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Learning Play! Framework 2 (Tips Techniques)
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am 4. Mai 2013
The content:
The book introduces the reader to Play! with very practical approach:
- first the project setup is explained
- then in the first part of the book, the development with Play! framework is introduced in a top-to-bottom way: starting with the simplest static web page, followed with details about building the user interfaces with templates, to the management of data and content
- then in the second part, the support of several modern technologies by Play! is described (websockets, bits about coffeescript, use of public web APIs and testing)
- and finally, the integration of Play! in the modern web developer's tooling ecosystem is detailed: cloudbees, heroku, typesafe console.

My advice about the content:
Neither is it really thorough nor is it a best practices collection about Play! 2, but that is NOT the intent of the book.
You wouldn't use the book as a reference about Play!, but it really is THE introductory guide about Play! 2.
As it is not thorough, the book contains links to documentation that is available on the web, thus the reader is given hints on where to find information (s)he would miss.
I really like the repeated comparisons to "standard" JavaEE technologies throughout the whole book.

My advice about the style:
The book is written and structured as if it was a story with detailed explanations about how things happen: in a step-by-step approach, the author really guides the reader by describing the current concepts and issues, and then showing how Play! solves the problem elegantly.
Once a concept and its solution are explained, the author shifts naturally to the next one, as if it was the next thing the developer wanted to tackle.

My advice about the format:
The usual Packt book: the text is not too dense, with enough pictures. (IMHO, the text should have been justified, not left aligned, but that's not a real issue.)

To whom I would recommend it:
Experienced web developers who desire to learn Play! with loads of practical examples. The inexperienced developer may be overwhelmed by all the technologies that are described, but he would still be able to understand and apply successfully every example of the book.
Basic Java or Scala knowledge is enough.

What is is not:
A reference about Play! 2 framework.

Final words:
The author seems to be a really passionate evangelist about Play! 2... but with a reason, and he gives his arguments in this book.
This book will certainly help you set up and run your Play! 2 projects and you eventually will be able to make use of most modern web technologies.

Whether you know bits of Play! 2 or simply discover it, as said earlier, this book really is THE introductory guide about Play! 2.
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