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SF20: The Art of Street Fighter
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 26. September 2010
Udon,der Herausgeber dieses Sammelbandes,geizt echt nicht mit schönen Motiven!Auf fantastischen 320 Seiten findet ihr klassische alte,wie neue Motive aus den nun 20 Jahren Street Fighter Geschichte!Neben Charackterskizzen und Artworks kommen auch die Künstler vereinzelt zu Wort und erinnern sich daran was Street Fighter ihnen bedeutet und ihnen möglich gemacht hat.Die Druckqualität ist echt hochwertig und die Verleimung des Bildbandes auch klasse,so das man ohne Angst zu haben die Seiten auseinander klappen kann,ohne befürchten zu müßen das sie sich lösen.
Ich kann das Buch jedem Street Fighter Fan ans Herz legen!
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am 17. September 2009
 SF20: The Art of Street Fighter is actually a translated edition of the Japanese art book Street Fighter Art Works (ISBN:4862332145). It's really great that Capcom (or Udon Entertainment) has decided to translate it and pushed it out so fast.

SF20 is a 20th anniversary tribute art book to Street Fighter, which was actually released in 1987. This is a pretty thick 320-page paperback. It doesn't come with a dust jacket like the Japanese edition. On the non-glossy pages are printed with over 1500 illustrations, paintings and sketches. The spine is a bit inflexible for a book this thick and will definitely have wrinkles if you open the pages too wide.

The illustrations are divided into chapters by artists, namely:

* Akiman
* Kinu Nishimura
* Daigo Ikeno
* Daichan
* Edayan
* Shinkiro

Akiman is the designer for the classic Street Fighter characters. Daigo Ikeno is the art director and character designer for Street Fighter IV. The last chapter is a collection of work from other artists.

Since this is a character based game, you'll see a lot of character designs. They are a mixture in sizes from small portraits to the full page group splash art. Most are full colored illustrations in myriad manga styles. There are captions for everything and several artists interviews.

Work comes from all the various different versions of Street Fighter, including spin-offs like Super Puzzle Fighter II, or even some SNK-vs-CAPCOM illustrations -- rivalry between King of Fighters and Street Fighter is strong and burning. Included also are the latest Street Fighter IV character profile designs used in the game.

The art here spans over an impressive 20 years, I'm very sure there will be more to come. This satisfying thick compilation is recommended to all Street Fighter fans and collectors.

If you have bought Street Fighter Tribute and Udon's Art of Capcom and like them, I'm very sure you'll like this book as well.

(There are more pictures of the book on my blog. Just visit my Amazon profile for the link.)
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