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4,8 von 5 Sternen
4,8 von 5 Sternen
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am 29. August 2003
Dieses Buch ist nicht nur eine herkömmliche Biographie sondern ein sensationelles Motivationsmedium. Armstrong beschreibt seinen Aufstieg, den großen Fall durch seine Krankheit und seine "Wiederauferstehung". Durch dieses Buch habe ich gelernt motivierter, kämpferischer und noch zuversichtlicher durchs Leben zu gehen!
Danke Lance
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am 17. April 2012
Obwohl selbst kein Fan von Lance Armstrong, zu oft hat er sich unsportlich verhalten oder einfach betrogen, bin ich doch erstaunt, wie das Buch meinen Sohn gefesselt und ihm das Leben eines gebeutelten Mannes näher gebracht hat und nun auch meine Frau begeistert. Ein Buch, das eben nur sekundär über den Radsport und viel über das Leben an sich erzählt.
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am 22. Mai 2000
As an autobiography, Lance's story is one of the best that I've read, although he plays a little fast and loose with the facts regarding bike racing and his career. I found a few inaccuracies, (such as when he stated he won the 1995 Clasica San Sebastian before the 1995 Tour, when in reality the Spanish race is in August or September, while the Tour de France takes place in July).
These minor inaccuracies do nothing to detract from the far more powerful and more important part of his story, which is his struggle with testicular cancer, how he met and married his wife, and fathered a child, in addition to overcoming his disease and callous French employers and journalists who first thought he was finished as a professional cyclist, and when he proved that he wasn't, accused him of using drugs. Lance overcame all of these to win the 1999 Tour de France, 10 years after Greg LeMond's (the only other American to win the Tour) own incredible comeback after being shot and nearly losing his life in a hunting accident.
Like the title says, "It's not about the bike." This story should prove to be inspiring not only for bike riders and racers, but for cancer patients and anyone who has overcome ultimate adversity to achieve a dream.
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am 2. Juli 2000
I had and beat testicular cancer just like Lance Armstrong, so I could truly relate to the incredible obstacles that he described in his amazing book.
This sincerely is an amazing story. I just wish I could have read it when I was going through my intense radiation treatments in my recovery, because I feel it would have made things easier for me. In his book, Armstong brings this disease into the public view, and allows people to see that it truly doesn't have to be a part of death, but, in fact, a part of life.
There are many stories within the book. His childhood, his attitudes towards his father figures, his early racing career, his battle with cancer, the stuggle to get back on top of his game, his love life, and, his extemely personal march towards fatherhood. Each and every one of these minor stories gives an overall inspirational journey into Lance Armstrong's remarkable life.
The writing is nicely detailed and allows for a good, easy-flowing read. The racing-scenes are action-packed, and make you feel as if you are right there on the bike with him. Armstong tells his tale using candid language and relates his stories of life with honesty and a pure heart. This book is a true inspiration to anyone. Please read this book. You cannot go wrong.
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am 24. Mai 2000
I'm a woman. I'm not a cyclist. I've never had cancer. I read mostly fiction. But this book absolutely blew me away. So much more than an athlete bio, this is a wonderfully told, brilliantly written story of a real American hero. The play-by-play cycling coverage is fascinating even to a non-cyclist and the detailed discussion of Lance's illness, treatment, and recovery is beyond inspiring. The look inside Lance's childhood, his love life, his amazing journey into fatherhood, and his role as a cancer activist is what brings the whole story home. So much more than a story of athletic achievement and cancer recovery, this is a story about triumph of the human spirit. I can't wait to root for Lance in this year's Tour de France and in the Olympics. Hopefully we'll be cheering him to victory for years to come. I have been talking about this book to anyone who will listen to me. Listen to me. Buy the book. You will not want to put it down. It is a story you will never forget.
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am 26. Juli 2000
Like Lance's mother, I'm a single parent in Plano, Texas. I know well the streets and schools, the apartments and swimming pools and ice cream shop he talks about. I've bought bikes for my kids from the guy who gave bikes to Lance. Perhaps ghost writter Jenkins was playing up the "struggle to grow up" angle, but chapter two really ruined the book for me.
At seventeen, Lance was racing his new Z28 Camero through the streets and had sponsors sending him on trips to compete. He cut school for 6 weeks and then pitched a hissy when the school officials told him he'd actually have to do the school work to graduate!
