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am 26. Januar 2014
Die erste Hälfte des Buches hat mir geholfen, das Thema (bzw. zum Kaufzeitpunkt war es noch ein Hype) XML näher zu bringen. Dei zweite Hälfte mit den Anwendungsfällen aus der Praxis kann man getrost ignorieren.
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am 14. Juli 2000
I have bought several xml books and this one has educated me, taught me and interested me the most. There's no doubt the Wrox technical books are a match to the Oreilley in terms of readability and thoroughness. This book is a little peculiar in that it is written by several people, each contributing a separate chapter. As an introduction, it probably wouldn't be too helpful (although that wouldn't be a problem for someone with a programming background). The strengths of the book (at least what I've read so far) is the discussion of sax v. dom, the section on business applications on edi (really interesting for me), and the great reference source in the back. Can you believe I have xeroxed the css list of command options in the back--amazingly useful? The variety of writers give a fresh perspective, which can be bad and good. With the exception of the first few chapters, which give a good overview, the rest of the chapters are a grabbag of subjects, including 4 case studies. These were very useful in learning xml. It also discussed WAP, which may or may not be useful, depending on how much enthusiasm there is for that standard. For variety's sake, I also bought, XML Unleashed, a bulky book with not as much organization, but just a lot of code (unlike the professional xml book, which really explained almost everything well). XML unleashed is helpful, because its topics really don't overlap with professional xml. It discusses SMIL, parsing xml with java xml tools on the market, using asp with xml and different subsets of xml (vml, and a variety of other specialized languages specific to one discipline. Unleashed is good because it contains discussions (albeit rather brief) of several different languages. Professional XML sticks to explanations and analysis, a lot of microsoft stuff (but not asp, and not too much stuff that linux lovers would want to reject the book. Finally I want to mention another book which I used as a first tutorial, Just XML by John Simpson. It's the best written of the three, although a little bizzare humor sometimes. It was written in late 1998 so some things may not be up-to-date (however simpson does a good job of emphasizing the things that weren't likely to change). This would be a good book for people starting, or if the book were available used. It would also be good when simpson publishes the second edition (later this year).
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am 21. Mai 2000
The first book I read that give me ideas of what I can do with XML. This is more a reference than a tutorial but this is what I was looking for.
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am 20. März 2000
I've found this book very hard to understand as a first book on XML. If you know what XML is about but are looking for practical real-life exemples, look elsewhere. If you know XML and want to know everything about it's internal work and how to work with DTD, that would be your book.
I've also ordered the Professional XML IE5 Programmer's Reference at the same time and this book gave me an overview of what I can do with XML on the Internet and THEN I had an idea of what to do of the Professional XML book.
You have to ask you those questions : Do I need to know how to show XML with XSL, ASP, DHTML, HTML? If yes, look elsewhese first. Do I need an XML reference to know how to create XML files? If yes, look no further.
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am 21. Februar 2000
If you have started to play with XML but need to know where to go, this is the book for you. I rate this one as a "must have" book from Wrox just like the Professional ASP book... both are the top books on the market in their respective fields. I am using XML for content transformation and for Server to Server solutions so I was getting stuff done (in xml) but still had lots of questions. This book covers all the basic stuff and goes into some future technology as well but for the most part this book is for the working programmer who has to produce code quickly but couldn't figure everything out from site hopping.
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am 25. April 2000
it has one chapter called Server to Server. It has an overview of XML-RPC and SOAP. From the books I've browsed in bookstores, this one is the first one that includes such material. Of course, such material is much more current on website locations, but still, to have it included in a published book in a timely matter was no small feat. There were a few spelling and editorial snafus, but given the speed to print such books, I can close and eye and still prefer to read a book with timely information early rathern than wait another three months for those few english grammar stylistic inconsistencies ironed-out.
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am 21. Juni 2000
Another excellent book by Wrox. Heed this books title "Professional XML". The strong point in this book for me was its in-depth DTD and WML coverage. I haven't found a book yet that describes WML as well, or at all for that matter.
I also plan on purchasing XSLT Reference Guide (also by Wrox) since this book doesn't go quite as far as I'd like into XSLT.
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am 9. März 2000
XML has allowed me to go beyond the bland, static and structured nature of HTML. This book also demonstrates with very comprehensive examples, the FULL power of XML. Normally multi-authored books aren't as comprehensive however, I am learning never to say never with Wrox......This book will definitely be a staple in my developer's library in years to come ...
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am 4. April 2000
This book is arguably one of the best XML titles available. Its coverage of XML is up-to-date. So what if it doesn't focus on Java... i guess you were looking for an XML book... the best point about this book is that it's 'no nonsense' book. i think these words tell the whole story... :)
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am 13. März 2000
....but with 12 authors what would you expect. You get to a part where it seems important information is about to be revealed and then the author(s) write that we'll get to that later. Example code is horrible and does not track well with the book. For instance, where is interactive.xsl?
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