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4,7 von 5 Sternen
4,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 12. Dezember 1999
Endlich hat sich jemand einmal die Mühe gemacht und die "Batch Programming Language" der Windows NT Command Shell dokumentiert. Der Autor beschreibt nahezu lückenlos sämtliche Features von CMD.EXE und deren Anwendung.
Nicht zuletzt die Beispiel-Skripte demonstrieren eindrucksvoll die Mächtigkeit der (definitiv in jeder NT-Grund-Installation enthaltenen!) Programmier-Umgebung namens "Eingabeaufforderung".
Die komplette Kommando-Referenz aller internen und externen Windows NT Kommandos sowie vieler Tools aus dem Windows NT Resource Kit runden das Werk ab.
Der Autor verschweigt nicht, dass es bessere Script-Sprachen gibt. Er liefert lediglich den Beweis, dass die Möglichkeiten der Command Shell gar nicht so begrenzt sind wie in der Regel angenommen wird.
Als Administrator eines PC-Netzes mit rund 700 NT-Workstations finde ich kaum die Zeit, mich beispielsweise in den vielversprechenden Windows Scripting Host einzuarbeiten. Wer wie ich mit MS-DOS-Batches "aufgewachsen" ist und bis heute die schnelle, pragmatische Lösung bevorzugt, wird dieses Buch mit Begeisterung lesen und in Zukunft viele der vorgestellten Möglichkeiten nutzen.
"Windows NT Shell Scripting" ist mit knapp 400 Seiten "erfrischend" kurz und hat das Zeug zum Standard-Werk.
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am 17. Juni 1998
This is an excellent, excellent book. As other reviews noted it is one of the few places this information is available conveniently and concisely. Do not be put off by the references to UNIX users or system administrators. Although the book is indispensable for those categories of users it is also highly useful for the programmer, power user, or really anyone who wants to grab Windows, pull off its GUI, and shake it until it DWIM (Does What I Mean!). Two minor criticisms: Although well worth it, the book is more expensive than comparable ones, such as the extraordinary O'Reilly Nutshell series... I would also like to see more, and more comprehensive, command syntax examples. I would be less likely to make these criticisms if a CD was included with the example scripts and additional examples or if the promised Web site was available with this information. IMHO the concept of a book/CD combined with an update-and-download Web site is a "killer app" that will really propel on-line sales. A great example is the "Windows Annoyances" combo. The convenience of a book with the immediacy of the Internet! Now, if they could just figure out a way to download the second edition into my hard copy ;-)
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am 9. Juli 1999
This book is not for the faint of heart. There aren't many screen shots, and the author assumes a more than fundamental knowledge of command-line interface use as well as some knowldege of programming and logical flow.
Your average MCSE will be wasting his time with this book, unless he has spent (in my opinion) about thirty percent of his time using the command line.
The book is well laid-out and includes an excellent reference section. The sample programs are available from a website, and they run very nicely.
One of the best features of this book is that the author goes to great pains to explain what commands and syntax work differently between the NT shell and DOS/Windows. This should help an administrator in a heterogeneous environment.
Basically, this book is a good choice if you like any title published by O'Reilly. It isn't a magic bullet that will make a newbie a script programmer.
It is an excellent guide and sourcebook for the professional who knows what he is doing.
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am 11. September 1998
I knew a book of this type had to exist - and was very surprised that such a reference was so hard to find! Are most NT Admins out there REALLY pointing and clicking their way through every single mundane task?
Luckily, when I did find it, it turned out to be just what I needed. Now, given the in-depth documentation and examples I need, I can construct scripts to take a lot of the tedium out of my job, as well as increase my accuracy and repeatability (scripts never zone out and forget to place that critical checkmark, as I sometimes do).
Mr. Hill and Macmillan Technical Press have provided me with an invaluable resource. I hope they keep up the good work. On thing, though: I wish they'd put the text of the book on a CD-ROM, to lighten my travelling kit (I'm a consultant).
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am 4. August 1999
This is a very well written and objective look at the language that underlies every Windows system. I am about to order my 3rd copy of this book for my office to keep people from squabbling over it. It shows how to use batch scripts to an amazing level of effectiveness. For example: It provides the code to play a guessing game for animals. Does it have long tail? Is it a mammal? The game learns as you play, building a simple database! So, over time, the game becomes richer as more people play it. This is with the DOS command set! You can get several good extensions to the NT command set by loading the NT resource kit. The book devotes a section that becomes a great programmers reference guide to the NT shell script commands.
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am 13. Juli 1998
Tim Hill's "Windows NT Shell Scripting" is a useful guide to NT shell scripts, even for those who have extensive experience with UNIX scripts or DOS batch files. It explains in detail the operations of NT's cmd.exe console and how it differs from the MS-DOS shell. It also contains several scripts for user management and other administrative tasks, and an alphabetical list of Resource Kit commands as well as standard shell commands.
Only one minor caveat: in the section detailing the SLEEP command, there is a :WAITLOOP technique that can be more elegantly effected by the use of a /WAIT switch during the START command (which the book also documents).
I recommend this book highly.
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am 19. November 1999
Mr. Hill has finally documented what IT types need, a comprehensive (if there is more, I probably don't need it) guide to using the command line in Windows NT. This is a MUST HAVE for anyone who wants, needs or just likes to use the command line to automate tasks. It shows that MS did not forget about DOS and have spent time enhancing it for NT.
Thank you VERY MUCH, Mr. Hill, for your in-depth coverage. I've put this book to good use on many ocassions and will expect to do so again. I also bought copies for my integration engineers for when we deployed NT apps.
If you use NT more than just casually, DO NOT PASS ON THIS BOOK! A must have for your library.
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am 9. Dezember 1998
This book is excelent. I will not go into details about the material covered as that has been already done. I will, however, comment on Hills' writing style. He is very to the point. There is little or no fluff or filler. The reader will not put the book down feeling as though somthing was missed. I appreciate the fact that the material was covered in depth in approximately 300 pages (300 small pages). Some authors would have turned a book on this subject into "The Complete Guide to NT Scripting Mastered and Unleashed. 1004 pages." I'm glad that was not the case.....Need a book on scripting? Get this book!
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am 30. April 1998
Hill's book is very good.

He provides many examples of techniques not generally known. For instance, how to perform math in a script and create arrays. There are quite a few detailed examples of useful scripts. For instance, there are scripts to automate adding users to NT and editing the registry. There are also discussions of how to use toold from the Resource Kits in your scripts.

This book is a worthwhile purchase for system managers who are trying to maximize their knowledge about NT's built in script functions.

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Shell use and scripting in Windows NT, i.e. accessing the system without GUI interface has been a blind spot for both Microsoft & the regular 3rd party comentators. Yet it is vital for system administrators and power users. While it is so well documented for UNIX & DOS; when it comes to Windows NT information about it is both sparse and widely disperesed across sysytem documentation, Resource Kits & the Microsoft Knowledge base. Tim Hill has done a great job in bringing it all together in one concise, yet complete volume. A must for Windows NT system administrators.
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