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4,1 von 5 Sternen
4,1 von 5 Sternen
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am 6. Mai 2000
This book deals with the major techniques for developingserver side software with Java. It includes general knowledge of Web Application Development as well as Java specific software development like Servlets, JSPs, XML, JavaBeans, JINI, and JavaSpaces. The content of this book is not only about the basics of Java Server Side Programming, topics like session handling from different views (Cookies, URL-Rewriting, Session Objects) are considered. The chapters about Servlet Contexts, Database Connectivity with JDBC and Database Connection Pools are also useful for practical work. Servlet Programmers should read the chapters about Servlet Chaining and Servlet Communication. The case studies and lots of source code examples are helpful to unterstand Java Server Side Programming. LDAP Developer should read the chapter about JNDI which is a useful source of information. This book is well written and the different authors have a good understanding to transfer their knowledge to the readers. The appendices are great including Java Object Streams and Serialization, Cryptography, Configuration of Servlet Engines (JServ, JRun) and the API References for the APIs which are used in this book (JNDI, JDBC, JavaBeans, Servlets, etc.) are also described. This book is expensive, but don't care about it. Brain food is worth to buy and the Internet community needs developers and designers to serve Internet companies needs.
German readers should read the book „Java Server und Servlets" from Peter Roßbach and Hendrik Schreiber which is an extension of this book including complete software projects like an Online-Shop, Chat-Software and many more....
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am 6. Juli 2000
I've had this book several months now and it is proving to be an invaluble reference. Naturally in any book with 15 authors (and 9 editors) some parts are going to be better than others. In this case the standard was particularly high.
Especially useful are the chapters on handling errors in servelets and handling and tracking user sessions. On one site we've implemented the 'shopping cart' application almost straight from the book (though it does need more work). As well as piles of stuff on servelets there is also a very good introduction to XML; more than enough to get to going and to enable you to to ask intelligent questions about it.
The EJB chapter is also useful but is no substitute for either Roman's or Monson-Haefel's book on the subject. That being said it is still worth reading.
Overall? You won't use every chapter (nobody will) but you only need to use two or three of the chapters for the book to earn its place on the shelf. There is a bredth of information on servlets here you won't find anywhere else.
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am 4. Mai 2000
The authors have tried to cover most of Java enterprisetechnologies in a single book . Couldnt do justice to any of them.JSP coverage is minimal and inadequate . Professional programmers mustlook for books specialising on this topics: I am listing some of them here.
*Java Servlet programming By Jason Hunter
*Enterprise Java beans By Richard Monson-Haefel
*Java XML programming - Wrox press
*Professional Javaserver pages - wrox press...
There are umpteen good books on XML/XSL basics . Please do not waste your money on this title.
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am 27. Juni 2000
As a Java Developer I was looking more for a reference and minimal set of abstract examples on how to use the syntax of jsp directives, jsp structures, and servlet practices. EJB and XML coverage was very minimal and despite my previous WROX book Professional ASP 2.0 (which was excellent) this book fails in regards to teaching the foundational practices of JSP and Servlets. It is indeed loaded with lots of examples including a good case study called, El Weeds of Limon. The explanations were very surfacy and didn't have enough of the technical details. The type of detail missed should be assumed from books that try to cover too many topics which spread the "meat" of the matter very thin.
Rather than getting you started on the right track it gets you started by making you copy examples which IMHO is a poor way to learn especially if the examples are not very generic.
I recently picked up a better book which includes all the jsp and servlet best practices, perfect amount of HTML mixture in handling forms, etc. and also a broad coverage of the currently available JSP/Servlet Containers like the Jakarta group's Tomcat 3.1 Container.
I would recommend this book if you're looking for examples, period. However if you want to learn JSP and Servlet technology the proper way pick up Core Servlets and JSP by Sun Press. It's also more up to date with the JSP 1.1/Servlet 2.2 spec.
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am 30. Mai 2000
This book is one of the must-have books for anyone serious about writing server-side Java programs. Sure you can find a lot of the information on the net, but I don't think that most professionals want to rely just on the net as their only resource now do they? I've had this book for many months now and it's the most popular book at work. It's jam-packed full of good server-side programming ideas and techniques. And it covers a lot of the bases with enough depth to get you more than started.
