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Simple Fountains for Indoors & Outdoors: 20 Step-By-Step Projects
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am 3. April 2000
This is a wonderful book for constructing beautiful & impressive looking fountains. The fountains here are unexpectedly easy to construct & cost far less than commercial ones. It is filled with ideas that allow the maker to add his own unique touch.
The materials selection is varied. Almost any watertight vessel can be the basis of a small fountain. Other materials include bamboo, wood, ceramic, concrete, stone & metal. Pump selection & mechanical requirements are also covered.
Projects range from small table-top fountains to elaborate outdoor units. There are even instructions for a 3' high tiered waterfall. All have clear construction diagrams & color photos of the finished work.
Helpful extras include lists of suitable plants to use with the fountains, suggestions for finding materials, & a list of mail order suppliers. This is the book to get if you want to know the joy of building a fountain of your own creation.
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am 19. Mai 2000
A truely awesome book. I came upon it when I looked through Angel Lee's review list and ordered it. I am indebted to her! I have been making my own fountains since I bought my 1st home 6 years ago, and wanted new ideas. These are wonderful. Some of the simpler dish-type gardens will make lovely Christmas gifts, and I look forward to starting them. For the more adventurous, there are more complex and larger fountains/ponds, all truely picturesque, which would be great fun for anyone with a reasonable sized yard. A friend has created one on his terraced front lawn, and it captures the attention of by passers, making his neighborhood The Place to visit of late. For the truely enthused, there are directions for casting subjects in ceramics, for designing cement fountains or basins, and even for making masks of living persons. Although many items can be collected from the "saved" materials everyone seems to store away in garages or from yard and garage sales, those like pumps, tubing, and other hardware items can be found at nurseries and hardward stores. There is also a very useful list of addresses where other types of supplies may be found. I can hardly wait to get started! Thanks again Angel.
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am 26. November 1999
This is a beautiful book & it's written by a true expert - and artist. Dorcas Adkins has been designing & making fountains & other garden art for 10 years. We had her bamboo flute fountain in our garden in Ohio, which we had to leave behind when we moved, so I was very pleased to discover this book. It provides detailed & clear instructions (along with inspiration) for indoor & outdoor fountains.
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am 16. Februar 2000
I knew the minute I saw the cover of Simple Fountains for Indoors and Outdoors that it was exactly what I was looking for. The cover photograph is an appealing table fountain. Inside the book is a well thought out plan designed to help the novice achieve success making tabletop or other indoor/outdoor fountains.
Every conceivable problem is addressed with buying information,pictures,diagrams and trouble shooting.
I know I can create a beautiful water fountain from the information presented in Ms.Adkins' book. I recommend it highly.
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am 10. November 1999
Adkins' treatment of these beautiful fountains and how to create them is just what is needed by those of us who want to listen to their soothing sound and see their sparkling light at home. What is best, is the steps are so easy to follow!
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