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am 11. Januar 2000
This is quite simply the most important book I have ever read. The first review above is horribly cynical for someone who considers self enlightened (What nonsense, when there is no one there to be enlightened, when you are!) When groups are up and running all around the world to uncover this book's profundity, simplicity and ego-deprecating humor, I encourage everyone to join in. I also notice that one's resistance to the book is directly proportional to one's attachment to identity (Ego) I have never been so grateful for a book (Altho Conversations with God Book 1 came close) Thanks
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am 17. Januar 2000
Yes, consciousness is all there is. Yes, doing does not lead to awakening. Be aware so you do not miss it.
Osho puts it beautifully when he says that spiritual practice (meditation in his case) is like sending an invitation. The invitation is no guarantee that the guest (enlightenment) will arrive, it is up to the guest. However, without the invitation the guest will never come.
Enlightenment (awakening) is not a cause and effect- this does not mean one should abandon practice. After all the practice too is a part of the leela.
L O V E Pranshu
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am 17. Januar 2000
In Paul Peszko's review from Whole Life Times He suggests that Nadeen could have stated his entire book in just few pages. My observation is that in the hide part of hide and seek, most of the time source hides itself so thoroughly, the message to come out...come out wherever you are has a better chance of getting through if it is repeated over and over in many different ways until finally finding happens. Rip Van Source is a sound sleeper. Sometimes a nudge will do; sometimes a sledge hammer works better. Thanks, Nadeen, for the beautiful nudge. Thanks, Osho, for the sledge hammer.
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am 31. Dezember 1999
WARNING: This book may be hazardous to your spiritual practice. In fact reading Satyam Nadeen's ONIONS TO PEARLS could end your spiritual practice altogether. This self-proclaimed, "awakened" (he dislikes using the word "enlightened") ex-convict and drug lord postures that awakening like all else in our lives is preordained through what he calls Destiny and Grace. It does not matter how many hours you sit cross-legged in front of a statue of the Buddha or how many years you spend in an ashram or a Zen monastery. If you are not predestined to awaken, then you will never receive a wake-up call from the Source regardless of how deep your spiritual practice may be. And, if you are predestined for enlightenment, it will happen even if you are doing hard time in a maximum security prison like Nadeen was.
Do I think it is true? Of course, it is true. Every guru down through the ages worth his or her zafu has stated that. So, what's the big deal? Well, I suppose that Michael Clegg, alias Satyam Nadeen, is the big deal. Or should I say dealer? First, it was Ecstasy, the drug of the eighties, that Clegg was dealing. That got him a mountaintop retreat in Costa Rica, a private plane and the opportunity to hang out at ashrams and monasteries all over the world. Eventually, it got him busted, and he had to spend two years in a holding cell in Florida, where he received his wake up call. Then he did seven years in a Federal prison at San Pedro, where Clegg went through his "Deliverence," a deepening process that integrates one's awakening with the world of duality and illusion. Although he negates the concept of karma completely, I would say that Clegg got his just desserts, considering he was doing spiritual practice while profiting from recreational pharmaceuticals. Now, Clegg is dealing strictly in enlightenment, which is much more profitable than Ecstasy. He gets $200 for a weekend intensive and up to $2100 for a week-long retreat in Costa Rica, and there are no Federal or State statutes to guard against. To his credit, however, Clegg did hard time, stuck it out and found a way to even profit from it. That's much more than I could ever hope to accomplish. I doubt if I would last a week in such a situation. I can hardly imagine what it must have been like for someone living such a luxurious lifestyle to find themselves suddenly ensconced in the worst of all possible circumstances. Clegg eventually came to accept his fellow prisoners as being one with the Source and a reflection of the perfection of life rather than a flaw. According to his insight, they help balance out the Freedom/Limitation equation of life. If there were no hardened criminals, there would be no Mother Teresas or Dalai Lamas.
He goes even further to state that those who maintain a spiritual practice for reasons of self-gratification are less in tune with the Source than criminals who are "being" exactly what life intended them to be. It all works out in the end the way it is supposed to, in spite of us, not because of us.
The problem with ONIONS TO PEARLS is that it is repetitive to the point of agonizing boredom and somewhat self-indulgent. Clegg could have stated his entire book in just a few pages: "Consciousness is all there is...You are not the doer." What I find so auspicious is that both Clegg and I received our wake up calls from the same source, Ramesh Balsekar who wrote THE FINAL TRUTH. You may want to read Balsekar or Scott Morrison instead. Both write in a selfless, to-the-point style whereas Clegg is rather cold and dogmatic.
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am 19. August 1999
Nadeen's telling of his experience of awakening to freedom makes it seem attainable to all seekers. The simplicity of the message and the number of times and ways he reinforces that "Consciousness is all there is" has impacted me and the many people with whom I have shared this book profoundly. If you are searching for truth read this book. The process of peeling the layers of the onion will surely be accelerated in the process.
PS. I am confused by the negative first review...I can't imagine what kind of onions that reviewer expected...it seems we read two different books.
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am 25. November 1999
From Onions to Pearls is the last spirtitual/consciousness/self-help book you will ever need. Finally somebody who can not only translate the Eastern to the Western, but actually improve the clarity and insightfulness of it all. There is no doubt that this book will change many lives...and that's a tall order for the tool of print!
Satyam Nadeen is THERE (here).
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am 7. Juni 1999
If you consider yourself to be a spiritual seeker - get this book. This is the most clear and practical account of genuine awakening that I have ever read, having read a lot of them, and the experience of just going through the book itself has practically turned my mind inside out. My mind is still spinning from it. Get this book
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am 5. Oktober 1999
The detail which this shabbily attired author devotes to his book is an excellent example of how all professional wrestling autobiographies should be written. The chapter describing how the wrestler Jesse "The Body" Ventura stomps his foot, while pretending to punch his opponent, in order to trick the crowd into believing that he has actually hit his opponent with his fist, is pure gold. As gold as the WWF championship belt that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin owned from Chapter 3 through 5 in this vivid, gripping book. The chapter devoted to the stupidity of the average pro wrestling fan is great laughs for those of us that are "smarter than your average bear", except replace bear with pro wrestling fan and smarter with meaner. Let this book fly to the top of the amazon.com top, or "hot" 100. It truly deserves it after languishing at 20,897 for several years.
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