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4,1 von 5 Sternen
4,1 von 5 Sternen
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe|Ändern
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am 24. Juli 2000
A wonderful edition which includes both Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn (very handy for the Twain lover). It also has a red bookmark attached to the binding so you can easily find your place. The book is small and light so it is ideal for travelling and reading out of your home. It also includes a nice introduction and a comparative chronology of Twain's life. For a Twain collector, this is a lovely, readable copy.
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am 28. Juni 2003
Da "Tom Sawyer" und "Huckleberry Finn" zusammen gehören, hat man am besten die zwei Werke in einem Band.
In "Tom Sawyer" berichtet der Erzähler von Toms Abenteuern in einem amerikanischen Südstaatenkaff des 19. Jahrhunderts. Hier wird schon Huck als Freund Toms vorgestellt. Oft muss der Leser (jedenfalls ich musste das) über die Gedanken der Jungen schmunzeln.
In "Huckleberry Finn" erzählt Huck persönlich. Die Geschichte, vom Autor als Fortsetzung zu "Tom Sawyer" gedacht aber im Grunde ganz anders als der Vorgänger, handelt von einer Art Odyssee Hucks mit dem entlaufenen Sklaven Jim auf einem Floß im Mississippi. Es gibt einen ausgezeichneten Eindruck der Gesellschaft dieser Zeit.
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am 21. April 2016
Das Abenteuer von Tam Sawyers wurde hier toll zusammengefasst und neu geschrieben für jüngere Kinder. Hab es meinem fünfjährigen Sohn vorgelesen. Er fand es toll. Und ich hoffe er bekommt Lust irgendwann das Original selbst zu lesen....
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am 14. April 1999
It amuses me no end to see so many irate reviews, obviously written by spoiled schoolkids resenting their stoopid 'ol teacher making them read this stoopid 'ol book by some stoopid 'ol dead guy.
There's rich material there for a cynic like Twain, or even more for one the likes of Ambrose Bierce or H. L. Mencken. Tiny, immature, ill formed minds incapable of grasping a truth deeper than Nintendo or Playstation lash out in outrage at a genius who holds up a mirror to expose their ignorance.
The fact is, this is THE American experience of the 19th century, a microcosm of the defining characteristic of our country's beginning and of our national shame and curse. How did a nation, conceived in liberty, holding self evident so many truths about Man's rights, institutionalize the degredation of Black Americans, the utter denial of their very humanity? How could the noble idealistic American eagle ever swallow such a poisonous pill?
Huck's bitter determination to "go to hell" in order to save his friend Jim is to me the most moving and courageous moment in all literature. Huck "knows" that Jim is not really human, that he is mere property, that he has no rights and deserves no consideration, and that Huck's social duty is to return the slave owner's lost property. Yet he knows even more deeply that Jim is his friend, mentor, companion, and in not saving him he will lose his own soul, regardless of what his society holds to be true. Thus Huck makes himself an outcast and outlaw in civilized society, and thus he prefigures the cataclysm of the Civil War, in which this vile contradiction nearly destroyed our nation. All the blood spilled during that war, however, has not expunged our Original Sin, and we have been paying for it ever since, and perhaps always shall.
So try to expand your mind, at least accept the concept that the past is not a Real World episode in period costume, that people of another time did think and talk and act differently, that what "everybody knows" today will surely be as ludicrous a century hence as slavery may seem to us now. Reflect, also, on the courage of those who recognized evil ahead of their time and stood up to it, even though in this case such a hero is a fictionalized semi-literate boy.
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am 9. Juli 2013
I have just finished this book and definitely consider it as one of my best readings ever. Of course, I knew some of the Tom Sawyer / Huck Finn content before, but I never read the book before on the whole.
For me, there really is no question why this writing is a true American classic; since it does not only provide a vital and funny adventure story (I had to laugh several times, the irony is splendid), but also enables a profound insight into the institution of slavery and people's lives during this time.

Tom Sawyer is an extremely funny story and depicts a childhood, which everybody would like to remember to. Huck Finn reads as a thrilling adventure story, although I find it has A FEW lengths (e. g. when he gets involved in the feud). I really liked the fact that "Mark Twain" did relate the two storys to each other, so they hardly could be read isolated (in my opinion). At least I would not recommend to read only one of them.

