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4,7 von 5 Sternen
4,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 31. Juli 2000
In the beginning of this book Dave is very smart to mention that this is only 'his' putting bible and is not in fact 'the' putting bible. Well, I have to disagree with Mr. Pelz on that one. This is in fact THE putting bible. Everything you need to know to improve your play on the green is in this book. Everything from the mechanics of your stroke, the physics of the game, the mental aspect, rhythm, touch, feel ... it's all here. I think the greatest thing about this book is that Dave Pelz is a very honest person. He tells you up front that simply reading this book will not take stokes off you game. Simply put: You need to practice. But the most important aspect of practice is, as he mentions, the quality and not the quantity. He removes any beliefs in that old adage 'practice makes perfect' and replaces it with 'practice makes permanent'. Because if you practice poorly, you will become a permanently poor player. The book describes many effective ways to go about improving the '15 building blocks' of putting. He gives fantastic drills for both on the putting green and on the living room rug that will improve your stroke, and lower your scores.
I think my favorite section of this book is that which deals with reading the green. After reading that chapter I honestly feel I dropped 3 or 4 more putts in my next round, that I never would have sank the week before. (So I suppose just reading this book CAN takes strokes off your game!) And there you have it. Stop reading reviews and grab this book ASAP! Read it, practice, and have fun. And who knows, maybe in a few years, we'll see you on tour! Good Luck!
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Fifteen Stars! ***************
This is simply the best book to improve your putting that has ever been written. It's a 2,000 percent solution!
I had the pleasure and honor of attending Dave Pelz's short game school a few years ago. I became interested in the school after playing golf with a woman in Palm Springs who had just finished the school, and kept putting the ball within 10 feet of the cup from 40-100 yards out. Naturally, I was impressed and wanted to learn how to do that.
Boy, was I surprised by the school. I thought I was a good putter, and I certainly could putt better than most of the people in the class when we started. In fact, I qualified for the regionals of the World Championship of Putting that year. During the instruction, I was diagnosed with over 60 weaknesses in my putting. I still keep the notes, and review them before almost every round.
So I came to this book thinking, this will be a good refresher. That was right, but the insights I got from this book exceeded all that I learned in Dave Pelz's short game school about putting. Since that course cost over $2,000 for 3 days and half the material was on putting, I figure this book is worth over $1,000. Run, don't walk to buy it!
The book explains the engineering approach that Pelz has brought to putting. He measures everything he can think of. The beginning explains key concepts of green problems -- like the raised donut around the hole where no one steps (the rest of the green is downtrodden by thousands of footsteps daily).
The next section explains the 15 building blocks of putting -- like aim, path, touch, rhythm, ritual, feel, face angle, stability, attitude, and routine.
Then Pelz puts special attention on speed and reading the green. Chapter 7 on green reading was worth the price of the book alone. He answered questions I have asked dozens of pros, and received no good answers to.
Then, he describes how to use these basics to improve your putting. I have been using a number of these for the last several years, and can certainly attest that they work.
Each point is beautifully explained. He has photographs of great players, graphs of experiments he has conducted, graphs of research he has done with average and great players, and diagrams of what to do and not to do. The language is simple and unambiguous.
For the average golfer, this book can take 4-6 strokes off your game. It will mean winning a lot of weekend bets.
One of the book's great strengths is that it starts with the thinking that most people have about putting that gets them in trouble. He helps you identify your stalled thinking that holds back your putting, and then shows you how to break out of the stall and develop an improved habit.
If you have a father, grandfather, uncle, brother, or son who is a father and plays golf, this is the perfect gift for Father's Day. I took the liberty of giving a copy to myself as my Father's Day gift this year. Maybe it will help me win the Father's Day golf tournament!
Keep in mind that in the average round you'll make more putts than you will tee shots, fairway shots, or finesse shots around the green. Get better at putting, and your score can really improve! A two foot putt and a 300 yard drive count for the same on the score -- one stroke.
Hit 'em all in the cup!
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VINE-PRODUKTTESTERam 4. September 2012
David Pelz hat mit seiner Putting Bible die Grundlagen gelegt. Es ist heute wie damals, das beste und umfassendste Buch über Putting, was es zu kaufen gibt. Und kostet nur umgerechnet eine halbe Trainerstunde. ;-))

