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4,6 von 5 Sternen
4,6 von 5 Sternen
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am 1. August 2013
Rankin comes at the subject as a practising doctor disillusioned at the lack of holistic attention to health which characterizes the Western medical community. Failure to grasp the holistic nature of the body’s self-healing mechanisms means that many people get poor medical advice and care. Rankin is at her best campaigning for a much greater awareness on the part of medical caregivers of how healing actually takes place.

Much of Rankin’s argument centers on the unnoticed efficacy of placebos, a notion she draws from Bruce Lipton's "Biology of Belief" without, it seems to me, adequate attribution; indeed even some of the examples she cites already appear in the earlier book. Rankin claims to have researched the placebo effect extensively, but at least sometimes she appears to permit misconception of the originality of her research. This may not matter to the average reader, but I found it a bit jarring.

There are a number of important principles stressed in Rankin’s book which are often absent from other self-help guides directed towards recovering and maintaining health and which are welcome. Her insistence on finding meaning in life as a key contributing factor to wellness rings true, as does her defense of the power of affirmations given the need to override the negative messages which we are usually passing on to our bodies. She is also right in pointing to the value of community, although she passes lightly over important shortcomings of institutions like family and church the drawbacks of which may very well, in many instances, outweigh the benefits, and which are certainly some way short of the ideal. These institutions have quite likely been at the root of many of the health problems people experience. Moreover, even if community may be as important as diet and lifestyle, the recommendation to seek it out is difficult to operationalize if one does not have a healthy form of it to begin with. Rankin probably should also be commended for pointing to the importance of sexual life, but again, there is no clue in the pages of the book as to what might constitute a healthy configuration or even that this is a legitimate and important question to ask.

Unfortunately, for all its admirable qualities, Rankin’s book appears to take far too lightly the difficulty of modifying ones beliefs and actions in order to obtain better health outcomes. The “diagnosis and prescription” part of the book is the least satisfying one, often asking the reader to answer in a few sentences what many seekers have needed decades to unearth and understand. In this sense, Rankin’s book looks like a typical US cultural artefact which uncritically endorses the errors as well as the insights of the positive thinking fraternity.

This is disappointing, because Rankin has acquired a significant new media voice which could have been used to promote deeper healing modalities than those she herself is able to offer. This unfortunately means she gives the impression of overextending herself where greater humility might have been in order, and accordingly coming across as superficial. Parts of her own “prescription” for herself read like an awkward list of endorsements of particular personalities, and there is no indication why they should be of value to someone else; they appear to be simply plucked from the air. Making a diagnosis of the factors in ones life which promote illness and writing a prescription to deal with them – even if one accepts this way of speaking – remains a major task and a daunting endeavor.

These criticisms aside, it is clear from the book that a major shift in social consciousness around health and healing is underway and increasingly forcing its way into the mainstream. For those who continue to place undue faith in the mechanistic and simplistic ideas which have hitherto underpinned Western allopathic medicine, the book will be a very helpful antidotes. We may be still a long way off adequately describing how the body’s self-healing mechanisms work, but there seems no doubt at all that they make a key contribution to health outcomes and, if only for this reason, should be nurtured. In reality, of course, the quest for optimal health only dictates what the spiritual path anyway demands on other counts: a conscious uncovering of reality, and the courage to listen to what we already know.
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am 18. März 2017
lissa rankin hat mit ihrem buch soviele dinge angesprochen die mich seit langer zeit bewegen. sie schliesst für mich den bogen zwischen esoterik und wissenschaft, alternativer und schulmedizin. sehr empfehlenswert und hilfreich - in jeder lebensphase.
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am 4. Juli 2014
Dieses Buch richtet sich an alle Leser, die sich für den Einfluss der Gedanken auf den Körper interessieren, beginnend mit dem Placebo-Effekt, welcher in der Medizin viel gezielter eingesetzt werden sollte bishin zur Entwicklung von Selbstheilungskräfte (ja klingt esoterisch und nur so dahergesagt, aber ich denke wir dürfen dies nicht einfach "abtun" und uns nicht nicht weiter darum kümmern, sondern sogar gezielter untersuchen). Was mich am allermeisten überzeugt hat, ist die akribische Referenzierung aller Ergebnisse. Wann immer ich skeptisch war, konnte ich nach der Originalpublikation schauen und mich mehr oder weniger selbst überzeugen, sofern ich eben darauf zugreifen konnte.
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am 3. Juli 2013
I expected a wonderful, well written book and it's definitely that! She gives a great insight in her personal experience, in scientific proven results and inspires to follow her guidelines. Inspriring, that is really the perfect word for this reading experience!

By the way: Though I'm not a native english speaker and don't read much english literature, I was able to easily understand her whole ideas - of course not all the deseases and medical processes in our body, she describes - but the way she explains I enjoyed the reading very much and didn't have to look after all the unknown words.

Buy it, and you'll read it immediately!
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am 30. Dezember 2013
Mir hat der Ansatz sehr gut gefallen, den wissenschaftlichen Stand zum Thema Selbstheilungskräfte zu recherchieren und sehr übersichtlich darzustellen. Viele der Ergebnisse wirken erstmal verblüffend (simpel), dann aber sehr überzeugend logisch! Eine unbedingte Empfehlung für alle Menschen, die mit dem Thema Gesundheit oder Heilung beschäftigt sind
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am 11. Dezember 2014
Eine amerikanische Ärztin hinterfrägt ihren Job. Sie kommt durch die Fragen und Studien darauf, dass die meisten Allopathen ihren Job falsch verstehen. Was wirklich heilt sind nicht Medikamente. Ein spannendes Buch für alle, die an einem gesunden Leben interessiert sind uns Pflichtlektüre für jeden Arzt.
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am 16. November 2014
Als Schulmedizinerin weiß L. Rankin wovon sie spricht. Sehr ausgewogene Sicht auf Zusammenspiel von Körper und Seele, wissenschaftlich einleuchtend untermauert.
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am 22. November 2014
Eine relativ interessante Zusammenfassung von Studien anderer Mediziner, allerdings völlig unkritisch, nur unter Übernahme der Ergebnisse ohne eigene Beiträge dazu. Die Ratschläge im zweiten Teil des Buches sind typisch amerikanisch-naiv: zusätzlich zu Vitaminen, Spirulina, Weizengras und den andern üblichen Mittelchen nehme man eine glückliche Partnerschaft, einen interessanten Beruf, der einen ausfüllt, eine Umgebung aus ausschließlich liebevollen Menschen, man meditiere ein bißchen, betätige sich spirituell, kreativ/künstlerisch und altruistisch (und das um gesund zu bleiben, nicht etwa um der Sache selbst oder um der Mitmenschen willen - wie absurd ist das denn?) Vielleicht würde es manchem schon helfen, das Thema Gesundheit nicht zu einer egozentrischen Ersatzreligion aufzubauschen?
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am 12. November 2015
Ich habe das Buch schon zweimal verschenkt aber selbst noch nicht gelesen. Aber ich denke es ist ein wegweisendes Buch.
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am 9. Januar 2014
Das Kindl ist super. in paar minuten habe ich das buch schon auf meinem Kindl bekommen. Super. Besser geht nicht.
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