There are over ten chapters dealing with Servlets. There is only one chapter on JSP (29 pages), but anything you need to know about JSP you can get out of that one chapter. Servlets are what you should be concerned about anyway as you are looking for a hardcore Java Server Programming book right? The chapter on Smart Servlets is a better approach than JSP anyway.
The book isn't just about Servlets, however. There's also good coverage of XML, Distributed Computing with Servlets (using RMI), and Enterprise Javabeans. And more!
Want a big bonus this year? Get this book! Want to eventually lose your job and end up at McDonalds? Don't get this book. It's nice to know you have choices. :)
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am 1. Mai 2000
This book is rich, overview of almost all advanced features of java, clear enough in the text. But as previous reader already mentionned before, there are too many errors in the examples, the code downloaded from internet is not the same as in the book (but almot the same). What's more, they do not fix the bug on the internet, why ? They are lazy? They publish for publishing?
I recommend this book to read and to read only, but if you want to really test it, you should spend time to debug for almost every chapter, and during the time, you can hope yourself become a java expert as well as a debug expert. What a wonderful thing!
I suggest reviews to give 1 star to this book until the authors fix the bug existing in the code (on the internet immediately and in the text also in next edition). I do not give this book 1 star because I really love it in split of the erros. In fact, if possible I can give it 4.5 stars, 5 stars means perfect and this book is not although it can become perfect immediatly after the errors are corrected on the internet.
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am 6. Juni 2000
Confession: I bought this book in a real live book shop after 2-3 hours sitting on the floor browsing all the available titles. The coverage of Servlets is among the best, and was easily enough to get me started writing useful code. Several of the other chapters I initially had little interest in but later came back to as I heard more on the web about some technology or other.
Specifically: Servlets - pretty good. JSP - poor. You get that sinking feeling that the author(s) are learning at the same pace as you! XML - surprisingly good introduction, but the 'Weeds of El Limon' example chapter is a pitiful waste of space, apparently copied from an older XML book, and is easily the worst chapter of the book (IMHO). EJB: Introduction only. Jini, Javaspaces: Mildly interesting, not really worth it.
The main drawback of this book is that with no less than 15 (countem' 15!) authors both style and content are rather inconsistent.
Overall: I like it and keep finding new ideas in it that I missed before.
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am 28. Mai 2000
If you like their ASP books you'll like this.
Along with Field's book on JSP, they have all the information that a programmer familar with Java and HTML needs to create and deploy JSP and Servlets using JDBC for data support.
If you don't know Java and never worked in a web environment, this book presumes too much. The biggest weaknesses are the more advanced Enterprise topics like Name Spaces, EJB and JTS. In that since, the topics are hit and miss, much like Wrox ASP 3.0 is in the advanced topics.
The Roman book on EJB and the Fields book on JSP are great supplements or prerequistes to this. If yo can't get a JSP Web server running after the Fields book and downloading Allaire's JRUN, this book won't help. If you can't create a EJB project after getting through Roman's book, and downloading something like Bea's web logic EJB server, or something comparable, this book won't help.
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am 26. April 2000
I have found this book to be a complete one covering all server side technologies of Java. It talks in depth about Servlets and JSP which were required for me for my project.
The style of the book is really different as it is written by programmers for programmers. Also I am able to get rid of the monotony with the style of a single author found in most of the books. Good approach by Wrox.
The annexure gives vital information to HTTP, Web-server configuration for Servlets/JSP and API reference that are added gifts to the buyer.
I am yet to complete the book but I am keeping as a desktop reference so that I can use as and when I require it. I recommended to my manager to buy this book not only for my project but also for the entire group.
Finally, if you need a complete book on Java Server side programming, buy this book. You will get everything you want.
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am 20. Januar 2000
I am new to server side programming, and relatively new to Java. This book is packed with great information, even for me. Three chapters into the book I couldn't wait to get started, and I was already equipped with enough information to write basic server side programs. Some of the things that I found most valuable: Information on how to configure some of the more popular web servers to run Java Servlets; An explanation of HTTP; The pros and cons of CGI, JavaServer Pages, Active Server Pages, and Java Servlets; Detailed information about the Java Servlet API.
It does not contain a lot of information about Java programming in general (syntax, general API info, etc., ) so if you are new to Java you will need a Java API book to supplement.
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