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5,0 von 5 Sternen

am 20. Februar 2003
Superlatives abound describing this book. This is a definite 5 star job - incredibly well done.
The author takes a challenging topic and walks the reader through it, starting at the very beginning of the scripting concept while simultaneously avoiding talking baby-talk to experienced developers and avoiding being condescending to those less experienced.
The author's writing is exceptional with an easy-to-read style that gets the information across clearly and concisely. If you have an interest in scripting for your applications (this material can apply to anything you develop not just for games) - this is the book for you.
If you have more than a passing interest in compiler theory and how this whole wonderful thing hangs together - this is the book for you.
As the author quite rightly declares at the very beginning of the book - this stuff isn't easy to get through. He does however do an admirable job as guide and tutor, and if you are willing to put in the work you will draw an immense amount of knowledge from it.
Always be cautious of 5 star reviews (this one included) but I'm afraid in this case I can only unreservedly recommend it.
As a footnote, those concerned about the windows orientation of this series will be pleasantly surprised. The content applies just as nicely to a *nix box as it does to a windows one. In fact the word linux is even mentioned if I remember correctly :-) The first third is not devoted to windows specific information as is normally seen in these books. The CD contains windows apps but the source code is still applicable - code is code after all.
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am 3. August 2009
"Game scripting mastery" is a great example of what a beginners book should look like. The author starts at the very beginning by explaining how a simple command-based scripting system works. He then introduces more and more sophisticated topics until the reader finally reaches the point at which he is able to build a scripting system with a custom scripting language, a compiler and a virtual machine.
Of course the system is far from perfect and not very efficient, but it is more than enough for a hobby programmer. Especially considering that the book offers all the background information needed to extend the system and/or understand advanced literature on the topic of compiler theory.
At times the book can be kind of boring, because even simple concepts are explained in detail. On the other hand this lets you understand everything without problems, which is a good thing for a beginner. If you already have some experience concerning compiler theory, however, you may want to look for another book.
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