A major critical point for me was that Tom Sawyer reappears at the end of Huck Finn: despite that this part was absolutely amusing, I found that Tom Sawyer does not really fit into Huck Finn's story. Until this point, Huckleberry Finn seemed to progress and alter, now they seem like kids again. I did not really get the point of this - was it just to round the narrative?

When it comes to the writing style / vocabulary, for me as a native German speaker (although I study English) it was not always easy to find out some word's meaning due to the fact that it's often outdated vocabulary.

Nevertheless, that does not touch on this great reading experience.

Five stars for this great work! And hard to believe that this one is sold for a few euros...

Concerning the quality of the printing, I cannot say that its poor quality. I have paid much more for other books that do not have higher quality that this edition, so, nothing to moan about here.
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am 30. Juni 2007
Freunde politischer Korrektheit sollten dieses Buch nicht lesen - ohne moralische Beschönigung (und häufiger Verwendung des "N"-Wortes) werden die Abenteuer zweier liebenswerter Tunichtgute vor der heutzutage durchaus deprimierenden Kulisse der Südstaaten während des 19. Jahrhunderts erzählt. Die Originalversion besticht nicht nur durch die spannende und äußerst humorvolle Beschreibung der Reibereien und Abenteuer, die sich jeder von uns als Kind ausgemalt und durchlebt hat, sie zeigt sowohl die heiteren und düsteren Seiten der Südstaaten. Auf der positiven Seite zeigt sie die Tapferkeit, Bauernschläue und Unabhängigkeit der Leute, auf der negativen ein grassierender Aberglaube, ein als selbstverständlich angenommener Rassismus, Kleingeisterei, Lynchjustiz und Alkoholismus.
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am 4. Dezember 1999
Ich habe dieses Buch zum Geburtstag gekriegt,und es hat mir so gut gefallen,dass ich mir gleich Huckelberryfinn gewuenscht habe.Und ich empfehle allen dieses Buch zu kaufen. Es ist einfach super!
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Tom Sawyer is one of the most endearing characters in American fiction. This wonderful book deals with all the challenges that any young person faces, and resolves them in exciting and unusual ways.

Like many young people, Tom would rather be having fun than going to school and church. This is always getting him into trouble, from which he finds unusual solutions. One of the great scenes in this book has Tom persuading his friends to help him whitewash a fence by making them think that nothing could be finer than doing his punishment for playing hooky from school. When I first read this story, it opened up my mind to the potential power of persuasion.

Tom also is given up for dead and has the unusual experience of watching his own funeral and hearing what people really thought of him. That's something we all should be able to do. By imagining what people will say at our funeral, we can help establish the purpose of our own lives. Mark Twain has given us a powerful tool for self-examination in this wonderful sequence.

Tom and Huck Finn also witness a murder, and have to decide how to handle the fact that they were not supposed to be there and their fear of retribution from the murderer, Injun Joe.

Girls are a part of Tom's life, and Becky Thatcher and he have a remarkable adventure in a cave with Injun Joe. Any young person will remember the excitement of being near someone they cared about alone in this vignette.

Tom stands for the freedom that the American frontier offered to everyone. His aunt Polly represents the civilizing influence of adults and towns. Twain sets up a rewarding novel that makes us rethink the advantages of both freedom and civilization. In this day of the Internet frontier, this story can still provide valuable lessons about listening to our inner selves and acting on what they have to say. Enjoy!
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am 9. November 2013
Ich weiß nicht, wie oft ich als Kind und Jugendlicher den "Tom Sawyer" gelesen habe. Hier liegt eine sehr gute Übersetzung vor, besser als manche "Kinderversion". Was die Freude trübt, ist die Art des Vortrags, die Vorlesende spricht -für mich und mein Empfinden- zu schnell. Und das mindert den Hörgenuß gewaltig, ja verdirbt ihn fast.
Es gibt auch kein Booklet mit Informationen zum Thema Übersetzer/in oder Titelangaben, lediglich Werbung. Auch nicht gut.
Daher nur drei Sterne.
Vielleicht sollte ich besser beim wirklichen Lesen bleiben...
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am 17. August 2014
nachdem in meiner Bibliothek gewisse Klassiker einfach nicht fehlen dürfen - und diese Serie recht günstig ist - habe ich mir einige Bände der "Wordsworth Classics" zugelegt. Ich meine die Taschenbuchausgabe! Format ist handlich, Schrift eher klein - aber noch gut lesbar.
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