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am 7. Mai 2014
Many companies, NGOs, and governmental agencies are planning to internationalize. Only a small percentage of all organisations, which are entering new foreign markets are successful. Most of them can't reach the planned market position, despite of high investments, or have to exit the market with high financial losses. Dr. Michael Neubert describes in his books the most important success factors for a successful internationalization. He shows how organisations create an international strategy, evaluate, select, enter, and grow in new foreign markets, and use the potentials of intercultural communication. This useful guidebook is very practical. It contains many examples and tips. It shows opportunities and threats of international activities and how to deal with them. Global Market Strategies is a must read for every international manager and expatriate.
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am 10. November 2013
As a Manager or entrepreneur you certainly know this state of uncertainty: How do I get access to a market? By founding an international company and organic growth or by acquisition of an established local player? Shall I hire local managers or delegate an existing manager of my company? Where lie opportunities and where traps? To all those questions and many more Michael Neubert, the expert for international development, gives the answers. And he treats the topic with all profoundness, by discussing all strategic alternatives. As an international experienced and multi-lingual manager who by his own experience knows that success in the very end depends on people Neubert thoroughly looks at the soft facts of an international venture. This books not only has to have a place in the curriculum of universities but also in the briefcase of global players.
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am 17. Dezember 2013
After waiting two weeks on my desk, I red this book in only two days. This is an excellent book, easy to read and accessible to a large audience, specialized or not. What I liked the most is the practical approach and the quality of the content, you quickly realize that is was written by a seasoned person. With this book we can easily learn how to manage a global organization, is a real tool with specific procedures that can be followed step by step in an internationalization process. In addition to that, you can also consider it as a manual for acquiring intercultural competences needed in global markets. I can strongly recommend this book to any leader, manager, entrepreneur or anyone interested in learning more about how to develop a winning international strategy. This is clearly one of the books to have in your bookcase.
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am 5. November 2013
The new GLOBAL MARKET STRATEGIES practical guide by Michael Neubert on the subject of internationalization is simply outstanding. This new publication is excellent to provide international managers with best know-how for markets and industries in the complex subject of internationalization.
In his book, Michael Neubert presents the Global Management Model (GMM) he has developed - an absolute MUST-HAVE for all those responsible for handling internationalization on a small or large scale as a professional or newcomer!

My first impression from the preliminary skim was confirmed upon closer scrutiny.
I find the book's structure very successful, and beside the introduction to the subject, I also find the summary, list of recommendations and (all-important) lessons learned that appear at the end of each chapter particularly useful (the grey shading is very helpful too). The individual subitems also come with an explanatory introduction and are followed by a summary. This allows the reader/user to gain a fantastic overview of the entire GMM, enabling the perfect opportunity for reflection and for consideration of the chapter in greater depth, as desired - just what one needs in a thoroughly excellent guide.
It is not a book that can be read at high speed, but instead must be worked through methodically. An incredible amount can be learned!
The detailed, highly compelling subject of intercultural management as a central component of international management and the various tools discussed in the chapters means one is well equipped for all possible scenarios. What's more international managers will also find competent practical recommendations for market exit.
Clear, self-explanatory diagrams, tables, etc. complement each chapter, aiding comprehension.
To conclude by an essay about the success factors for global organizations and an example for the necessary way from regionalization to globalization ("From local EU Sales Markets to Global Growth Markets") shows - as throughout the entire book - the book's extremely high practical orientation, though it also offers an abundance of scientific-theoretical approaches.
The book's scope is ideal for a practical guide, and the extremely good writing style will leave readers unable to put it down again and wanting to deepen their understanding.
GLOBAL MARKET STRATEGIES presents the perfect management model - from the global vision through the development of an internationalization strategy and ultimate market penetration process to intercultural management - every international manager will find the primary tasks and tools for solutions-oriented and practical implementation here! Indeed, the book is just that: a practical guide for risk-free internationalization and to turn your company into a successful international enterprise.

With this book, Michael Neubert once again proves his excellent, broad global expertise - he is an outstanding expert on internationalization!

I would like to end with a quote from Michael Neubert: "The world is your oyster. Never forget your roots though. And never try to be someone you are not. International management does not mean being able to change, but rather being able to live with different cultures. It is only in this way that you will find the right balance between distance and openness." I am an international manager at an SME striving to achieve internationalization. For me, this guiding principle has become a key personal attitude for everything else on the road to attaining our goal and beyond so that our company can successfully achieve internationalization.
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