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4,8 von 5 Sternen
4,8 von 5 Sternen
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am 26. September 2001
Q is back. And this time he disrupts life on the Enterprise in new proportions. He takes advantage of Lawxana still being in the phase. And disrupts a wedding risking the outbreak of a war. Nevertheless the story is funny beyond comparison without making any of the characters seem one-dimensional.
The crew of the Enterprise is really not to be envied. As always they have to wait and see how Q's scheme unfolds. Especially Picard - facing now Q and Lawxana - has a hard time. But read it yourself to see how the whole thing ends.
Don't miss it if you like the humorous side of Star Trek
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am 16. Januar 1998
This book is hilarious. If you like books about Q you will "love" this one. In this one Q is challenging the power of love and it gets all the more intresting when Lwaxana shows up. YOU will LOVE this book it is fantastic. Lwaxana will surprise Q in the end and it has a hilarious ending. As always when Q is involved everything will be turned upside down and inside out and you will LOVE every moment of it. By the end of this book the crew will have become acustomed to seeing people out in the middle of space without any protection and when Lwaxana shows Q exactly how mad a woman can be he sure learns his lesson well, and the hard way after she cleans the ship with him as the dishtowel. Anyone who reads this book will love it. I would recomned this book to everyone and I know you will enjoy it as mush as I did and I've read it a couple of times myself especially the ending.
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am 9. Mai 1999
If there was ever any doubt that Peter David understands and writes Star Trek characters better than anyone else this is Exhibit A to prove it is true! Not only are all the characters in character, but their interactions with each other and reactions to each other ring true as well. The interaction between Lwaxanna and Q is a perfect example and is absolutely priceless. This is especially true of the ending - wherein both charcters are at their best. Or worst. Of course, with these two characters that's pretty much the same thing. After almost falling asleep during the dreadfull Star Trek:Insurrection i only have three questions. Why don't the Powers That Be include Lwaxanna Troi and Q in their next film? Why don't they have Peter David write it? Why don't they base it on this wonderful book!!?
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am 30. März 2000
Peter David's Star Trek novels are among the best there is. But I'm a bit bored by Q, and by characters like him. It's an entertaining novel, Q only ever serves as comic relief for the lesser but nobler human characters (apart, perhaps, from his original appearance in the first episode of The Next Generation). He's godlike in power and ability, but has no dignity. I guess that's partly the point. But to me, these godlike characters are only interesting when they have that dignity. Also, it's difficult for them to be defeated believably. But, it is an entertaining novel, and the writing is fairly good (though not exceptional). You won't be bored by this one, but you won't be thrilled by it either. It's good, but nothing extraordinary. Not Peter David's finest effort, but still a good read.
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am 9. April 2000
This has to be, without a doubt the funniest Star Trek book ever. Peter David is my favourite ST writer, and I love all his books, especially 'Imzadi'. I think that and Q-in-law should definately have been made into ST:TNG episodes. My favourite part of the book was when Lwaxana was chasing Q through the ship, because it's great to see him get what he deserves for once! There were also some good scenes with Riker and Troi. The other story, about the Tizarin wedding was also well written, and the two stories balanced each other well. Buy it if you like your Star Trek books with humour, Q, and lots of character interaction. Don't buy it if you hate Q, you like 'serious' Star Trek and if you like reading about the Enterprise getting blown up. I would recommend this book to anyone.
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am 13. November 1997
I do not consider myself a novel reader, but Q-In-Law was one that I couldn't put down for a moment. I always wondered what would happen if 'love' and Q was ever combined, and Peter David gave me the answer. Of course I couldn't expect Q to behave, as he never does anyway. So Q's position on love would be a hard topic to write about. But the genius (David) took the idea and ran. That is only one of the reasons why I give the book a 10. The end was absolutely hilarious, and I have never seen Lwaxana better. So not only is this book a combination of an impossible dream, a complete joke, and a Q spoof, it's a woman's ego booster!! 3 cheers for Lwaxana, that's showing Q!! Same to Peter David, who has outdone himself. Bravo!
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am 26. Juli 2000
THIS IS IN MY OPINION, THE ABSOLUTE GREATEST BOOK EVER WRITTEN. This is the most moving and funniest book about the two most powerful characters in Star Trek History: Q and Lwaxana Troi. My three favorite parts are where Worf says " I, for one, would not like to have you angry with me." to Lwaxana. And where Lwaxana says "Not now dear, Mother's chopping some wood." And finally where Deanne says to Wesley "Obviously, you unwrapped her." So I'll leave you with those little teasers and hope that you'll buy the book and join me in laughing at the greatest book ever written.
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am 7. Juni 2000
Out of all of the Star Trek:TNG novels out there this book is definately in the top 5 best novels ever written. Peter David is an amazing writer who captures the the characters so completely you can see the events unfolding in your mind. Q-in-Law is one such book. It is hysterical and I found myself laughing out loud. Anyone familiar with the show will definately enjoy the meeting of Lwaxana Troi and the infamous Q. I have re-read this book so many times that the binding is coming apart, and everytime I read this book I enjoy it more and more. If you read it you'll understand why!
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am 6. Juli 1998
I absolutely LOVED the book version of Q-Squared. Peter David did a 5 star job with it. After reading the book, however, the audio cassette was a big disappointment. Only the barest threads of the story are included, and many of the funniest moments are left out altogether to fit the story on one tape (for instance, Wesley's "gift" is hardly even mentioned). That said, the performances by John DeLancie and Majel Barrett were very well done, earning back a star on my rating. I really recommend getting the book instead. You just miss too much here.
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am 12. Mai 1999
You know, I read this book a few years ago and I just stopped laughing last week. Peter David brings together a highly unlikely couple in quite possibly the funniest and most dramatic non-David Trek book. Who would've though that Lawaxanna and Q would...well I'll let you read it and see :). Fans of Star Trek Novels already own all of Peter David's works, however if you're new to Star Trek novels, or you just want to read a nice Sci-Fi story you should definenly pick this one up. After you're done with this one, go get IMZADI!.
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