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4,8 von 5 Sternen
4,8 von 5 Sternen
Pimp: The Story Of My Life: The Story of My Life
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 12. April 2000
I've got two completely different opinions about _Pimp_ and Robert Beck himself. One is glowing, the other terrible. Maybe that's what makes Beck and his books so interesting. First, the glowing opinion. Beck's style is like nothing I've ever read before. He claims to have a 175 I.Q. I don't doubt it. No one less brilliant could conjure up the metaphors and images he casually slings as if they were off the top of his head. The book is written in a loose, story-telling style, as if it was never revised, typos and all. Beck makes you feel as if you were standing on a street corner listening to a "fast track pimp" weave his life's yarn. Many times, I would read a sentence several times simply to admire the unique vision Beck gave to an action as simple as getting in or out of a car (a "hog") or thinking about his mother. The terminology is another, brilliantly colorful language (complete with glossary in the back!).Although the story dotes on his early years and then cruises through a couple of decades in a matter of pages, Beck's tale was never slow or anything less than gleaming. That is the glowing opinion. Now the terrible one. I'll try not to seem sanctimonious. To me, Robert Beck is (was) an alarmingly vicious hypocrite and psychopathic criminal. The book begins and ends with his tepid claims that he has seen the error of his ways and regrets his former life. These meager claims are ridiculous when you read the pride, nostalgia, and admiration with which Beck recounts his former life. In one passage in particular, his role model and mentor teaches him an unbelievable method to keep his whores in line. Whip them bloody with a wire coathanger. Beck eagerly tests the method. You can sense the satisfaction with which he regards the successful results. Beck tells us about breaking women's jaws and pummelling them senseless in the same manner he might use to recount old football victories. This is not a repentant ex-pimp. This is a retired pimp who is smart enough to realize that if he pays lipservice to reform and enlightenment, he will sell his books to a much larger audience. He certainly did make a nice pile of "scratch" off the stories he wrote glorifying his former lifestyle ("Long White Con" is the other Beck book I've read-- much more mediocre in style and plot). In the end, I recommend _Pimp_ as a refreshingly unique voice in modern literature. I certainly don't admire Beck's life, nor endorse the lifestyle (as so many other reviewers alarmingly seem to!).
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am 22. Juli 2000
Since I have read this book I have tried, in vain, to find another book to match it's emotional depth (yes, it's there under the surface-if you look for it), intelligence (irrelivent of your own opinions),street smartness and theory's about the game (pimping)which I'm a part of, dark humor, unparalleled talent for creating atmosphere.
Look in it for what you want. Like any work of art, the book may be translated and percived in many ways by the reader. It provides food for thought. The book delivers on so many levels that only someone square &with an oversion to graphic language describing the cold realities of someone's life would dislike it.
Lastly, although it is intended to create the aura of fascinating reality,ledgendary persona and i do not take from the obvious authenticity of the knowledge used to write the book, it is fictional. Anyone wishing to discuss the subj/author feel free to mail me.
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am 25. März 2000
If Mark Twain were a Black street pimp, he would have been Iceberg Slim. Pimp is one of the most captivating books I have ever read. Slim effectively uses his eye for detail and dry humor to bring the hard streets of the Chicago's South Side to life. The characters are well constructed, and the author's protrayal of himself is colorful and honest. Slim does not look for the reader to forgive him for his actions, nor does he try to justify his past deeds with rationalizing rhetoric. Instead, he just tells it like it was, using street slang that can be hard to follow at times, documenting his rise and fall, and how the latter brought him around to "square" life. This book is a true masterpiece of American literature.
