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5,0 von 5 Sternen
5,0 von 5 Sternen
Cloud Surfing: A New Way to Think About Risk, Innovation, Scale, and Success (Social Century)
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am 19. Juni 2012
Tom once more has written an exciting book about a subject that is currently #1 in the IT-hype-cycle, hot-in-media, interpreted in several ways but not analyzed in his holistic way. While the industry marketing and press focus on the many "cloud" providers, data centers, tons of cloud software and services or legal aspects does Tom give us an amazing inside in the development of a new "world". This "Cloud book" is not about technical IT details and corporate cost saving effects. His findings, the many interesting examples and use-cases outlines something much bigger behind the cloud, the start of a new era that will affect not only us IT-experts but pretty much most/all of our fellow humans. Tom also encourages us to not only wait and see, but to get out of the couch and start discovering and leveraging the cloud for us, our families & friends. Politicians should read and learn that the cloud is neither wild west, nor another cyber threat but a real opportunity to help develop our societies incl. our old fashioned brick & mortar education systems.
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