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Think and Grow Rich
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 23. Juli 1999
There is absolutely nothing concrete in this book. What are the steps necessary to achieve wealth? "Visualize being rich". Give me a break! And to the gentleman who says he can find verses to back up Mr. Napoleon, I would first ask what happened to "seek first the kingdom of God"? I gave it 1 star because zero was not a choice! There are much better books. Try Covey's 7-Habits. Get the basics down first.
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am 23. Mai 1999
This book ranks as one of the top five books I have ever read. It should be a must for every graduating senior, and for those who are trying to put their lives back together. It is not a religous book but it speaks to the heart.
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am 4. Dezember 1999
Often people doubt the success of others. It becomes a quesion of destiny or luck. However, after studying this life-altering book, I now understand that thinking my destiny is out of my control, is not a truth, it is an excuse.
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am 22. Dezember 1999
Afer reading various reviews that were mostly positive, I decided I better check this book out myself- what a mistake. If your sole goal in life is to make as much money as possible, this book might be righ up your alley. However, if you have other goals in life,(I can't imagine anyone who doesn't), you will find this book to be a complete farce. Don't even waste your time on this one.
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am 29. Juli 2013
...... who understood things long before New Age.
He understood that we have to follow our passion to be successful.
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am 20. Dezember 2016
Ich habe mir das Hörbuch hauptsächlich aufgrund der positiven Rezensionen besorgt und war recht enttäuscht. Eine lose Ansammlung von Beispielen und Ratschlägen ohne erkennbares Muster und auch ohne erkennbaren Hintergrund.
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am 12. Januar 2000
I m really interested to know how much the book has contributed to improve your life.Iwant real life, concrete details,facts,figures lists of personal achievements I WANT BEEF
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am 30. April 1999
It changed my mind from passive hope to active desire. I understand that when you are ready this little book with deliver itself to you. The rest is up to you.
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am 25. Mai 2000
Napoleon Hill met Andrew Carnegie, and Carnegie challenged him to interview other successful business leaders to find out what had helped them. Carnegie offered no financial resources, but did help with making the introductions. Napoleon Hill was thus launched on the adventure of a lifetime that led to this book.
Napoleon Hill does not lay it all out in the way that modern writers do. He wants to leave room for you to discover what he has learned for yourself.
Some of the key points involve tales of overwhelming commitment to a goal. He then talks about the ways that people have reinforced these goals. The book deliberately leaves it unclear how much this goal setting and focus succeeds because of your concentration and how much because of mental powers of some undefined sort. That is beside the point, because if you do what Napoleon Hill suggests, you will have remarkable success in your life.
More recent research with young people shows that those who accomplish the most in their lives are those who have written goals at a fairly young age, and continue to focus on those goals. The point: Without goals, most people wander around aimlessly and accomplish less than their full potential. This does not mean that you have to work any harder or longer to be successful (although your commitment may encourage that). It does mean that your life will be much more purposeful. I heartily subscribe to that belief. Whenever I have had firm goals, progress has been rapid. Exceed those goals, and progress stalls until new goals are set and pursued.
Another reason for reading this book is because you will meet many people in your life who will have read and used this process to accomplish a great deal in their own lives. Your ability to form valuable alliances with these people will be increased by your understanding of this book.
Unlike many positive thinking books, Think and Grow Rich is based on actual experiences of people whom many would like to emulate.
If nothing else, you will uncover whether or not you have the dedication it takes to create astonishing wealth through concentrating your mind on your goals. If the beach sounds good to you as you think about it, this methodology is not for you.
If you find that you do not understand Napoleon Hill's message, feel free to read any of his later books. He lays out the key points in great detail.
From the title, you may think that this book will give you a very detailed get-rich process. It is just the opposite. You will still have a lot of work ahead of you to learn how to achieve your goals if you use the Think and Grow Rich principles, but your work will go better because it will be purposeful about something that you care passionately about.
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am 4. September 1999
I was introduced to Napoleon Hill's Master Mind Alliance in 1971 while working as a DJ at WWOK, in Miami, Florida which was one of the nation's first Contemporary Country Music stations. We played the hits and played a major role in crossing country music over to mainstream. As Loretta Lynn sang in one of her songs, we "were country before it was cool." The Program Director introduced all of us to the Master Mind Alliance principle from "THINK AND GROW RICH" in one of our first meetings and stated our definiteness of purpose was to be number one. This goal with a 5,000-watt station at 1260 on the dial was no small act. However, he emphasized that two or more minds in complete agreement on a purpose can achieve anything. We all bought in. Within the year, a new competitive FM station playing rock came into the market to knock off the established FM rock station. In THEIR sales kit, they included the latest ratings that posted their number three and four positions, which was a great move on the other rocker. However, in my daypart 10am to 3pm there was something significant. The number one station was WWOK. The little country station driven by the Master Mind Alliance. I have become a lifetime student of Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone and other authors that know the whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. Joe Nuckols
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