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am 2. Mai 2011
In this book Gojko collected stories from more than fifty teams all around the globe. After his second book Bridging the Communication Gap Gojko made field studies with teams appyling Acceptance Test driven development. Gojko provides guidance from his collection on what to try and to avoid when starting with Specification by Example - formerly known as Acceptance Test-driven development (ATDD). Gojko shares not only his own experience, but the collected experience of all these teams, thereby providing a thorough body of knowledge on Specification by Example, and what teams did to apply it successful in their particular context.

Gojko covers Specification Workshops, in which teams gain a shared understanding about the features to be implemented. He continues to explain how to derive relevant examples as a specification for the software. While the code is implemented, these examples are automated to the letter, so that an executable specification evolves. Over time a living documentation is created, eventually leading to a well maintainable software system.

Gojko abstracts from the particular tools that support Agile friendly test automation. Instead he explains the approaches that different teams took, and which trade-off decisions they were faced with, and which lessons they learned. By sharing these lessons you can avoid most common mistakes. This book reflects the current state of the art of Specification by Example, and the content comes close to the classic Design Patterns book by Gamma, Helm, Johnson, and Vlissides.
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am 7. Juni 2011
No matter if you are just starting with ATDD and specification-by-example or already practicing it: this book provides a wealth of experience from teams around the globe to learn from.

Independent of the specific tools that were used, Gojko identified and described common challenges teams were facing and solutions they found as well as common patterns teams applied successfully.

For beginners this book will give a head start into the topic. Note, however, that this book is not a beginner's guide. Reading Gojko's first book, 'Bridging the Communication Gap', is a useful supplement for getting started.

Practitioners will find both confirmations to already found patterns and solutions as well as new inspiration to improve their practice.

The book is also very suitable for convincing decision makers who want see evidence about ATDD and specification-by-example applied in different organizations.
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