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3,8 von 5 Sternen
3,8 von 5 Sternen
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am 6. Dezember 2015
The book "the Corrections" from Jonathan Frazen was in very good condition. I would recommend it to my friends and other.
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am 24. Dezember 2016
It was a difficult start to get into the book. However once you're a little into it, it's great and a good read
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am 8. Januar 2009
Ohne Zweifel verfügt der Autor über eine hohe Sprachmächtigkeit und die Fähigkeit auch neurotische Züge plausibel und nachvollziehbar zu schildern. Dass er diese aber darauf verwendet, die Angepasstheit einer amerikanischen Mittelstandsfamilie bis in die kleinste, irrelevante Verästeltung zu schildern, ist eine Vergeudung von Talent und Zeit. Als Leser wurde ich immer deprimierter und ratloser. Welche Botschaft haben diese Schilderungen von endlos um sich selbst kreisenden Charakteren mit ihren belanglosen Sorgen? Zwischendurch blitzt in Nebenschilderungen eine brutale Gewaltätigkeit auf, die der Gegenpol zu dieser Angepasstheit ist.
Der Autor gewährt seinen Figuren nicht den Hauch von Humor, in seinen Schilderungen fehlt ebenfalls jegliche Komik. Alles ist von niederschmetternder ernster Flachheit.

Ein Stern für die Sprachmächtigkeit. Sonst ein reiner Flop.
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am 8. Mai 2003
In reference to the preceding reviews: this is not an just an entertainment book, guys. It is an opportunity to think, for those who like that sort of thing.
You have a family of characters who have each created the circumstances of each others' lives. Each one's views and experiences are very different from the other's, just like real life :) .
They are typical modern American literary characters, conservative picky mom, repressed, controlling dad (in the process of losing his mind to alzheimers) lesbian, ambitious daughter, loser, addicted son, successful miserable son. In the course of the book they evolve in a typically american positive manner to a comfy happy end (for everyone except poor old dad).
To get the most fun, you need to sit back and think about these people in relation to one another, what each has "done" to the other, how each escapes the family "corrections" and where it all leads.
The writing itself is neither impressive nor bothersome, which probably means it really is rather good. The characters are uneven, Mom and the successful son do not have the depth of the other three. Really only the father (by the end) and the daughter were wholly "round".
I also had to work at the beginning to stick with it, but by the end, my mind was filled with a bunch of little stories all tied up with each other into one big emotionally satisfying story.
Not the book of the year, but far better than most supermarket bestsellers.
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The Corrections is either a five star, or a one star book for most people. . . depending on your perspective. I graded the book a three, because I had quite a lot of both reactions that I share below. In deciding whether or not you should read this book, ignore the book's award and the book's controversy, but do pay attention to the next two paragraphs.

Here's who will hate it: Anyone who dislikes reading about unending emotional turmoil, depression, dementia, people messing up their lives, ugly family scenes, emotionally cold families, and the views of the well-educated, self-satisfied towards everyone else. Further groups who will be offended will include those who dislike extreme writing styles, slowly developing stories, and a strong sense of irony. Also, anyone from Lithuania or of Lithuanian ancestry will probably feel offended.

Here's who will love it: Anyone who liked John Cheever's Wapshot Chronicle and Wapshot Scandal, but would also like to see more of the interaction among the family members; those who enjoy writing that takes characters to the edge and tests them thoroughly with temptation and challenge in order to let their actions describe their personalities; those who enjoy satirical treatment of foibles of the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boom; and those who would like to read about a family with more problems than their own has. The writing itself will interest people who like to see new forms of narration, and appreciate an ability to switch smoothly between stream of consciousness and straight narration.

If you are in the latter category, read on.

I found the book noteworthy for capturing the politics and manipulation within families in an extremely convincing and revealing way. This subject is normally a taboo in our society.

The theme of corrections (whether in financial markets, in dealing with misbehavior, adjusting to new circumstances, or choosing the right path) is a good one for a novel about families, and I thought the theme was most imaginative and extremely well developed. If you are like me, be aware that the theme's full relevance will not start to hit you until the last 100 pages or so.

The book's focus, to me, was on the limits of our self-perceptions. We have a self-image and a way of internalizing the world. Often, the self-image and way of internalizing the world poorly capture what is really going on. As a result, we can misunderstand our circumstances, what others think of us, what is being communicated to us, and even ourselves. Getting past any self-delusion is important to freely finding and taking the right choices for ourselves. As you laugh while you read this book, I suggest that you laugh a little at yourself . . . and learn in the process.

The book's two best scenes are when Alfred comes home from an 11 hour day and runs into a little turbulence over dinner, and the scene in the ship's cabin when Alfred cannot wake Enid up. I wished that more of the writing had been this good. I look forward to reading more novels by Mr. Franzen in the future.

Where should you be more open to alternatives? What are others trying to tell you?
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am 7. März 2003
Geniale US-Familiensaga der Gegenwart - mit Rückblicken bis in die 50er Jahre und wechselnder Perspektive zwischen an Parkinson leidendem alten Vater, rüstiger alter Mutter und drei Kindern, die selbst schon der zweiten Hälfte des Lebens zustreben. Auch für Leser zu empfehlen, die sonst keine Fans zeitgenössischer US Literatur sind. Frantzen hat Preise und Medienlob für dieses Werk verdient!
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am 1. Oktober 2009
Nachdem mir das Buch mehrmals wärmstens empfohlen wurde, hat es meine Erwartungen leider nicht erfüllt - zu langatmig und oft in irrelevante Details abschweifend.
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am 24. Februar 2003
Thank you "erikalitauer" you reestablished my faith in my judgement. This being such a highly appraised book I also thought I have to battle through it, always thinking: There will be a turn of events, a great big twist in the story, things will become exciting or even extraordinary at the next chapter. The further on I got the more I wondered how Frantzen was going to do this. But hey, he is a hot-shot author I thought, so he must have an ace up his sleeve. Turning the last page I felt cheated, no ace to save this plot.
Why would anyone want to know what goes on inside the completely screwd-up head of people who are full of inhibitions and complexes? The characters are so self-centered they never seem to realise how full of themselves but compeltely uninteresting they are. I thought I was not able to understand the deeper meaning of it all, I`m SO glad to read that there are others out there who feel like me. Maybe there should be a book to the book explaining what eluded us.
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am 26. Januar 2003
Wenn etwas so hoch gelobt wird, macht mich das meist etwas stutzig. So auch hier. Sicher gibt es zeitweise sehr lesenswerte Passagen, doch oft schweift der Autor in Dimensionen ab, in die man ihm nicht unbedingt folgen will. Die Begegnung mit dem Kothaufen sei nur eines von vielen Beispielen. Da gibt es sicher sehr viel bessere Bücher.
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am 8. Oktober 2002
Das Buch war nicht schlecht, wirklich nicht, aber war es nicht ein wenig zu kalkuliert, nicht zu sehr wie ein Hollywoodfilm, fühlte man sich am Ende nicht schlicht müde vom Lesen und irgendwie ausgesogen von den in Sekundenschnelle vorbeigerauschten sieben, acht, zehn (?) Biographien?n Sogar die biedere "Literaturen" geriet ins Schwärmen, unfasslich -
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