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am 24. Februar 2000
I've purchased several books (Javascript: the Definitive Guide, Netscape ONE Developers Guide, etc) relating to Javascript and Web development. I recently became interested in the functionality that DHTML provides and although I have several books on Javascript, I had nothing which directly references DHTML techniques. This is the book if you want to learn BOTH Javascript AND DHTML - the two are linked inextricably as you'll find if you purchase this book.
On the cover, you'll see in smallish lettering "A Comprehensive Resource for HTML, CSS, DOM & JavaScript" - they're not kidding.
Section one contains Applying Dynamic HTML information and covers everything from cross-platform techniques to actual scripting of dynamic events on your webpages.
Section two contains all the reference sections - HTML, Document Objects, Style Sheet Attributes, and a Javascript Core Language reference. This provides everything from supporting browser versions to reference examples, properties and methods for each element - it is exhaustive.
Section three provides cross references so you can find objects or HTML attributes and what elements support them. Ever want to know exactly which objects support the ONCLICK event handler? - here's where you'd go...
Even the 4 appendixes are useful and include a table of color names and RGB values, HTML character entities (special characters), a listing of keyboard events and their character values (useful for initiating code when specific keys are pressed), and finally a reference area for Internet Explorer commands not specifically covered by the document object model.
This is a must buy book for any HTML developer out there - even if you're not at the DHTML level yet.
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am 3. Januar 2000
As a "reference" book (that is, not a tutorial or manual or *dummies* book) is meant to be used by people already familiar with what they are doing and need a comprehensive source to look something up, this book is the perfect model of a great reference work and belongs on every web deleloper's desk. It offers detailed info on HTML elements, DOM, CSS, and JavaScript. As this is a DHTML reference, the Javascript section is sorely lacking, though. A great feature is that for each element, property and attribute, it tells you which versions of Netscape and IE supports that element. Descriptions and examples are also provided for each entry. It also briefly explains how to use DHTML and cross-platform problems. Another consideration is that since this is such a large reference, it takes a little time to get used to its organization and how to look things up. But this is the one web book I keep referring back to all the time.
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am 15. November 2000
Wer ein O'Reilly-Complete Refrence Buch kennt, der weiss was er sich da anschafft. Hier macht dieses Buch keine Ausnahme. DHTML, Javascript und einiges mehr ist in eigenen Kapiteln mit Seitenregistern schnell auffindbar übersichtlich erklärt. Dieses Buch ist sicherlich nicht als Einsteigerlektüre geeignet. Vielmehr ist es ein Nachschlagewerk zu DHTML wie man es sich umfassender nicht münschen könnte. Meine Wertung: 5 Sterne
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am 5. Juli 2000
The most important thing I can stress in my review is that this book is a reference. If you are new to programming, I would suggest getting more of a tutorial-based book. If you've done any work with HTML, scripting languages, and/or object-oriented programming, you won't believe how handy this book is.
This book is not just Dynamic HTML. The text is divided in to 5 different reference sections: Applying Dynamic HTML, HTML reference, DOM (Document Object Model), CSS reference & JavaScript reference. In fact, I'm trying to learn JavaScript and I almost feel that the JS reference contained within this book is so good, I don't need O'Reilly's JavaScript Definitive Guide.
One of the great things about this book is the treatment of IE vs. Netscape. For example, in the HTML reference, the author points out code syntax differences for each tag for both browsers. In the JavaScript reference, the author uses a consistent method of telling you after which browser version the specific object, property, and method is supported. Sorry if this is slightly confusing, the main thing is the solid treatment of browser support.
This book is sensational. For me, being a VB programmer but newbie web/JavaScript programmer, there are enough code examples within and the book is written well enough that I can use this immediately in my job. Highly recommended
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am 1. Juni 2000
While this book may be a bit intimidating for first-time web authors, it is an incredibly useful manual for those who know the basics of HTML and need a reference to newer features and standards.
The first section is an extremely well-written overview of modern HTML: the history and philosophies behind CSS, javascript, the Document Object Model, and the designs of the two major browsers, as well as some excellent examples of writing portable code to access these features from different platforms and browsers. The clarity of the writing here is a very pleasant surprise from what is really just a reference manual and simply doesn't need to be this good. This section alone is probably enough to bring most "tag-only" authors up to date on the newer dynamic technologies.
It is the reference sections, however, for which most readers will buy this book, and they are excellent. There are comprehensive listings of HTML tags (including rendering behavior as well as scriptable attributes), javascript primitives, and DOM structures. Most importantly, every entry in the reference section is labelled very clearly with which browser and/or standards versions support it, a crucial piece of information to cross-platform authors which is left out of many similar books.
