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am 7. Dezember 1999
Having greatly enjoyed this book, I'm a bit bothered by how weak-kneed its defenders are. They talk lovingly of Hamilton's artistry and about how beautiful the girls are, but then they say, "But it's not pornography!" or "But it isn't erotic!" Please give me a break, it is "pornographic" and it is "erotic". If you don't think so, you probably need to speak with a psychologist about your repressed feelings. The important question is why the book's defenders feel the need to claim that the book isn't what it is.
There should be no shame in admitting that the artist's intent in creating these images is to inspire sexual feelings for his subjects. Can one look, for example, at the photo on page 140 (captioned "Am I only 15? Am I really still a silly little school girl?") and not feel some twinge of longing? Is that not the dictionary definition of "pornography" or "erotic"? Now I can certainly agree that it is not "hard-core" pornography, but why is the term "pornography" being treated as a pejorative in these reviews?
It's really quite sad that over the past couple decades Americans have become so phobic about children's sexuality that even people who enjoy and appreciate this book cannot bring themselves to admit it. Meanwhile, most of the critical reviews posted here don't even indicate that the writers have actually looked at the book, they just know it's "bad" or "evil" because it suggests that children might be human beings along with all that implies. This book is a daring last line of defense against the utter pablumification and disneyfication that threatens to consume American culture. I would strongly encourage anyone to read this book to challenge the prevailing cultural mores of puritainism.
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am 11. April 1999
I find it interesting and in some ways disturbing how few (openly at least) female viewpoints are expressed among the reviews of this book. Indeed, some of reviews make it appear that there are quite a few males out there who believe females are a sexual "tabula rasa" on which they can write their judgements of what constitutes morally appropriate behavior.
This book must be understood not simply as art, but as a psychological statement, namely that sexuality exists within each of us from infancy on and parents and society deny that at their own risk.
When I was the age of the girls in this book there was no one with the courage to come forward and openly depict the flowering of female sexuality. I lived with confusion and shame about my body and my desires, hurtful feelings that lasted until I was well into my adulthood.
I came across this book in a store one day while looking for something else. I spotted the title and I vaguely remembered a news story about some people wanting to ban it, so I thought I would look at it out of curiosity. The images in it were so beautiful I almost started to cry right there, it was as though I found vindication for the very core of my being.
After taking it home, I decided to share it with my nine-year old daughter with whom I had just recently had "The Talk". It was wonderful being able to show her how her body would change and how she would be beautiful even as she changed from a girl into a woman. It is true there are already books out there that are supposed to address the issue, but so often they take a clinical approach that is scary in its own right. The artistry of this book, combined with the photographer's selection of natural-looking girls (you will not find made-up or coiffed girls in the pages of this book), will, in my opinion, help any girl appreciate her changing body.
Mothers, share this book with your daughters, it will help make so clear the many changes they are going through and how they are positive. No girl should ever have to feel shame of her own body and this book is an important step.
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am 9. März 2000
This book will shock some, as they will call art child pornography (when did the human body become vulgar?) and some will be thrilled with the quality of this artistic expression. I agree with another rewiewer that recommends "Life and Death on the Internet" by Keith A. Schroeder. Any serious view of this book requires deeper study of the legal issues surrounding Mr. Hamilton's work. We should respect the human body and admire the work of perfect creation. Get both books and enjoy. They are well worth your time.
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am 30. Januar 2000
just wanted to write a rewiew of this book-some may think this is porno, but it's not. i have seen a few samples of pictures from this book, and they are, in no way, pornographic! the thing that some people to forget is, without clothes, WE ALL would be nude. i can understand that some may find these pictures offensive because of these girl's ages, but remember, this is art, in the purest form.
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am 27. Oktober 1999
I'm a devout Christian, and when I first heard on a Christian talk radio show that I listen to that was peddling child pornography, it raised my ire. I went home, and, as instructed by the radio talk show host, began to write an angry threatening letter to My teenage daughter who I love and cherish in spite of our admit generational gap issues, asked me why I was writing a critical letter about a title I had never read. Well -- sometimes us older folks need to listen to our children. I put the letter on hold, and agreed to take a look at the book. While I didn't go out of my way to find it, I happened upon it at a bookstore the following day. And I have to admit -- this is NOT pornography at all. The poses of these beautiful young women is not at all provocative or seductive or arousing. This is art that shows the beautiful body that the Lord created. I don't understand the criticism, and am truly sorry that I nearly sent off an ignorant letter. If you're considering criticizing this book, I suggest that you READ it first! Though you may not like it, you may very well decide that this is NOT as bad as some of those organizing letter-writing campaigns are saying.
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am 27. Februar 1999
Could you imagine a country where owning a book was such a threat to the government that they would silence the free speech of the book owner? If you could imagine this, you would probably think of the Dark Ages or the Inquision, or maybe countries like Libya, North Korea, China, or perhaps Iraq or Iran. Would you believe the United States, the so-called land of the free.
