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am 1. Juli 1997
I first learned of this book when I was living in Cairo, Egypt. Anytime I ever questioned the syntax of a WinAPI function call I was told to: "Look it up in Petzold." Not having any real book stores with English texts in Cairo, I was convinced that I was out of luck and would have to put off my programming pursuits until I was next in Europe or the States to pick up Petzold's classic. To my surprise, I was proven wrong... there was such a demand for this book among the programmers in Egypt that super markets started making bootleg photocopies of the book and selling them next to the bread and milk. (Indeed, the subsequent rush to the markets caused more riots than the bread price inflation of `82!)

You must bye this book whatever the cost (even if that means buying an illegal copy). It will pay for itself in a day.

In fact, buy two copies. Trust me.
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am 26. Januar 1998
I've been programming applications professionally for a few years now, but they've all been in DOS. When it was finally time for me to take the plunge into the world of win32, I found this book more than just helpful. Petzold writes in such a fashion that makes it easy to understand the workings of win95/NT, and provides more than ample backup from pictures and screenshots. Well written and very useful, this book is an essential for the beginning win95 programmer. My one comment (not criticism) about it is that the reader should be warned. This is not an Abrash or LaMothe (thank god) book, and is not presented in the same friendly fashion (jokes, anecdotes, etc..) to ease the reader into the topic. It is a straight up, cut-and-dry win95 programming book, and a damn fine one at that.
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am 4. Februar 1999
This book is organized well for introducing a new person to Windows programming, but, then it should be. Almost all of the applications and much of the text is directly copied from the Programmers Manual that came with Microsoft Quick C for Windows (ca 1992). You would think the author could at least correct the typos in the sample code copied to this edition. Chapter 11 is the worst, nearly every sample code has a mistake. Many are obvious ('3' instead of 'e'), but some are conceptually wrong and difficult to get past. There is enough information in the book for you to debug the author's code for him, should you have the patience. The code on the attached CD is correct, however; which hardly helps when you are trying to learn Windows programming.
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am 21. Oktober 1998
This is how I evaluate a computer bookstore: does it have Petzold? If not, I pass, for what other valuable books are they omitting?
It is a privilege to be allowed to comment on this book. In thirty years of programming, I have found few computer books have the right blend of clarity, relevance and depth.
"Programming Windows" is not an easy book. It requires careful study. But it is rich and complete. Read it, and you will be a competent, skilled Windows practitioner.
We have applied its principles, and have created software that is fast, and appreciated by our customers. Mastering the GDI means never having to say "I'm sorry, I can't do that".
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am 22. Mai 1998
This book is the best you can get without sitting at the computer and learning straight from the author himself.
The code is clear, with plenty of comments. The explainations on the code is clear, always re-showing snippits of code to help in the explaination of a program. The only book where you can get in-depth win32 theory and hands on code (code is also on CD in book).
Only downfall to this book is that the code doesn't always work directly in the MS Visual C++ project IDE. It takes some tweaking to get it to work (which isn't easy for newbie MS VC++ coders). If you need a good win32 book BUY THIS ONE! Except no alternatives.
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am 1. August 1997
I am an experienced DOS based programmer. When I wanted to migrate to Windows, I faced a huge uphill challenge. I first tried some other books but those were like running into a brick wall at full speed. I gave up for a few months, and then decided that I would try one more book to see if that may help. Thank goodness I found this book. "Programming Windows 95" is designed in such a way that I actually understood how windows works, and trust me, once you understand why your initializing a class here and there, instead of just copying out of a book, well, it's incredable. If you buy only one book on windows programming, BUY THIS ONE!! :
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am 18. September 1999
Even though this edition has been 'out there' for about 3 1/2 years, it's still the best intro to Windows C programming on the market. Why? Simple. Petzold is a gifted writer/teacher that knows the Windows API like the back of his hand. He writes VERY clearly (without ambiguity) and, unlike most authors on the subject, never uses terminology or skills that he hasn't already covered. Petzold almost anticipates your questions and confusions and addresses them succinctly. Any programmer familiar with C can learn Windows programming from this book alone. I have many books on Windows programming but I'd trade them all for this one.
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am 13. Mai 1998
Being a computer science major and only being taught "traditional" (non-GUI based) C/C++ programming, this book was exactly what I was looking for to help me use what I already know about C/C++ to write programs for the Windows environment.
In response to another readers problems with "hellowin", this reader was obviously compiling the program from within the Visual C++ IDE and not from the command line using nmake as the book does. If you do want to use the IDE, you DO NOT need to include "mmsystem.h", but you DO have to manually link in "winmm.lib".
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am 21. Juli 1998
If you want to program in Windows 95 (or 98), start with this book. Everything you need to know to write applications in C or C++ is in here. The book is well written, the examples are clear and useful, and the sticky points of certain features are repeated wherever the features are used (so if you use the book like a reference you won't get hosed by a tricky point first raised in an earlier chapter).
Most of the book deals with drawing on the screen and presenting the user interface, but it also covers memory management, multithreading, file I/O, printing, and other useful topics.
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am 13. Juli 1998
After looking for some time, this is the right book for the Mac turned Windows programmer. If you learned how to "walk the walk" of message based windows programming - ala mother apple and you just can not stand or need another long winded review of what a graf port is, if you know conceptually how they did it but need a quick review of where the heck it is in the hierarchy of Billy's world, if you are looking for template examples which will not require 98% rework when you add exception handling. This is the one. Suddenly I am getting productive again.
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