All in all, this book may be the only reference a developer really needs on his bookshelf for writing dynamic HTML. The only major complaint I have is that the author is (understandably) very script-centric, and never sufficiently discusses the down side of using heavily scripted pages when static pages or server-side scripts may suffice.
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am 5. Mai 2000
I use this book primarily because I can't remember all of the HTML tags and all of the attributes you can use with each. This alphabetizes and gives a complete explanation of exactly how each HTML entity can be used, including more details than you'll ever need concerning the different attributes (parameters).
This book not only gives the complete HTML specification, but it also describes whether each feature is supported by IE or Netscape (and which version). It discusses how different browsers will handle the same code, which is a big plus in my eyes.
And, HTML is not all of it; it covers CSS, DOM, and JavaScript:
CSS: This also describes how you can alternatively use CSS (cascading style sheets) to model the objects in your web pages, which often gives you more control over how it looks. (This involves setting the STYLE attribute of a tag.)
DOM: This describes how you can modify HTML objects, even *after* the page has been loaded, by accessing the objects' properties inside your scripts, whether it is JavaScript or VBScript or whatever.
JavaScript: It gives a reference for the core language.
So, at the very least, if you ever want to know all the cool things possible with HTML, this is an incredible reference, with brief examples. Five stars!
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am 30. Januar 2000
The good point of this book is the three sections providing complete cross-referenced information on HTML, DOM, and Javascript. The big weakness is the front sections describing application of DHTML to web pages.
The purpose of a book such as this is to instruct readers in how to apply DHTML to design of web pages. As such, accuracy of information presented and examples given is absolutely critical.
Too often the information presented is a best misleading, and at worst just plain wrong. To cite a specific example consider Figure 4-5 and the associated HTML code on page 71. The author implies that this simple element positioning will work in both Netscape 4+ and Internet Explorer 4+. Yes in so far as it goes for that example exactly as written. But just try something as simple as duplicating the same code twice on a single web page (changing tag ids of course so the tag ids are not repeated) and see what happens in Netscape!
This is just one specific example of many I found where the author states or implies that a certain procedure will work for both browsers, but in fact unpredictable problems or failures will arise. This sort of error is deadly for a book that purports to be the definitive reference.
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am 9. November 1998
The other reviewers are correct; this is an indispensable desktop resource. It has instantly become my primary reference source for web-related projects. This is an important and very accessible work. The layout of the material into chapters is so straight-forward and logical that you don't even need the index; you just flip though to the heading you need and then get back to work. It is meant to be accessed randomly and frequently. This book is the architype for all reference works.
Be forwarned; this is not a cookbook, tutorial, or introductory text. The examples are the minimum necessary to convey useage. If you need introductory texts, I have been very impressed with the inexpensive "Visual Quickstart Guides" by Peachpit Press.
The title of this book is almost misleading; I would have called it something more like "The Web Authors Complete Reference." (and then I probably would have ignored it because of the presumptuous title!) Anyone who creates content for the web on any level will be pleased to have access to such a complete reference for this little slice of time. I can only hope and pray that Goodman/O'Reilly issue prompt rewrites as new versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer are released.
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am 31. März 2000
Though not the place you should go to learn DHTML outright, any web developer with an idea of how HTML, CSS, and JavaScript work will greatly benefit from this book.
The first pages contain a decent overview of how to use each aspect of DHTML featured in the book, so even if you're not familiar with something, you can get a good basis from where to start.
The book's main function is in its role as a reference. I absolutely LOVE this book. Every time I run across something I don't understand, a quick peek in the index and a complete explanation, including examples, is there to guide me.
Obviously this isn't a book to read cover-to-cover (unless you really wanted to), look at it as a DHTML encyclopedia, bearing a wealth of information. It is indexed very intelligently with both tabbed sections for HTML, DOM, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as a full alphabetical index in the back.
Whether you are new or old to web development, this book will definitely benefit you. Get it for your bookshelf, you'll find yourself flipping through it all the time. Not to mention there's a cute flamingo on the cover, who can resist a flamingo? :)
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am 16. September 1998
This book has it all. Opening with some excellent general tips on web design and the Internet and various browsers as a whole, Danny Goodman moves swiftly into an overview of the features of Cascading Style Sheets and DHTML before taking them on in more detail. The second half of the book is an exhaustive reference of the Document Object Models used by the fourth generation browsers. The authors style is informative and thorough whilst remaining informal and eminently readable. This book does make a remarkable effort to provide solutions to the problem dogging most web page developers today - namely "How can I use these new technologies without catering for a specific browser?" Here Goodman's experience clearly shines through as he demonstrates some exceptional methods for coping with this cross browser problem. As most of the other books on DHTML (or JavaScript for that matter) tend to aim at one particular browser, this book gives todays professional web designer exactly what they need. This is the Dynamic HTML book we have all been waiting for!!
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