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4,6 von 5 Sternen
4,6 von 5 Sternen
Format: Ledereinband|Ändern
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am 3. November 1998
One of the main reason's Tolkein is my favorite author is because he makes his books exetremely detailed while throwing you off track when you least expect it. Also the reason why The Ring Trilogy is my most favorite series is because most books out right now just give you something that you can predict what is going to happen. He also makes The Enemy so powerful but the good guys so weak you can't see anyway they could possibly win. But he does it! In my opinon this book is great!!! Anyone that doesn't like it is below the intellegence to understand this. I give it ten stars!!!
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am 26. Februar 1998
This is the first volume of "The Lord of the Rings" which is followed by The Two Towers and The Return of the King (its mighty climax). This distinguished piece of art is filled will marvels and strange terrors. It is brilliant in telling as it is broad in its scope. It is far more than fantasy to us who have come into possession of the Great Ring of Power and have turned back one assault of the Shadow only to see it as Gandalf warned, "take another shape and grow again." I have not read any fiction that has pleased me as much as this book during my lifetime.
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am 24. April 2000
"Lord of the Rings" is not just the foremost novel (or, rather, series of novels) in the sci-fi/fantasy genre but it also the forerunner in literature in general. Tolkien was an AMAZING author who knew great deals about character study and plot development. All of the characters he created are completely different and unique (to keep them clear in your mind), and the setting that he invented seems to actually be more detailed and understood than our own universe.
Even if you are not a big fan of fantasy, this is one thing that you HAVE TO READ! It is amazing!
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am 25. Februar 2000
Some have come close (Eddings,Jordan,Feist) but none have ever surpast Tolkein.Do'nt bother buying just one book to see if you like it,go for the boxed set and save the aggro of having to wait 48hrs for Amazon to send you the rest! The Hobbit is the perfect place to start your romp through Middle Earth, it's easy going and leaves you with a warm feeling!LoR starts off the same way, then BANG it hits you with the hardcore stuff and you'll never be the same again!For you die hards out there the Silmarillion will be the cherry on the cake(Middle Earth is not all Hobbits u know! )
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am 20. April 1999
The Hobbit was an extremely good novel. It is by far the best novel i've ever read. i started it in grade 8 for a novel study at school and just got so rapped up in reading it that i was finished it in three days! Normally i don't like novel studies but this was an exception. Tolkien wonderfully provides the concrete details and lets you do the rest, he makes you use your imagination to make it seem like you are actually there. Bilbo is by far the best character in the novel. Tolkien is in my mind the best author for adventure books. i give this book 2 thumbs up. It was great.
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am 1. August 2000
I first read these books about 15 years ago. I have read them at least once a year ever since. I have read them from the perspective of every character in the books, and have always discovered things that "weren't there the last time I read them". My newest pleasure was reading them aloud to my partner every night until we finished them (took seven months). And so another Tolkien fan was born. I have six different sets and am always looking for the next set. These books will stay with me throughout my entire life. The enjoyment I derive from them is boundless!
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am 1. November 1999
This book has to be the best book ever written. My father and grandfather have said the same thing. For those of you who would have given the hobbit only 3 stars, I would have too!!! So this one can still be enjoyable. I can't wait to finish the trilogy! For those of you who think it is a "nerd Bible" or a book that deserves at best 2 stars, you obviously either didn't really READ the book or you have a lack of imagination. However, if you just aren't into fantasy, that is understandable. For all those who haven't read it: Enjoy! The first time is the best!
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am 14. März 2000
This book is a masterpiece! When I was only 12 years of age my Dad got The Hobbit from the library for me to read. I understood all of it (I am a very advanced reader for my age by the way) and loved it. After I finished I bought the book and read it again. Two years later (14) I had recieved the L.O.T.R. series and read it non stop for 2 weeks! This was good also. Everything about this book is enjoyable and is worth your money and time. READERS THAT HAVE READ THIS BOOK AND ENJOYED IT, THERE IS A NEW LORD OF THE RINGS MOVIE TRILOGY COMING TO MOVIE THEATERS IN 2001!
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am 21. Februar 2004
"Der kleine Hobbit" ist nicht nur die Vorgeschichte zu dem Herrn der Ringe, sondern auch die beste Einstiegslektüre in Tolkiens Universum. Was als Kinderbuch gedacht war, eignet sich für Jeden, ungebunden am alter. Wobei ich an einigen Stellen dachte, dass nicht alles Optimal für Kinder wäre. Im vergleich zum Herrn der Ringe ist Tolkien nicht so komplex. Es gibt nicht so viele Querverweise zu anderen Personen und Geschichten oder Liedern. Der kleine Hobbit ist eine schöne in sich geschlossene Geschichte und gibt noch nicht so viel vom riesigen eigenerschaffenen Universum wieder.
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am 2. Mai 1999
I first read The Hobbit 20-25yrs. ago and, to this day, I still have not only The Hobbit,but also the trilogy, The Silmarillian and The Tolkien Companion prominently and proudly displayed on my bookshelf. I'm still enthralled by the books just as my 4 and a half year old neice is when her daddy reads to her about bilbo and his adventures that lead him far away from his comfortable Hobbit hole.J.R.R.Tolkien is not only a genious but also a masterful magician who has captivated generations and led them on fantastic journeys of the imagination.This is a must read for all ages.
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