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4,5 von 5 Sternen
4,5 von 5 Sternen
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Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 14. November 2013
Ich war erst ein bisschen skeptisch wegen der Kürze des Buch und des mir unbekannten Verlags, aber das Buch hat sich für mich wirklich gelohnt. Das Buch führt anhand eines durchgängigen Beispiels in die RCP-Entwicklung ein. Das Konzept ist schlüssig, ich bin nirgenwo hängen geblieben und der mitgelieferte Quellcode ist sinnvoll strukturiert und ergänzt das Buch sehr gut. Ich habe kaum Fehler gefunden, und auch die sind sorgfältig auf der Webseite gepflegt. Großes Lob von mir, ein Tutorial in solch einer Qualität findet man nicht im Internet.

Ich hatte parallel das Buch "Eclipse 4 Application Development" (2012) von Lars Vogel, mit dem ich sehr viel schlechter zurecht gekommen bin. Allerdings kenne ich da nicht die neue Auflage, da scheint sich ja auch was getan zu haben.
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am 3. Juli 2013
I couldn't imagine that a book with only 67 pages can offer a decent introduction in the complex subject of Eclipse 4 RCP.
I was surprised: It can! How?

+ Only the important code snippets are printed and explained in the book (the rest of the code you can download - it contains one sub folder per chapter)
+ No redundancies (once a concept has been explained no further pages are wasted to show the same code for another example - there is a simple reference to the downloaded code)
+ No SWT or RCP knowledge required, only basic Java and Eclipse knowledge. This is achieved by providing the ready-to-use code snippets and explaining only the relevant concepts)
+ Almost no semantical errors in the book
+ Easy-to-read language
+ Well structured content with hints about the level of difficulty
+ Very good book layout
+ Short chapters (not more than 1 - 3 hours per chapter -> easy to work through)
+ Answers almost every question I had during reading in the "how it works" part of each chapter
+ Uses only one sensible but complex example Application that is extend chapter-by-chapter

- The source code download (as of June 25th, 2013) did NOT contain ALL source code classes (I have already informed the publisher about this error).
Mainly the java source class for viewing the search results of the example application is missing.
This is not a show stopper since the implementation steps are described in the book and could be considered as an exercise.
Nevertheless this was the reason for my initial 4 star rating (instead of 5). UPDATE 07/14/2013: The published sent me the missing classes via E-Mail!
- The book has an average of 1 or 2 syntactical errors per page - but this doesn't disturb and does not affect your understanding when reading.
I send my errata to the publisher so that they can correct at least the ebook versions of the book.
UPDATE 07/14/2013: My errata is now available on their web site.


The author does really understand his craft (programming and didactics): The book was exciting to read from the beginning until the end.
The content offers a quick and good overview and is a perfect starting point to dive more deeply into the details (like SWT, plug-in developemnt etc.)
using a search engine. After reading this book I felt prepared to start programming an Eclipse RCP application myself.


-> After finishing the book I recommend reading the (online) blog of Lars Vogel
(vogella .com) where you can find articles about SWT, Eclipse RCP and more (don't buy his book, it does not really offer more content).
-> Do not buy the printed book or the (DRM protected) Kindle edition of this book but go to the web page of the publisher
and buy the (unprotected) PDF version for only about 6 Euros (which also contains the epub version of the book for your ebook reader!).
The chances are good that the errata are corrected then.

07/14/2013 Further remark (update):

I have sent my errata to the publisher who responded within one day, published the errata in the internet and contacted
the author for the missing source code classes. The author responded within two days and sent me the missing classes
(I did not yet check whether the updated source code is already available on their web page).

Therefore I changed my rating from 4 to 5 stars. Good customer service!
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