some ex-pats down there and borrowed their copies until I could get my own copy down there.
It is true that the prices have risen. The tourist industry, also, charges more for foreigners. Once people starting recognizing my speech as a Venezuelan, I got much cheaper deals on trips. It is a good idea to talk to locals, too. They can tell you of great places to stay and give you invaluable information, plus they are really friendly.
Some of the information will be outdated, especially since the mudslides in December. I recommend visiting Venezuela to anyone who is considering it. The country is beautiful and full of wonderful people.
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am 16. Dezember 2008
Ich brauche nicht wirklich viel schreiben: Lonely Planet hat wirklich gute Reiseführer rausgebracht.
Für Venezuela gilt: Es ist der einzige Reiseführer, der zu gebrauchen ist.
Backpacker, Rundreisende und Strandurlauber kommen auf Ihre Kosten.

Wir waren im November 2008 in Venezuela unterwegs (Caracas, Porto Ordaz / Ciudat Guayana, Canaima (mit Salto Angel), Santa Elena , Icabaru (bei El Pauji) und Isla Margarita.

Dieser Reiseführer ist ausführlich, gibt Insider-Tipps und ist aktuell.

In Venezuela ist man auf solche Tipps angewiesen. Die politische Lage und die spärlich ausgebaute Tourismuslobby erschweren den Backpacker-Urlaub.

Eigentlich hatten alle, die wir auf der abenteuerlichen Reise getroffen haben, diesen Reiseführer dabei.

Auch haben viele erst Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten durch den Reiseführer gefunden (z.B. kleine Posadas mit deutscher Leitung)

Es lohnt sich, diesen Führer mitzuschleppen. Lieber auf ein unnötiges Paar Schuhe verzichten ;o)

Man braucht keinen anderen Führer mehr.

PS - auch nur für die Isla lohnt es sich, dieses Buch zu kaufen. Aber kleiner Tipp am Rande - der Urlaub nur auf der Isla lohnt sich nicht ;o) - man sollte auf jeden Fall einen Abstecher aufs Festland machen. Die Isla ist nicht wirklich mit einer Karibic-Insel zu vergleichen. Die hotels sind größtenteils stark überaltert. Die Regierung subventioniert den Tourismus nicht - die Venezulaner sollen lieber Handwerksberufe ausüben laut Chavez.. aber das nur mal so am Rande.

Wer noch mehr Tipps braucht - wir haben viele Freunde und bekannte in Venezuela - Email schreiben
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am 18. März 2000
This guide has superb maps that are invaluable in a country that does not believe in signs. Unfortunately, that is about all the positive press I can give it. First, it is out of date and many of the hotels and resturants it recommends no longer exists. Second, the index is horrifically inadequate. Third, many of the descriptions are down right wrong. The Hotel Colonial in Ciudad Bolivar, for example, was called "Old World" and the "the best in town". Hardly, the places is overpriced and poorly decorated. The "Gran Hotel Amazonas", however, in Puerto Ayacucho, which is most likely the most beautiful hotel in Venezuela and only 20 per night for a double, is hardly credited a mention.
The coverage of the Amazon and the Gran Sabana is much better in the Bradt guide, especially if you are taking a car.
In the abscence of a solid Venezuela guide, we recommend a combination of Lonely Planet and either the Bradt or another guide.
One last note, this book, like all Lonely Planets is quite well made and can be trusted not to fall apart, not something that can be said of most budget travel guides.
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am 20. April 2010
Das Buch ist sehr gut, aber der wichtigste Tipp fehlt, nämlich Bargeld (Euros) mitzunehmen, denn der offizielle Wechselkurs mit Kreditkarte lag im April 2010 bei 1:5, auf dem Schwarzmarkt hat man aber 1:8 und am Ende der Reise sogar 1:9 bekommen.
Wenn man ein bisschen Komfort will, ist Venezuela mit Kreditkarte kein billiges Land. Ein einigermaßen gutes Hotel kostet im Doppelzimmer 300 Bolivar und für gutes Essen muss man 100 Bolivar rechnen. Zum Vergleich: ein Standard-Menü bei McDonalds oder Burger King kostet auch schon 35 Bolivar.
Von einem Mietwagen würde ich abraten, denn das Slalom fahren um die Schlaglöcher (selbst die Autobahnen sind voll davon) nervt mit der Zeit. Deshalb fahren auch viele Venezulaner einen Geländewagen. Außerdem hat ein kleiner Schaden (linkes Rücklicht) am französischen Mietwagen 2000 Bolivar gekostet.
Ansonsten ist Venezuela landschaftlich wunderschön und eine Reise sicherlich wert!
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am 28. August 2010
Sehr ausführlich und informativ wie jeder LP, allerdings ist diese Ausgabe (2008) etwas veraltet und deshalb teilweise wenig brauchbar.
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am 3. Juni 1999
No- I did not buy this book. I bought and read two others on travel to Venezuela. If I had, I would not have been the victim of pickpocketting in Caracas. As a fellow traveller in Venezuela pointed out, this book describes verbatim my experience of "being setup" at an escalator in one of the metro stops specifically mentioned. For whatever reasons other reviewers may have for you not to buy this book, I can simply say: this book was right-on regarding crime in Caracas. The price of this book may save you $500 in cash, $1300 in fradulant credit card charges and alot of bad feelings toward a vacation you should not miss.
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am 23. Februar 2000
The Lonely Planet guide to Venezuela had a lot of inaccurate information! The prices quoted in the book were way off. The budget hotels they recommended were very dirty and usually had a "bad reputation" amongst the locals. I would not recommend this book to people traveling to Venezuela. There are better guidebooks out there. Basically, we threw out the book after 3-4 days as everything in it seemed to be outdated or grossly inaccurate. For very general information, it's ok - but take it with a grain of salt.
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am 25. März 1999
My first complant was that the prices, especialy for hotels, were off by as much as 50%! I late checked in to it and found that price indexes had risen in Venezuela by neary 30% so I guess I can't blame Krzysztof, but other things were way off. He faided to mention the new bus West bound station in Caracas. The old one ha been completely demolished and it took me about 30 an hour to figure out that the book had no idea what it was talking about. Also his sugestion that tour guids in Merida would give you hiking maps of the near by mountons was completely unture. I tried for almost a full day to just get several tour componies to at least tell me where a trail started... In part I understand they're reluctince because they're in business to sell tours but the book said they would be more than happy to give out maps. There's more but I can't list all of it here. Unfortuatly I think the Lonely Palnet is dispite its many falt still the best one out there on Venezuela. If you plan to go to Venezuela (and you should it's a wonderful and exciting country) don't count of The Lonely Planet being very acuate.
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