At seventeen, my daughter doesn't cut school and drives a five year old Geo Metro back and forth to a $6 an hour job. She didn't learn how to swim at a country club, and she doesn't wear designer labels. I've personally met hundreds of Plano kids like her over the years. Many have imigrant parents with limited English; they walk and ride the bus to school, work and study hard, shop at Walmart, and nobody sponsors them but God.
I see two main differences between the young Lance Armstong portraied in "..About the Bike" and the Plano kids I know: 1. The kids I know don't have world class VO2max, like Lance, and 2. unlike Lance, they don't constantly whine about not being treated with the deference they think they should be treated.
It would be easy to write this off to the immature perspective of a teenage boy, but the city of Plano has been trying to name a park after him and have a "Lance Armstrong Day" for the past year. Neither Lance or his agent will return their phone calls or answer their letters.
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am 31. Juli 2000
Lance Armstrong in his book recounts the transformation that happened in his life out of finding out at age 25 that he had very advanced testicular cancer. Incredibly, he was able to beat very unfavorable odds and come through cancer free. The cancer in his case seems to have worked as a tool that helped him transform and wake up to the richness of his life. He discovered how loved and supported he was by his family and friends, he discovered and was able to appreciate the dedication and incredible talent of others who collaborated to save his life, he discovered his inner resources and his passion for living, he rediscovered his love for the Bike which he was taking for granted... Out of this experience he won the Big Price: Huge professional success and a very fulfilling and loving marriage. If you are interested in transformational experiences and in discovering the state of being where success, love, satisfaction, self expression and aliveness reside, I highly recommend that you also read the book WORKING ON YOURSELF DOESN'T WORK by Ariel and Shya Kane. This book is a gem and it delivers all the keys to personal transformation and enlightenment. I highly recommend it to anybody who, like Lance Armstrong, is willing to challenge the limits of what we think it is possible to make happen in our lives.
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am 24. Mai 2000
This book offers so much brutal honesty that you will not be able to put it down (I finished it within 8 hours of starting it). I never much cared for Armstrong (and his over confidence) early on in his career, but I have to count myself among his many admirers now. His climb from cancer to to the top of the podium in Paris is remarkable, but that is a nearly insignificant portion of the story. If you are a fan of his work, though, you will granted some very candid and enlightening views into the maturing and development of a world class athlete.
In a time when superstar athletes get away with murder and have no appreciation for their good fortune, Armstrong sings a very different song. You may or may not become a fan of cycling after you read this book, but you can't help being a fan of the man. You might think, as I did, that this book was simply a well spun public relations event, but when you read the intimate and graphic accounts of his chemo treatments and the various medical procedures that were performed you quickly realize that this was not done to put the guy on a pedestal. It was done to show the devastating, human side of cancer. And yet despite all of that the message that prevails is that we, even in our worst times, still need to have hope and that we have so much to be thankful for. You will never look at this man or the disease in the same way again.
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am 19. Juni 2000
Lance Amrmstrong and Sally Jenkins did a wonderful job sharing the pain of such a terrible disease, the truth behind what really happens, and how this disease can actually change you for the better!
I bought this book because I work in the world and needed to "get down to earth." Even though I used to cycle, my hope was to find a book that could help me create some balance in my life and provide some direction. That it did. What I did not expect, was to be so moved about this incredible relationship Lance had with his mother, coupled with the unbelieveable obstacles (even if you are a cycling fan, you will still be surpprised) he had to overcome not just to survive, but to be able to get back to a professional level of cycling.
I've always respected Lance as a cyclist. But learning more about him as a son, a father, a cancer survivor, a husband, and a human being has created a hole heck of a lot more respect (even bigger than Texas!)for the kind of man that he is.
You will never forget this book.
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am 14. Juli 2000
I'm a physician and a bicycle racer and when I heard that LanceArmstrong had metastatic testicular cancer, my first thought, likemany in my field, was "He's dead." But Lance Armstrong's story has the happy Hollywood ending nobody expected four years ago. This isn't Shakespeare, but I found it to be compelling reading (a stay up til you finish it kind of read). I am especially appreciative of the insight into the human condition, how one responds to adversity by either giving up or fighting back. Many of his homilies such as "turning negatives into positives" struck a nerve with me, as I've come to expect setbacks to be followed by unexpected success because it's happened to me so many times. I'm pleased that the book is so popular, because maybe the rest of the world will stop thinking people like me aren't such freaks riding our bikes 50 miles in January. It offers a glimpse into our sport that most people don't get to see. But I mostly hope others find the human message of hope as inspirational as I did.
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