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4,6 von 5 Sternen
4,6 von 5 Sternen
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am 13. Juni 2000
It goes without saying that if you're a TZ fan, you gotta have this book on hand. Certainly there's a lot in Zicree's work. Quotations from interviews with many cast members and Buck Houghton (producer of the first three seasons) are included, perhaps the best feature of the book. He gives decent analyses to perhaps 30 per cent of the episodes, but the remainder are slapdash and filled with often rash-sounding, often objectionable statements. Examples: he rattles off a forgettable three sentences for his review of "The Whole Truth" (a poor episode, but certainly more could be said) and yet he devotes nearly five pages to "Nothing in the Dark" and "The Bard" (average episodes at best). More photographs should defintely have been included...the ones included are often tiny prints of unimportant stills from the episodes. Even more cast interviews would have been nice, as well. I'd never call this a seriously flawed effort. It coulda been far, far better, though.
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am 30. Dezember 1996
Widely regarded as the best anthology TV series ever, as well as perhaps the best Science Fiction show, the Twilight Zone has many fans.
This book lists every episode, and includes the story introductions and concluding monologues, as spoken by Rod Serling on the show.
Marc Scott Zicree also reviews all the episodes, as well as provides interviews and backgrounds by some of those that worked on the show, including the writers and directors.
Also included is some dialog from the series, and some biographical information on Serling. The updated version includes information on the new series, and an expanded index.
A must-have for fans of the series and of Rod Serling.
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am 25. September 1998
Although this is the best episode guide on TZ, the author fails to accurately analyze many of the shows. At times he seems to randomly nitpick and bash episodes that fans have loved for years. In addition, some of the shows receive only a few lines of analysis, while other shows receive very lengthy and detailed coverage. However, if you are a very big TZ fan, like me, you need this book. Some of the comments by Zicree are insightful, and his coverage of the series is the most extensive thus far.
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am 27. November 1998
I made the mistake of lending my only copy of this book to a Serling-phile who never returned it back in the late 80s. Pat, if you're reading this, be a mensch and return it. It's easy to see why he kept it. Not only is the book a fascinating read because it gives the behind-the-scenes dish on particular episodes in terms of actors, writers, and myriad scholarly details, it also has all the Rod Serling introductory remarks for each episode as well as the closing remarks. Before Pat stole my copy, I had memorized several (a great thing to come up with, by the way,when someone shoves a video camera in your face and expects you to "perform"). Give them a little Rod, and it makes for a good time. Who could forget some of those gems? Case in point: "In just a moment, this sad-faced perennial punching bag, who missed even the caboose of life's gravy train, will take a short constitutional into that most upredictable region we refer to as .... the Twilight Zone." Great stuff. And the book goes a long way to show Serling's own craftsmanship and his respect for the written word and the people who labored for this unusual program trying to capture something about the human condition. Do yourself a favor: buy this book and a copy of "Night of the Meek" for someone you love this Christmas. Art Carney plays a good-hearted, down-on-his-luck department store Santa Claus who gets ahold of some Christmas magic courtesy of the Twilight Zone, where all things are possible.
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am 24. Februar 2000
I love this book. I refer to it and make my own notes in it when I watch each episode so that someday I will have watched them all. One thing that I have a question about. This is regarding the few episodes that were taped rather than filmed. The author says they were taped then transferred to 16mm film for broadcast. I just don't understand why they they wern't just broadcast from the original tape. This way they would not "look like a copy of something" rather than an original tape. You would think that with today's technology restoration could be made of these tapes to make them look other than a cheap Kinescope from the past. Otherwise, thanks for a great book.
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am 19. Juli 1998
This fantastic book details every episode with a cast list, plot summary, the begining and ending Serling voice-overs, and even behind-the-scenes info on the crew, the story's origin, and the actual filming itself.
They're all here, and in one collection. I read this thing everywhere -- at lunch, on the bus, late at night, heck, even on the throne (but that's probably a little too much information.)
This may just be the best book I've yet purchased from Amazon.com.
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am 20. Juni 1998
I am a huge TZ fan, and have been for years and years. This is THE best book on the subject of the original TZ television series, bar none. I have probably 30 different TZ books in my library, and this is the one I keep going to over and over again.
My second copy is getting pretty ratty, guess I might as well buy a third while I'm here! hehe If you haven't seen this book, and you love the original TZ, by all means order it today. I simply can't say enough!
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am 22. Dezember 1999
I've referred to this book so often when watching old episodes that it's frayed on the edges! It's a great source of info and helps viewers get more in depth with each show. Also offers behind-the-scene tidbits of interest to die hard fans. I enjoyed the "dictionary" style which lists each episode by title, making it easy to look up your favorite shows. For any Twilight Zone fan, this is a great addition to your bookshelf.
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am 2. April 1998
I give "ten" to this book 'cause it's just a classic for its fans. The writer made a very good job! This book is important for whom like me, an italian fan of "Ai confini della realta'" (The Twilight Zone in Italy). I've never known many episodes of the serie, 'cause in Italy last TV appareance was in the Sixties...and I'm 'only' 27. A very, very nice book, good organization and many pictures. Buy it!
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am 29. Januar 2000
I read this book from beginning to end the first time I got it. Twilight Zone is, in my opinion, the best television show ever. For those like myself who know the episodes by name, then you have to get this book. The background information on everybody involved with each episode is extensive. Zicree must have spent an ungodly amount of time researching for this book. Very impressive. Reading through this book reads almost like a chronology. There are little tidbits interspersed within the episode guide that tell what was happening to the show, things that were changing, the changing quality of the show, trends, etc.
The only improvements I recommend are listing the episodes in the order they were televised, or maybe present a timeline. I also recommend a more structured method of reviewing each episode. It is clear there are some the author liked and disliked and these could be presented better. Maybe make a list of the each episode's strengths and weaknesses, and then an all-conclusive statement. The reason is there are many episodes I like but the author quickly dismisses them.
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