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3,7 von 5 Sternen
3,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 13. Mai 2013
this book gives a good overview to yii. It's easy to follow and so far I didn't find any mistakes (in contrary to the first edition). So this book will do what it promises.

minus one star: The kindle version was not carefully edited, The images are way to small.
minus one star: I tried to download the example source code from Packt, which did not work. You need to prove that you own the book by typing a sentence of a chapter. This is not only nonsense (I could have borrowed the book), it is as well very troublesome to to with a kindle, and !!! it is not possible after all, because the test works only with the OLD EDITION. Which has different numbers per chapter. I don't understand Packt here, this is plain stupid.

OK, but as I said, if you care about the plain text, the book is good.

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am 21. Februar 2014
Yii is probably one of the most underestimated PHP frameworks today. Unfortunately there are only few good books about it out there, and in my opinion this is the best introduction for beginners you can find. It is actually the second revision of the 2010 release "Agile Web Application Development with Yii 1.1 and PHP5".

When I read the first edition of the book I had a basic understanding of PHP and web apps with MySQL, but OOP and Yii were quite new to me. Fortunately the author found a good way to walk you through the various stages, from simple CRUD to User Access Control, adding external modules from the Zend framework to getting ready for production.

Now that I am much more familiar with Yii and OOP style I had the chance to read through Web Application Development with Yii and PHP and find it still very useful and also interesting for the more advanced readers. However, you should not expect this book to be a reference to Yii. Once you are up on your feet as a Yii developer you might be coming back once in a while to use the book as some kind of recipe book, but it can't replace Yii Application Development Cookbook. I suggest getting your feet back with this introduction and then move on to the Cookbook. This combination will cover most of your Yii needs. The rest can be discussed in the forums.

There are two things I liked about the first edition, which are lacking in this book: The emphasize on test driven development is only mentioned in the beginning and all subsequent steps leave the reader to work on their own unit tests. Some said the first edition concentrated too much on testing and too little on Yii, so this separation of concern might be a good thing for you. In my opinion it saved you reading another book just on testing.

Also, the chapter about making your app look good became even shorter in this second edition. There is no mention about localization anymore, which requires all international readers to look into this topic elsewhere. It does cover all important aspects, but as a beginner I wished it would be a little more verbose.

All in all I really recommend this book. The second edition offers a lot of improvements and is updated for the current state of Yii but also leaves out some smaller areas. You will still be fine without them and won't notice unless you own the first edition, but I wonder why they weren't kept.
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am 14. Januar 2013
If you never had developed a web application this step-by-step tutorial helps you to create your first Yii application or website. Basic concepts like database creation, generating Controller and views with Gii, how to handle some security topics and so on. What I am missing is more about how to use some specific concepts like using extensions and creating own widgets. So, this book gets only three stars.
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am 5. September 2013
Die Grundlagen werden gut erklärt und ein gesamtes Projekt wird vorgestellt.
Für den Anfang perfekt, beantwortet aber nicht alle Fragen. Wer mehr will braucht auch noch ein fortgeschrittenes Buch!
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am 17. Oktober 2013
Schon Ausgabe 1 war hilfreich. In Ausgabe 2 sind viele Neuerungen eingegangen - also Top aktuell. Informationsgehalt für dieses komfortable Framework ist hoch auch für Einsteiger geeignet
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am 25. Oktober 2014
...hier fehlen weitere Kapitel für die aktuelle Yii Version oder eine Neu Auflage.
Wer das alte Yii 1.x nutzt findet hier wertvolle Hilfe.
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