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4,0 von 5 Sternen

am 19. Dezember 2013
I have bought this book because I liked the volume 2 a lot. The volume 2 was good because:

- Is small, but can still cover the whole subject
- has solved exercises
- the use of 4 colours make everything very easy to understand
- is more didactic than other books because it:
o uses more intuitive/human language than other books
o Is much more effective at introducing many topics without making you go back to previous explanations

I expected the same quality for the volume 4 of the book, but I was disappointed at first. It is much worse than the version 2 in terms of didactics & intuitive insight gained, because:

- Many spots could have been explained using human/intuitive language, but the author abused on the mathematical language without need.
- Because of the inability to use human language, the author usually asks you to go back to previous explanations to make his point. So he is not as good as the author of volume 2 to back self-sufficient explanations.

But even if I am disappointed with the didactics and intuitive insight from the book, I have to say it is the most useful book I found on this topic. If I had to have only one book (comparing it to Craig, Bathe and other ones), it would be this one.

Even if its balance of human to mathematical language is very bad, all other books that I have read are MUCH WORSE on this point (ie Bathe and Craig). Other books with better balance of human to mathematical language are unfortunately not as complete as this Technische Mechanik 4.

But even with this bad didactics (which is not bad at all if compared to other famous books), the book has been immensely useful for me in my job as engineer for the development of structural methods at a big aerospace company.

It is complete enough to give you a broad vision of any topic, and when the bad balance between human/mathematical languages is annoying me, I go to internet and I can find something more intuitive on the topic. With other books, I cannot even go to internet, because the abuse of mathematics is so great that I don't have a feeling that I am reading something useful for me.

I would say this book is the best I have to give me an overview on the topic; It gives me sufficent direction to go to other books when this one fails.

I wanted to give this book a 2 stars because of the language problem, and 0 stars to all others. But if I do this, nobody will be attracted to this pretty book here. Thus, I give it a 4 to attract more customers, and when the author improves the language problem and put 4 colours on it as with the volume 2, I give it a 5!
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