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am 20. Juni 2005
Unsere Englishlehrerin wollte zum Ende dieses Schuljahres ein Buch lesen und die Klasse entschied sich dann aufgrund einer Empfehlung für "Martyn Pig" von Kevin Brooks.
Das Buch ist sehr gut geschrieben und für Jugendliche mit relativ guten Englischkenntnissen zu empfehlen.
Martyn Pig war das erste englische Buch das ich gelesen hab und es hat sehr viel Spass gemacht.
Nach den ersten 20 Seiten begann ich freiwillig (etwas was bei mir sehr selten vorkommt) weiter zu lesen und las die restlichen circa.180 Seiten in knapp 2 Tagen.
Am Anfang scheint das Buch nicht viel herzugeben doch wenn man einmal angefangen hat, kann man einfach nicht mehr aufhören. Das Buch ist für einige Überraschungen gut und besticht durch eine sehr gute Atmosphäre. Spitzen Buch!
Sehr zu empfehlen!
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am 7. Dezember 2009
If somebody would ask me:"Which book would you read twice?" Well, you guessed right! "Martyn Pig", of course!
At first, I thought it wouldn't be that interesting because I had to read it at school. Then I totally got addicted to it.
But let me start explaining the book:
The whole book is about a 14-year-old boy called Martyn, whose father is a drunkard and not caring anything for his son. But one time as his father is heavyly drunken, he accidently fell onto the fireplace and died. As the time passed by, Martyn is unsure to tell the accident to the police and searches for help from his best friend Alex. But then for sure they get involved in difficult situations, like blackmail.
But if you want to know, how they find a solution, you have to read the story...
I can only recommend this novel, because it will keep you awake for many nights. It's one of the best english books I've ever read. Not just because it is educating in therms like alcohol, it also combines many different topics like crime, drama and romance.
And if the newspaper "Independent" says that it could become a cult novel, I would even go one step further and replace the "could" with a "will"!
So far, get it bought and get addicted, too. :)
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am 3. März 2011
We read the novel Martyn Pig in our English lessons and I think it's no high-class book, but for a school reading it was quite interesting. First of all I don't like the beginning because William Pig's death was indeed an accident and Martyn could have gone to the police. But then the book gets better and better, one highlight is the scene where Aunt Jean comes to visit Martyn and he dresses up his father and puts the corpse into bed so she thinks he's just ill. In this scene you can see the typical English black humor very good and so an originally serious scene gets very funny.
All in all I expected the novel not to be very interesting, but Martyn Pig got more and more interesting in the course of the book. I would not recommend it as a book for home reading but in school it's good.
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am 28. April 2008
aufgrund der Beschreibung klingt das Buch sehr lustig, aber weit gefehlt...
Ich fand, dass es kaum Spannung gab und leider sehr selten lustig war. Daher nicht wirklich empfehlenswert.
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