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am 17. März 2015
sollte jeder mal lesen. Kritisches denken und Dinge hinterfragen ist immer gut. Auf jeden Fall lesen. Die eigene Gesundheit steht auf dem Spiel. Man lernt auf jeden Fall etwas.
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am 29. Januar 2014
Kevin Trudeau reveals Facts and figures which are uncomfortable for companies and governments. This book is a true eye-opener.
It will make you think and make you re-evaluate some of your beliefs you have been having so far.

Great book.

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am 16. Dezember 2013
Kevin Trudeau nennt alles das beim Namen, was wir uns in unseren schlimmstenTräumen niemals wünschen (...und was davon abgesehen in den USA und bei uns auch schon weitgehend Realität ist): Das die Industrie unsere Lebensgrundlage vernichtet. Seine immer wiederholten Sätze: "If it's man made, don't eat it " und " It's all about the money." sind so simpel wie -leider- unglaublich. Sie geben uns aber die Möglichkeit wach und bewußt mit unseren Problemen umzugehen. Lesen und handeln ergibt sich dann quasi von selbst, auch dank der gut und einfach umzusetzenden "Gegenmaßnahmen".
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am 9. Februar 2006
Kevin Trudeau is a good writer, and a good promoter. I am not the sort of person who tends to go to the doctor much, so I am always interested in natural cures and things that I can do for myself, such as diet and exercise-based ideas. I was hopeful that I would find such information here in Trudeau's book.
Trudeau does give some useful information about food products, drugs and pharmaceuticals, but much is left in the realm of fuzzy description, and the more full description requires payment or subscription. Trudeau does talk a lot about the bureaucracy of the Food and Drug Administration as well as the Federal Trade Commission, but one has to wonder how things he claims cannot be published in a book form can be publically accessible on a website and not suffer the same kind of legal liability.
If you are interested in the data about the FTC and FDA, this is worthwhile in some respects. However, I must confess that I was disappointed that I did not get the kinds of directly applicable ideas for healthy living that I had hoped for from this book.
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am 26. November 2005
"Natural cures..." by Kevin Trudeau is very good to read, easy to understand, very informative and highly recommendable.
The author maintains that there are cures for almost every disease that are hidden from the public because only a sick customer is a good customer for the medical business and the pharmaceutical companies.
The body either develops a disease (cancer, arterial sklerosis etc.) or succumbs to infection (viruses, bacteria, germs). Both can only happen, if the body is seriously imbalanced, which unfortunately is the case with most people nowadays. These imbalancies are caused by 1.an accumulation of toxins in the body, 2.nutritional deficiencies, 3.electromagnetic chaos, 4.emotional and mental stres.
In order to stay healthy/get healthy again you have to go to the roots of these 4 problems. Non-prescription and prescription drugs and surgery are no solution, on the contrary, they very often create additional health problems, since they only suppress symptoms.
The author offers a host of do's and don'ts for developing a healthy lifestyle, eating and sleeping habits, exercise, relaxation techniques, tips to lose weight etc. The book is full of helpful information on alternative/homeopathic cures, addresses where to turn to with a special problem, health treatments like (colon) cleanses, fasting, chelation etc. There are also recommended products (like vitamin E) and products to stay away from (like fluoride).
Apart from disclosing the corruption and greed of the big publicly traded food and drug companies and government agencies, the special merit of the book lies in making people aware of how to take little and inexpensive, but effective steps towards leading a healthier and happier life.
This book is very helpful for anyone who wants to be up to date regarding consumers' issues and latest discoveries in alternative cures and the prevention of diseases.
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am 31. Oktober 2009
Wenn es möglich wäre sämtliche Selbstdarstellung des Autors herauszustreichen, könnte man dieses Buch als wirklich sehr gut bezeichnen. Da es aber voll des Egos von Herrn Trudeau ist, verliert er einen Stern (vielleicht sollten es zwei sein). Der Inhalt jedoch - welche Stoffe uns wirklich schaden und wie wenig wir darüber wissen - wie wir uns vom Haarshampoo bis zu Glutamat und Gentechnik hin vergiften lassen und blind nach wie vor dieses Zeug kaufen und auch essen ... hat mir sehr zu denken gegeben.
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