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am 7. August 2015
It is well written. The idea of a storyteller in the story is not unique but very effective. We could ponder over the word darkness for quite some time. The best way to ponder is with Cliff's Notes. Personally I wanted him to get on with it. I guess I was a little impatient for the action and the conclusion. If it hadn't been for cliff notes I would have missed haft the things he was implying.

A merchant company is missing an agent Kurtz, and Marlowe must find him. Traveling though harsher environments than he imagined possible he may have found what he was seeking. As with many of this type of epic the physical distance or direction is not as important then the transformation it plays on ones soul.

I missed this book somehow in school. The reason I started to read this book before actually I actually became immersed in it, was to see how close it came to the movie. No not the movie you are thinking of. "Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death" (1988) ASIN: 6305078599 . The film was shot primarily in the avocado groves maintained by the University of California at Riverside (UCR), which the university uses for horticultural experiments. Adrienne Barbeau is Dr. Kurtz.
The horror.....the horror.....
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am 29. September 1998
One of the great short novels in existence. On the surface, Conrad's Marlow is a spellbinding storyteller. Underneath, a psychoanalytical tale of man's baser animistic instincts comes forth, of descent into a primal state outside the moderating bounds of civilized accoutrements. Like Marlow, the reader will be left with the curse of a penetrating view of the world, no longer able to ignore the "horror", unable to accept - or even tolerate - the pretense of the normal routine of "civilized" society. The reader will be doomed to look beneath the surface and see the beast that lurks within each soul, capable of savagery little imagined but now unforgettable. Conrad's literary talents were absolutely first rate - all the more remarkable for a man who was Ukranian born of Polish parents but wrote in English. Concise, penetrating, intelligent, unflinching prose which propels the reader forward on an ultimately illuminating journey of discovery of one's self. Heart of Darkness is a rare combination of great story telling and literary achievement, all in a very concise package.
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am 4. Oktober 1999
Unlike some of the other readers here, I thought that HEART OF DARKNESS was pretty good. Not that I understood it the first time I read it either, but you can't write it off as "boring" or "pointless" simply because you have to read it more than once. The more I study the novel and the more I read into its depth, the more I understand it. I really wish some people would do the book some more justice and not crave simple one-liners, who think that they know literature because they read Oscar Wilde and J.D. Salinger. They have a word for those people too - "posers."
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am 9. Februar 1999
A great view of evil and darkness. I fell in love with this book in high school. If you enjoy this book, I would reccommend Apocalypse Now, which is based upon this book.
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am 14. Oktober 1998
I was disappointed to find "Heart of Darkness" muddled and disjointed. I guess I was prejudiced by "Apocalypse Now" which I thought was a great, if flawed, movie. I did, however, enjoy both "Youth" and "The End of the Tether", especially the prose. I was always a sucker for sea stories. Maybe I'll try "Heart of Darkness" again over the winter.
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am 14. August 2010
Heart of Darkness is the stark reminder of the warped perspective the colonialists looked at the Black Africans with. The Blacks were and continue to be seen as sub-humans living on eating themselves and others; theAfrican continent is seen as the epitome of darkness; darkness not only in terms of eating habits, ut also in warfare, skin colour, traditonal undertakings and even mating. Using a voyager, Marlow, as his voice of narration, Joseph Conrad creatively retells of how the British ripped African heartland through the Congo basin and how they did not understand the ceremonies of these black folks. Marlow is sent to meet Mr. Kurtz a British supremacist who who has had to transform himself into a quasi-sympathiser of the Black colonized folks for him to understand how well they can be colonised. After escaping so many dangerous traps set both by the white men ( who didnt want him to meet Kurtz) and black warriors ( who incidentally are acting on instructions of Mr. Kurtz himself), Mr. Marlow eventually meets Mr. Kurtz but he is dying. And just before he dies he gives Mr.Marlow some valuable information and letters which he (Mr. Marlow) is supposed to take home.
The plot sounds so str\aight forward but the insinuations make the story horrid. It potrays Africans as some dangerous savage animals who 'needed'the colonial intervention and brutality in order to be cultured and civilized. What amazes me is that throughout the text, Africans are simply referred to as savages and African land is described using severely ignominous metaphors and superlatives to magnify its horror and terrifying image. Cultural critics have argued that it was by reading such texts that made the colonial masters to view African colonized subjects as incapable of indipendent sophisticated ideas and thought to run the world, thus becoming so ruthless to them inorder to 'whip them to order'. Hence the need to make them their servants, watchmen, cooks and later on, carrier corps during European wars (WW 1 and WW 2). I would recommend this text to all those interested in theories of African culture particularly Anthropoloy, colonial history, postcolonialism, literature and even Geography.
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am 29. April 2011
Ich bin positiv überrascht von diesem Buch.
Ich bin nicht wirklich eine Lese-Ratte,
aber dieses Buch lässt sich leicht lesen,
ist nicht zu dick und zieht sich nicht so unendlich,
da mehrere Stories in einem Buch sind.
Als Uni-Lektüre angeschafft, habe ich es doch recht zugügig gelesen. ;)
Preis ist auch in Ordnung.
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am 20. Februar 1999
Everybody has always told me this book was great. Everybody I've ever talked to is an idiot. This book was terrible, it made no sense. I have loved other classics, thats what i read most. But this book was just bad, it was some guy rambling on and on. I think conrad was on acid when he wrote this book.
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