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am 5. April 2000
Pimp, a non-fiction novel written by Robert Beck, recounts thetrials and tribulations of Iceberg Slim: a pimp whose ideologies andsocial strategies give insight into the often misunderstood relationships between black and white and male and female. Pimp's best feature is how Beck ingeniously interlocks social commentary into vivid storytelling. The main character, Iceberg Slim, is unapologetic when he recounts his brutality towards women and his rampant drug use. Beck's gritty portrayal of both evokes admiration and disgust of Iceberg's ability to retain and recruit prostitutes. The adventures of Iceberg Slim provides thought provoking theories about the psyche of women; do they really like to be treated like trash? He certainly thinks so, and makes a convincing arguement to back his thesis. There are some sentences in this book that makes the reader want to say aloud; THAT MAKES A LOT OF SENSE, WHY DIDN'T I THiNK OF THAT. By the end of the book readers respect and admire Iceberg Slim for not only how he built his pimp empire, but also how his views on relationships and race relations propelled him into his position of power. END
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am 19. März 2000
This man is a genius. He depicts the minority state of mind that the caucasion members of this society has placed them in. Prostitution is an age old profession. The art and skill to control and munipulate people into submitting themselves for financial gains, by iceburg, needs to be applauded. In our day we do not call it pimpology, but corporate politics. There is no difference other than one is considered legal exploitation of people, and the other is morally unacceptable. Furthermore, I admire the ability to gain this knowledge of munipulating people, by life's experiences, without being on a corporations payroll, most interesting. I do not agree with the methods used, however, I respect the knowledge and wisdom that this man has. If you think about it, Iceburg is actuallly giving us an insight of real life American living of the impoverished minority. The prostitutes he is able to munipulate might be someone in your family? Think about it, and learn!
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am 10. März 1999
iceberg shows that pimping has more in common with prisoners of war than rap. You keep injuring and insulting and destroying until you break someone's spirit. No wonder everyone is insane. What i don't get, is if a prostitute can make 130 a night, (equivalent to 900 a night now) why does she go to a pimp? All he does is take her money (which she has to ask permission to spend, even though she earned it), beat the s**t out of her, and force her to do what she doesn't want to do, ie, work all day every day. If she makes the equivalent of 250,000 a year, why does she give it to a pimp????????????? i was reading an interview with beck, and he said that since the womens lib thing, that pimping will change. i guess its cause women thought that they wouldnt make it without a man. i guess they also came from broken homes and liked the abuse in one way or another, they were used to it. horrid s**t. pimping is just brainwashing, which is a modern form of torture.
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am 9. Dezember 1998
I think this book was one of the best books i read in mylifetime . it covered all angles of the pimp game, from the drivingaround in a caddie to having one hoe in ya stable who to lazy to get out and "hump up some scratch" . To the wrong individual this might seem like no more than a book that teaches you how to pimp, but its really a good book. Robert Beck is a great author he touches all angles and paints a vivid picture of this lifestyle. He makes you feel like your watching a movie. So if your a pimp by blood and you love s*** like the mac and things in that nature, you ganna feel this book, Ya dig? END
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am 17. Oktober 1998
I think this book is really great and it talks about what he had to do to survive in the streets as he was growing up and that he didn't really have a positive adult to look up to while he was growing up but pimps. His mother hurt him when she left the only man that he trusted as a little kid growing up that truly loved them both and the book was sad when he was talking about the way he had to grow up and survive on the streets and he showed that was the only way he could get big money and have what he seen the comfort of the other people that he looked up to that had all the comforts of life.
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am 29. Mai 2000
Reading some of the other reviews, you would think that this book is some sort of pimping manual. While Slim does go into the specifics of how he was pimping, this is done to show what distasteful work it was and why he left that life. That being said, this is one of the best books I have ever read. It is fast paced and the way Iceberg writes, you almost feel as if you are there, with him on the corner, in the bar. I finished this in 2 days, and I'm a pretty slow reader, so that should tell you something.
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am 30. Dezember 2016
The ultimate anti-hero, Iceberg Slim, takes you into the secret inner world of the pimp, and the smells, the sounds, the fears and petty triumphs of his world. A legendary figure of the Chicago underworld, this is his story: from defending his mother against the evil men she brought into their lives, to becoming a giant of the streets. A seething tale of brutality, cunning and greed, Pimp is a harrowing portrait of life on the wrong side of the tracks, and a rich warning from a true survivor.
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