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am 26. Januar 2002
I'm usualy very reluctand about praising a book too much, but in this case I can't do otherwise. Mrs Ashcroft-Nowicki and Mr. Brennan managed to explain clearly and with a good sense of humor the broad field of thoughtforms, ranging from the creation of a Golem to the internet.Based on well researched and sound theory (mostly provided by HB) the readers are enabled by Dolores to build their own thoughtforms. Lots of exercises ranging from simple observations, meditations and a little craftwork (the oldfashioned one with cardbord and scissors not witchcraft) to highly comlex but nevertheless workable rituals will keep the readers bussy for months or even years if they make the efford of not only reading but practicing what is written in this book; because unlike most other books as "100 simple spells" or "1000 difficult curses" the exercises here are realy showing results; one of the reasons why they were so little spoken about before ( I would like to know how many holy oaths they have broken while composing this book).
All in all I can only heartly recomend this book to anyone who is honestly interested in the occult for it will certainly give him or her lots of new and interesting things to learn: the very foundation of every succesful magical work. But be careful: Don't blame the authors if you get what you wished for.
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am 2. Januar 2006
Eine sehr fundierte und dichte Einführung in Welten, die jehnseits unserer bisher verwissenschaftlichten Wahrnehmung liegen. Konkrete Anweisungen zur Verbesserung der eigenen Fähigkeit, Gedankenformen zu erschaffen. Sehr fundierte Forschung auf Seiten Herrn Brennans, eher wenige Quellen und wenig auf die Wahrnehmung des Lesers eingehen auf Seiten Misses Ashcroft-Nowickis.
Generell nicht für Einsteiger, die sich für den Bereich interessieren zu empfehlen (mein Status beim Lesen des Buches). Man sollte Geduld mitbringen, da die Übungen tw. sehr lange dauern können.
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