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am 14. Juli 2000
In this book author Steven Harrison focuses on an aspect of the "journey" that is hardly ever mentioned in this age of feel-good spirituality--that is, the action of most seekers is one of grasping. He suggests that instead of chasing after this or that "experience," we work at removing the ego from center-stage. Once we do that, the spiritual journey is done, because we find ourselves already in a highly spiritual state.
I can't disagree with his ideas here, however, he doesn't really explain well enough (for my purposes) HOW one does the work of getting the ego to budge from center stage (the book Shadow Dance by David Richo does deal thoroughly with this topic). His musings on the relationship of ego to consciousness and our daily lives are written in a way which is highly abstract and cerebral. For instance, "Integration can communicate with, interact with the projected thought-reality. It inherently commnicates because integration includes the space within which this thought-reality arises." OK, the whole book is not written that densely, but much of it is. This sort of prose is hard to sink your teeth into and digest in a way that changes your actions in the world. I now see why Jesus spoke in parables and metaphors--he employed simple, concrete terms, and it was the very simplicity of the images which allowed them to act as psychic catalysts ("the Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed"). Harrison does include some little teaching stories in his book, and I savored them much as I once did an iced cola after driving across the Mohave desert with no air-conditioning. Regardless of the language, however, I think there are some important ideas in this book which make it worth reading, and I also believe the author has paid the personal dues necessary to be a teacher.
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am 18. Januar 1999
Steven Harrisons book is important for anyone on a a religious quest. It is especially important for those who are studying Buddhism. The book fits very well with "Buddhism Plain and Simple" by Steve Hagen and with "The Meaning of Mind" by Thomas Szasz. (Though I suspect Dr Szasz might object to having his work placed in the Eastern Religions category it is helpful to those who are wrestling with the issue "what is mind".) Mr Harrisons book also fits well with Batchelors "Buddhism Without Beliefs". This book must be read carefully. It's central message (on my interpretation) is the central message of Buddhism; once you abandon the "self" the quest is over. This doesn't mean one can quit the deep spiritual life; it simply means, as Gautama the Buddha is reputed to have said, once you reach the other shore of "enlightenment" you no longer need the raft that took you there. This is a wonderful book. Seekers of all kinds will like it. Buddhists would do well to read it more than once.
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am 17. März 1999
This is really quite a fine book. There isn't a wasted word and the message of the book is clear. I was surprised to find this book after nearly giving up on the possibility that there was anything of substance being published in the spirituality genre. I highly recommend Doing Nothing.
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I have bookshelves literally overflowing with books written by authors who know about spiritual topics. It has been refreshing to read a book written by an author who knows. It was likely not a coincidence that I obtained this book and a copy of the Upanishads in the same week. Steven Harrison does a wonderful job of succinctly presenting timeless wisdom in a form very relevant to our modern lives.
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am 17. April 1999
This is not a typical book being read by the author tape, but rather a presentation/discussion by the author of the content of the book DOING NOTHING. For those who liked the book, the tape is an interesting compliment-- and like the book, fairly challenging to our spiritual concepts. The publisher, Sounds True, specializes in spoken wisdom and this tape is just that.
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am 25. Januar 1999
You must read this book if you are searching. This is one of the best works on spirituality that I have ever read; it also took quite a while to get through it as I could only read a small portion before considering how it relates to my life.
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am 31. Dezember 1998
This is a must read book for anyone who has been involved with spirituality. It is compact, direct and intense. A radical book in its simplicity.
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am 8. März 1999
This book has an attractive title, and perhaps even an important message. Unfortunately, the author really isn't very articulate at getting it across. Granted he may be talking about things that are difficult to put into words, but surely someone could do better than this repetitive confusion.
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