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am 2. Januar 2014
Don't get me wrong: I liked the book. But somehow I got everything this book has to say from the author's 20 minute TEDtalk and I'm pretty sure so will you. So, I suggest you don't buy this book and watch the TEDtalk, perhaps several times. This book adds very little.
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am 1. April 2017
“When a company is small, it revolves around the personality of the founder. There is no debate that the founder’s personality is the personality of the company. Why then do we think things change just because a company is successful? What’s the difference between Steve Jobs the man and Apple the company? Nothing. What’s the difference between Sir Richard Branson’s personality and Virgin’s personality? Nothing. As a company grows, the CEO’s job is to personify the WHY. To ooze of it. To talk about it. To preach it. To be a symbol of what the company believes. They are the intention and WHAT the company says and does is their voice. Like Martin Luther King and his social movement, the leader’s job is no longer to close all the deals; it is to inspire.”

…schreibt der Autor auf Seite 157 in seinem Weltbestseller „Start with Why“. Am Beginn einer jeden Erfolgsgeschichte steht eine einfache Frage: Warum? Warum sind manche Organisationen profitabler als andere? Warum werden einige Führungskräfte von ihren Mitarbeitern mehr geschätzt und andere weniger? Warum sind manche Menschen in der Lage, immer und immer wieder erfolgreich zu sein? Im Buch zeigt Simon Sinek, dass erfolgreiche Persönlichkeiten wie Martin Luther King Jr. oder Steve Jobs alle nach demselben, natürlichen Muster dachten, handelten und kommunizierten.

Nachdem ich sein TED-Video „How great leaders inspire action” gesehen habe, hatte er mich. Seit dem war dieses Buch ganz oben auf meiner Zu-Lesen-Liste. Zurecht, denn es ist gefüllt mit Zeilen, die einem helfen zu verstehen wie Menschen die Welt verändern können. Es ist eine riesige Quelle an Inspiration, welche einen selbst dazu verleitet sich immer öfter die Frage zu stellen: Warum? Warum steige ich täglich aus dem Bett? Von seiner Antwort darauf bin ich begeistert: “My cause – to inspire people to do the things that inspire them – is WHY I get out of bed every day.”

Wenn mehr Mitglieder unserer Gesellschaft diese Frage stellen würden, wäre es sicher besser um uns bestellt. Wenn wir aber die Welt verändern möchten, dann sollten wir selbst mit gutem Beispiel vorangehen und es vorleben, deswegen empfehle ich dieses Buch jedem einzelnen, der zu einer sozialen Bewegung beitragen will, die nur so sprüht vor Feuer und Inspiration! Zum Abschluss lasse ich deswegen nochmal den Autor zu Wort kommen:

“Imagine if every organization started with WHY. Decisions would be simpler. Loyalties would be greater. Trust would be a common currency. If our leaders were diligent about starting with WHY, optimism would reign and innovation would thrive. As this book illustrates, there is precedence for this standard. No matter the size of the organization, no matter the industry, no matter the product or the service, if we all take some responsibility to start with WHY and inspire others to do the same, then, together, we can change the world.
And that’s pretty inspiring.” S. 225

Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action
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am 7. Mai 2013
Generally I liked the book.
Part 5 "The biggest challenge is success" was the most interesting for me as it me reflect on why I often loose interest in things (job, hobby, ...) after a few years. When focusing on why you wanna do something (for a particular feeling or state of mind) the way how you do it becomes less important.
Nonetheless on many passages of the book I found myself flipping forward through the pages as it seemed to me the author is repeating the same point multiple times with multiple examples. Those parts I found a little boring...
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am 14. April 2018
I have watched a lot of Simon's videos on YouTube, and I love them all.
Finally, I bought his book, Start with WHY.
I you know Simon, you know what you get.

If you don't know Simon,
this book is a must have in any library, if you are interested in yourself and the people around you.
The purpose, the WHY is so important, but it is often not in the focus of people or companies.

This book is valuable for personal purpose but also an employee.
Must have. Get it. And also watch Simon's videos, they are great and inspiring.
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am 22. Mai 2017
5 Stars because it is not perfect, it hast its flaws, but it hits the right spot I believe and was always wonderin about. I've been hooked by this concept since I've watched his TED clip which is a good start but cannot replace a 200 page book. More people should read this book and I'll help to spread the idea here in south germany,also known as bavaria.

Start with WHY!
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am 14. Mai 2017
I am a big fan of Simon Sinek. And I saw his TED talks before. The book is very good and helped me understand better the concept of "Start with why". However he tends to repeat him self. So I skipped some pages that re-explained what was already pretty clear before. Nevertheless I highly recommend this book to everybody. It has a life changing philosophy
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am 19. Juni 2017
He is repeatedly saying the same stuff. I mean this book could have had half of the pages it has now. It is useful and very well written, but too repetitive. On the other hand some examples he gave are very good, the concept he's explaining is good, but just a little boring. 3 stars because there is some useful stuff.
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am 4. März 2018
I do have to admit, that I haven't read the whole book. but I gave it a try couple of times.... from the beginning, you realize that it is very poorly written, the content very superficial. probably, you could summarize the book with its title. that's it....waste of money... :(
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am 27. Dezember 2013
After having read it. I cannot ignore the feeling that two pages would have been sufficient to transfer the rather simple message...
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am 7. März 2018
Ich bin selbst noch recht jung und stehe am Anfang meiner Management Karriere und finde die Bücher von Simon Sinek sehr sehr wertvoll, da sie das Thema Management von einer jüngeren, modernen Seite beleuchten. Es hilft einem jungen Manager sehr seinen eigenen Managerstil zu finden.
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