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am 7. Dezember 1999
This book change my life ....for about three months. Who knows, perhaps I am still feeling the reprecussions. I read it when I was desperately seeking some understanding, when I needed something to believe in, something positive, something pure. It completely blew my mind and I tried to get everyone I knew to read it. few did, and of those only a couple really gained anything from it. It has a very positive message that can be summed up with one word "LOVE' which is all and everything.
now that the smoke has cleared I don't know what to think. it is a very good book, it serves as an excellent introduction to sacred geometry, consipiracy theory etc. But.... upon researching it in some detail by consulting certain sources cited in the book, a lot of facts are inconsistent and erroneous. But like Frissel says, nothing in this book is true.
Oh, one last word of warning. New Agers think they have open minds and reject all criticism lobbed at them as "the prodcut of closed minds subjected to brainwashing" etc. What they fail to realize is that for the most part, a lot of their beliefs are founded on the same blind faith as the islamic fundamentalist, the christian zealot etc.
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am 31. Juli 1998
I picked this book up expecting and wanting to read about some of the more extreme paranormal happenings going on in this world. Not necessarly planning on believing it or not. First, what this book does good: Every phenomenom and conspiracy and unexplaned event is tied together, making it an intersting concept. It also has an indept, yet confusing chapter on a new branch of geometery. Kind of cool even if you can't understand it. This book had great potential, but 2 major points ruined it. One, Where are his sources? He makes wild and intersting claims, but he gives no reason on why we should believe it is true. The major blunder in this book is the New Age Mush, terms are thrown out that are impossible to understand. For example, "The only difference between dimensional worlds is their wavelengths." What the hell is that suppose to mean?
If your one of those new age freaks, you'll enjoy this book. This book is also somewhat intersting just for the topics a! nd interconnections, but there is much better stuff to be reading and learning with.
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am 18. Januar 2000
i agree with a reader from minnesota ("new age mush") when he points out the 2 main faults of this book. the author doesn't back up what he says... where does he get his information? and he uses terminology without explaining it, so it's easy to become lost if you're not already well- schooled in new age ideas. however, i am a new age freak. some might call me gullible, but i can't believe all these stories can be out there, without there being something to them. the author does a great job of explaining (to my satisfaction) how pole shifts, consciousness,electromagnetics, alien abductions, crop circles, area 51, roswell, etc. are all tied together. maybe his explanations are inadequate from a reference standpoint, but it's possible that he did some investigation and just figured this stuff out in the only way that makes sense, which makes the title of the book all the more appropriate. read it and listen to your instincts. there's more to life than what is right in front of us.
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am 19. April 2000
... but it only goes so far. People who read these kinds of book are often impressed with synchronicity. Well, before reading this book I had recently read Kal Korff's excellent debunking books on Roswell and Billy Meier. And there they were, mentioned on the first couple of pages of this book. After about ten pages I threw this book across the room (figuratively). The author is a Rebirther who has combined his own knowledge with that of a new ager named Melzichedek. There is ridiculous use of supposed "mathematics" to justify the author's conclusions. okay, i've ranted enough. skip this one.
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am 20. September 1998
Do you think that restricted place is in a posicion to hold the life attainment explanation? What kind of information do you expect? Why? To fill your collection of praises? Sorry! We're from Bulgaria - a spiritual country, where people use to communicate not with short ready-made phrases. Besides, the soul reached valuables arn't able to be expressed (the soul express itselfs by mind and by heart, too). That's way, if we want to describe to a unknown how this book (and other books) have turned our lifes, we have to write a book. We don't read books only, we experiences them during the lifetime...
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am 25. Oktober 1997
The author starts by offering up an even handed "take it with a grain of salt" type of prologue, and proceeds to fully immerse the reader in the depths of the bizarre. If you have ever been curious as to how crop circles mimic both an emerging embryo and a musical scale, searched for answers concerning cattle mutilations, and quested for the mythical relam of Atlantis, this is a book for you.
Frissell offers up a kooky blend of new age rebirthing, conspiracy theory, and cross dimensional alien life without ever coming close to anything society may consider "normal".
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am 30. September 1998
This was a good attempt in the way that it presented tons of strange stuff for me to digest. But for some reason, all these theories became just as annoying as the traditional ones. Except for the stuff about the fourth dimension, that is. Relatively, it is good, since it was different and shocking. However, after I wiped the strange look off of my face, I felt a bit offended at this gigantic ball of strange facts presented through the point-of-view of a child. A little bit more believable than Santa Claus, but a hundred times more annoying. Read some Vonnegut or Huxley instead.
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am 12. März 1999
Words written in a book are not precisely addressed to fit everybody's mind and the title of this book is anticipating this fact. I think it is a fascinating book which links the unbelievable with the subtle mysteries of life, that even when someone's is fixed in a denial of spirit moving all that we are; physics and science are showing that we all are connected despite third dimension space and time on which we seem to be immersed.
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am 2. April 2000
This book will open your eyes and you will see our universe in a whole new light. Each time you read this book you will understand more and more.This book will mean nothing to some people. This book will mean everything to others.If you are reading this right now then it is no accident...get the book..andread it until you understandyour purpose.
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am 6. November 1998
A year ago my response to the book was "Duh!" when my 21 year old Granddaughter asked me to read it and comment on it. Now, with the background of having seen Gregg Braden videos and books, the work has come alive and truly feels like a primer on Sacred Geometry, Dimensional Shift, and how to prepare for the coming earth changes.
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