Sehr empfehlenswert!!
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am 28. Juli 2000
First the good news: Pelz will tell you more about what can go right or wrong with a putt than you ever would have imagined. More importantly, he will tell you how to test yourself to see how wrong your mind and body are operating compared with how you think they are operating. Now the bad news: The solutions. I did not open this book looking for a free ride to good putting. But the fact is that in order to improve your fundamentals, he suggests you use a bunch of tools that he has developed. He says 80% of your practice should be indoor practice, working on these fundamentals. I think that's great, but do I really have to buy his stuff? I would have enjoyed more ways to practice these solutions with items I have in my house - that's why I bought his book rather than attended his school or bought his tools. That being said, he has great information, and I expect that the awareness of typical faults alone was worth the price of the book.
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am 13. Juli 2015
Damit meine ich in erster Linie die große Herausforderung, dem guten Dave beim Sezieren des Puttens bis ins kleinste Detail zu folgen.
Wer dieses Buch gründlich durcharbeitet, der braucht fast schon zwangsläufig 10 Schläge weniger je Runde.

Die Lektüre dieses wirklich hervorragenden englischen Fachbuches ist eine sehr gute Vorbereitung auf das, was einem anschliessend auf dem Putting Green blüht.

Auch wenn ich nicht in allen Teildisziplinen in gleichem Maße eingetaucht bin, es hat mein Spiel auf dem Green deutlich verbessert. Sogar das Trainieren macht mir nun richtig Spaß.
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am 29. Juni 2000
Let's face it, Dave Pelz is the man when you talk short game improvement.But,by God man! this is way to much information.Skip the first 200 pages of this book, unless you're some kind of technical information masochist.The rest of the book is an updated version of "Putt Like The Pros". Don't get me wrong, I think this book is a great help to anyones putting, just way to long.
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am 7. Juni 2000
One word describes this book and Dave Pelz. WOW. Here is a guy that has helped out my game. This book covers everything about putting that you can think of. This book is a must have for the beginner golfer to the pro. With using a lot of the drills devised in this book I have stopped being a three or four putter person. I can see this as a top selling book for a long time! Thank God for Dave!
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am 12. Januar 2012
Erneut überzeugt die statistische Unterfütterung der Empfehlungen und die Vollständigkeit in der Aufarbeitung des Themas. Die Trainingsspiele und Grünleseempfehlungen sind sicherlich immer noch der Standart im Putttraining. Leider gibt es im Putten eine Zeit vor und eine Zeit nach SAM- Puttlab. Viele neue Daten auf der rechnererfassten Schlaganalyse drängen Pelz's "straight back, straight through" als von ihm favorisierte Schlagart in den Hintergrund. Wenn man dies weiss und berücksichtigt, hat man ein unfassendes Lehrwerk.
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am 3. Juli 2000
Knowing of Pelz's background as a NASA engineer, my fear was that a 400-page book on putting would be so technical as to leave me paralyzed on the greens ("paralysis through analysis," along the lines of what happened to Bobby Clampett after he immersed himself in Homer Kelley's incomprehensibe "The Golfing Machine"). Instead, I found the book extremely practical and educational. Pelz is an excellent teacher whose instruction is based on solid research rather than pet theories, and this book does a super job of explaining what you ought to be doing and why (as well as what you ought not to be doing and why). It is very readable and well-illustrated -- the 400 pages go very quickly. Even after 35+ years of playing, I had a hard time understanding how to achieve a straight-back-and-through stroke as opposed to one that opens and shuts the clubface like a screen door. Now I do understand, and I know what I need to be working on. You simply will not find a clearer, more comprehensive treatise on putting; it is light years ahead of anything else I've seen, and I've read hundreds of golf books. It would be equally valuable for a beginner or an experienced player -- Pelz is so good at explaining himself that even a raw beginner won't find the material over his or her head.
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am 26. Juni 2000
This book covers everything that you will ever want to know or need to know about putting. The knowledge that I have gained from this book has improved my putting tremendously. There is nothing like playing with your buddies and nailing most of the putts from 6 feet in. Dave points out the realistic odds of making putts from certain distances. This concept stopped me from being frustrated by missing 15 - 20 footers.
I have used his setup routine and I have practically eliminated all pushes in my stroke. I am finally putting straight. I go through an exercise at my club where I putt 20 balls from 6 - 8 feet, before I read this book I was hitting 9 out of 20. After reading the book and taking in some of the concepts I made 19 out of 20! The chapter on reading greens is a must read for all golfers.
If you don't have the Short Game Bible, run out and get that book also. Both of those books have shaved 10 strokes off of my game. I played 9 holes yesterday and shot 41 on par 36 without hitting a green in regulation. Way to go Dave!
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