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am 4. August 2017
Ein schönes Buch die die Geschichte der Hawaiifrauen zeigt und erklärt.Schöne Bilder,teilweise sehr alte Aufnahmen(Vintage) zusehen.
Das Buch wurde zu dem vereinbarten Termin pünktlich geliefert.Immer wieder gern.
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TOP 500 REZENSENTam 29. November 2013
... the phenomenon of the Hula Girl...
Exotic, romantic and a permanent lure to the tropical Pacific since the first explorers like Captain Cook caught a glimpse of this native, somehow special dance in the year 1778. Invited to a Hula performance on Kaua'i, all spectators fell instantly for the sight, and the saga of the beauty of the dancers spread all over the (known) world. Later on, when the protestant American missionaries arrived on those beautiful "Islands in the Sun" the Hula had to disappear - being a "Crude and Heathen Practice"!

But King David Kalakaua, also known as the "Merrie Monarch" in 1874 revived a lot of the traditional Hawai'ian culture, including the Hula. About this time the Ukulele and the Steel Guitar were added to the musical mix, and the ti leaf skirt became the dance costume...
Around the 1920s the hula girls had become totally included in the culture. The ti leaf skirt was changed into a grass skirt. With the increasing tourism to the Hawai'ian Islands the hula girl became essential for greeting the arriving guests, mostly with the great cruise ships of the Matson Line, and hand out to them the Leis - those beautiful chains made of Plumeria and other native flowers.

Until today the Merrie Monarch Festival occurs annually in the spring. It runs from Easter Sunday morning to Saturday evening. The first four days of the festival consist of free, non–competition events. These include performances by local and international halau at many venues around Hilo, as well as an arts and crafts fair. The Wednesday Ho'ike Night Free is exhibition very popular, and often features international hālau from other Pacific islands and Japan. A final non–competition event, the Merrie Monarch Parade, takes place on Saturday morning.
The festivities culminate in the annual competitions held at the Edith Tanakaʻole Multipurpose Stadium in Hoʻolulu Park. Dancers perform individually and in groups, with seven minutes allowed for each performance.
Thursday night is the first competition event. Individual female dancers compete for the title of Miss Aloha Hula. Dancers perform in both modern (hula ʻauana) and traditional (hula kahiko) forms of hula, as well as chant (oli).

So, all YOU interested in the old tradition of the Hula and its Girls - grab this wonderful nostalgic book. It is full of hundreds of black/white photos from around 1900, including a lot of Hula-clothed girls, then becoming more colourful with the years - and also much more dressed... :)
The posters - mostly publicity or for the Hawai'ian Islands or the travel companies - were always multicoloured - and sufficently discreet.

A must-have for all the friends and lovers of the beautiful volcanic rocks known as the Hawai'ian Islands and their traditional dancers!

PS: The introduction is in English, German and French.
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am 13. Juni 2013
Schöne Sammlung vieler alter Hula-Motive kompakt zusammengefasst auf Din A5.
Alle Abbildungen sind farblich und gut reproduziert für Freunde des Hulas.
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am 29. September 2004
Das Buch bietet im kleinen Format eine Übersicht historischer Bilder von Südseeschönheiten. Meist alte Grafiken von Werbeplakaten, aber auch ein paar alte erotische Photos. Nett anzuschauen und für Sammler solcher Themen sicher interessant.
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