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am 30. April 1999
I had the opportunity to attend a Win32 Seminar given by Jeff Richter. The guy knows his stuff. The Win32 API has grown and evolved over the years from its roots in Win16 and Windows 3.x. It has become more robust and refined just as Windows has (but as with Windows, still has its inherent flaws). While it would be nice to see the Windows programming style of Petzold et al in turn evolve to a more modular, reusable, and OO (C++) style, one must not forget the roots of the Win32 API(written in C). Richter does an admiral job of addressing the often vexing and misunderstood issues of memory management, processes, threads and thread synchronization. Don't expect this book to be a how to manual for MFC hacks. As the title states: Advanced Windows. I have recently gotten into WinCE programming. Between Richter's Advanced Windows and Boling's WinCE Programming book, I am surviving. No MFC here. All of the previous reviews were divided between either five stars(21) or one star(7). No in between here. This tells me that the reviewing audience consists of Windows programmers looking for a good resource or wanna-be Windows programmers whinning because it doesn't cover MFC.
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am 24. September 1999
For UNIX, you buy W. Richard Stevens' Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment and UNIX Network Programming -- for Win32 you buy Programming Windows by Charles Petzold and this book. Petzold gets you started, Richter lets you pursue the good stuff.
Although this is easily a 5 star book, it is not without room for improvement. For the 4th edition, Mr. Richter, I'd like to see Anonymous and Named Pipes covered, as well as Mailslots, and some introductory coverage of Winsock (Winsock could be covered in a separate book.)
It's a bit surprising that those topics aren't covered, since just about every advanced topic I was looking for was covered in excellent detail.
To be in the same class as Stevens' books, I'd like to see some performance considerations included. For example, how much more expensive is a Mutex over Critical Sections and Events? Ralph Davis' book, Win32 Network Programming, covers this a little better, and includes quite a bit of discussion on advanced Win32 topics besides the networking APIs.
And lastly, a hard-bound edition would be nice.
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am 19. Februar 1999
The only complaint that I have about this book is that it could have been thicker. It covers an enormous array of topics, in depth and detail. The book is not for the meek, but if you've been ladened with the task of creating low-level Win32 apps or libraries, then this book is a grand addition to your library. I don't understand why a plethora of consumer reviews have been negative unless this book simply didn't cover the topic which someone was looking for. One person stated that Appendix B, Message Crackers, had no explanation and no examples. It has both. Are these people with competing books attempting to sully this fine book? It covers threading, thread synchronization, device I/O, even inserting your own dll into completely unrelated process. As I said, the book is thick (1000+ pages), but could have covered still more, such as NT services. But for what it does cover, this book deserves 5 stars.
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am 25. Juli 1998
I have all three editions of this book and the 3rd is the best. This book is 'it' for Win32 programming. Its hard to imagine how it could be improved on. (Well, Ok, MS could kill 'Whimpy Windows' and just do NT, then all the "This doesn't work on Win95" references could be dropped, but thats a Gates decision as to when idiots will stop wasting their time on bad O/S'es) I write a lot of low level systems programming code and just couldn't do my job without this book. If you subscribe to MSDN or get MSJ you'll be familiar with Richter as he is the author of most Win32 columns and techmical articles for Microsoft. I don't know what else to say except I never posted a review of this book before because I couldn't imagine anyone working in a Win32 environment without it. If you had to choose two books to take to a desert island choose K&R and Richter. I'd buy it if it cost $500.00, enought said? Go for it!
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am 19. Juli 2011
Sehr günstig ist dieses Buch teilweise zu erhalten, und es ist immer noch eine hervorragende Literatur zur Windows-API. Das Buch ist sehr systematisch geschrieben, nie langweilig und geht direkt in die Tiefen, die man als Systemprogrammierer kennen sollte. Sehr zu empfehlen! Für vielfachen Preis gibt es eine aktualisierte Version des Autors (Windows via C/C++).
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am 1. Juli 1999
This is a very well written book on Win32 API programing, I really like it. It's subject is back-end programing on NT. Memory management, threads, IO-completition-ports, memory-mapped files, and so on. This book is a must if performance really counts - e.g. if you are writing time critical software for servers or any other high-end/performance-critical application. Jeffrey Richter thoroughly discusses all the features you need to exploit the full functionality of the Win32 API.
If you're writing portable software based on MFC or 'good old CRT' or maybe in Delphi, the book will give you some clues about the performance of your programs on NT, as well as some background information. In this case, you don't have any need to read the book. But if you have time to spare, it's still worth reading.
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am 24. März 1999
Before reading this book I had a good grasp of C++ but didn't know much of the Win32 API except some of the function names I was really interested in.
After sitting down for 2 - 3 weeks with the MSDN Library, Visual C++ and Advanced Windows I now have a firm grasp of most concepts.
This book does not go into GUI development at all. I would recommend Programming Windows Fifth Edition for this. Since most of the code I write is for the backend (DLLs, Databases) my prefered GUI is always a web application so this was very desirable for me.
If you want MFC you should probably get the Microsoft Mastering series title.
If you want GUI get Programming Windows Fifth Edition.
If you want hard core, Win32... GET THIS BOOK!
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am 27. Januar 1999
I bought this book based primarily on previous book reviews, and was remarkably disappointed. The book claims to be an advanced book, but it falls miserably short from this goal. For example, chapter 3 is devoted to 'Processes' yet contains less information about it than the Windows 95 API Bible (ISBN 1-57169-009-3). And Chapter 14 covers file systems, but chapter 15, titled Device I/O, only covers file I/O , just briefly mentioning that it can be used for other devices like serial ports or printer ports. The total lack of any discussion of Windows Sockets was in itself a major oversight. I wouldn't buy this book if I had seen it first, nor would I recommend it to anyone else.
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am 9. Juli 1997
As a Software Design Engineer at Microsoft Corporation I am constantly reading books on programming topics.

Every so often I run across a book that I deem as "the book" for specific subject, and make it a point to keep a copy of it in my office and at home. Advanced Windows is one of those books.

As an author (of Special Edition, Using Visual Basic) I appreciate a book that is both a good read and very informative. That is exactly what this book is, and I would encourage any serious windows programmer to have this one in their collection. If you haven't read this book, you don't know what you are missing. Don't take my word for, ask any successful Win32 programmer
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am 27. März 1998
This book is extremely helpful, if you are doing programming on Win95/NT. It solves specific problems that the other books don't have. Eg. I have once met such a problem. I need to use 16Bit Dlls on NT, but the application side is 32Bit. The 32Bit Application cannot load 16Bit Dlls directly on NT. Furthermore, NT only supports generic thunk that only supports 16bit calling 32bit. I sought all the sources and could not find a solution. Finally I got this book, and from this book, I know I can use WM_COPYDATA to intercommunicate between 32bit and 16bit on NT. It really works, and solved my problem. I love this book.
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