I heard about an author that wrote a book that commented on "The Age of Innocents" and was arrested in Wisconsin! It was big news for a while. (The book is: "Life and Death on the Internet" by Keith A. Schroeder.) The interesting thing is this: I bought "Life and Death on the Internet" and read it. It is a good book. And the author has his e-mail address in the back of the book to help anyone with issues coved in the book. I asked the author, Schroeder, about the case. He e-mailed me back a copy of parts of the court transcript. I can't believe what I saw! The DA (a politician, we know they would do nothing unethical or immoral)stated in open court that they would file felony charges for every book like the "The Age of Innocents" he posessed. What a country! We burn the Constitution whenever it gets a politician a vote. Maybe our society has passed its zenith. Too bad, I thought we had the makings of a pretty good nation.
I Recommend you buy "Life and Death on the Internet" from Amazon. You will be enlightened in ways you can not believe.
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am 11. April 1999
A question that anyone approaching this book with an eye to criticizing it as 'obsecene' should ask themself is, "Can the human body be obscene in and of itself?" The only way this book can be attacked as obscene is if one answers "Yes," to that question. But if the answer is yes, then all depictions of nudes must be obscene regardless of age, something most people outside of the Victorian Era would strongly disagree with. If the answer is "No," then one must ask why someone turning 18 magically transforms a nude image of them from obscene to artistic?
The only way to avoid these paradoxes is to embrace this book for what it is: a beautiful and deeply erotic examination of girls on the cusp of maturity. (A subject which is sadly taboo in Anglo-American society.)
Many people would probably characterize such an assessment as sick or disturbed, but before doing so they should examine this book honestly and with an open mind. Can any man(excluding gay men logically)say to himself that he feels no desire or arousal looking at these images? And can any woman say to herself that she did not want to be desired when she was that age? I think that one would be hard pressed to find someone who would answer no.
That said, it is time that American society began understanding something which most of the rest of the world already does: Eroticism develops as a continuum, not a series of lock-steps. This book is an important step to the realization that sexuality does not simply appear fully-formed at 18, but is a progression over a number of years prior to that. A society which realizes that is on the road to a better understanding of what constitutes healthy sexuality and where the real patholgies lie. Read this book, buy it if you like it, and, if you enjoy deep discussions about human nature with your dinner guests, proudly display it. I do not believe you will regret it.
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am 29. Juni 1998
I ordered this book because I love art that depicts young girls. I have two daughters, and I consider them to be the most perfect works of art that ever existed. It is my life's goal to try and capture their perfection with a camera. I look for every new look, gesture, attitude as they grow and develop. I have read much about Hamilton's work. Some of what has been written has been viscously against it, and some vehemently for it. It seems that no one who ever bothered to write a review was able to look at it dispassionately. That is why I bought the book. Hamilton has apparently done what I want to do, in that he has produced images that fire the viewer's passions.
In this book I found many, many fine images of young girls depicted exactly as I see them. The vast majority of them are posed so we can admire some aspect of their physical person, such as the curve of a jaw, the bud of a developing breast, or the sinewy young muscles beneath the skin of a thigh. At the same time, these pictures seem to expose some aspect of the model's spiritual self. I can't explain that further, except to say that I see something beyond the girl's body. I don't know how Hamilton did that, but to me, these are excellent works of art. The highest complement I can think of to give is that I would be proud to see my own daughters depicted as most of the girls in the book are.
On the other hand, some of the photos show these young girls posing to purposely display their sexuality. This is exciting in a picture of a full-grown woman, but disturbing in this book. It is difficult for me to look at some of these girls, posed so provocatively, and not feel a sexual longing. As the father of two young girls, this bothers me a lot. If Hamilton took these pictures specifically to be disturb the viewer, then he succeeded.
I also own "Radiant Identities" by Jock Sturges. Sturges also uses young female models as subjects. However, at no time does he ever pose his models in a sexually suggestive manner. With! out exception I would be proud to see my own children pose for him, as I know that they would be treated with respect and dignity. Which is not to say that Hamilton's models weren't. It's just that I was very disturbed by some of what I saw.
In conclusion, this is a great book for those who appreciate the female form as an objet d'art. Hamilton's sense of form and composition is as good as I have ever seen. But the few pictures in this book that don't fit my idea of high art make it difficult to recommend it to a general audience. The viewer would have to be very mature and in control of his or her own primal urges. I always thought that I was a very mature aficionado of art, and yet began to doubt myself when I was moved as I was by a few of this images.
Artists often purposely challenge us to move beyond complacency. Hamilton has produced a work with images that are both beautiful and disturbing, and as such, I believe he achieved his objective.
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am 13. Oktober 1999
Hamilton's best work yet. This photographic journey into the budding sexuality of young girls entices the reader to explore the nature of adolescence in all its many facets. For all those bible-thumpers who are quick to judge-- look at the book and you will see beauty, not pornography. These girls are absolutely beautiful.
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am 15. Oktober 1997
Establishing a lasting reputation for excellence in a field sofar removed from the safe core of authorship, as is sensualphotography of young women, is a feat reserved for giants. David Hamilton is one such giant. The Age of Innocence is a repository of some of the most startlingly-beautiful images the author has ever produced. While many are captured in Mr. Hamilton's classic misty surreal style, this volume concentrates on faces sharply etched and well-resolved. The personalities of his models show through as moody, intelligent, mischeivious, or shy. These are photos you want to talk to, to know, and to learn.
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