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am 23. August 1998
I used to watch the Battletech cartoon with out knowing Battletech.Now 6 pc games ,157 cards,dozen minitures,and 30 books later I can enjoy the source book.It is all in color(few pages in the back arn't)wich is a major plus. It gives summaries of the characters with good art work from the show.After that it has info on the 'Mechs in the cartoon. The 'Mech art cool is computer stuff.(Makes the Clan 'Mechs in Tech:3050 sorry!) The best is a detailed episode guide of the series. Each page with (almost each)a sweet scene from that episode. Some times they "round"corners, like the discription of the Mauler is a little confuseing.Another is the lack of depth in the pre exsitihg BT characters. But then how can you cram every thing in Battltech in to a neat cartoon series?(it should be made known that the show also uses computer animation with traditional "hand" animation,makes the battles better then the CD-Rom games!)It gives info on the people and 'Mechs for the role playing game.The book gives vivid detail on the 1st Sumerset Strikers that pop up in the books sometimes.Recap:This source book has something for every one but most of all is very good(and colorful!)reading.A must for EVERY Battletech FAN!!
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am 7. November 1998
I like this show and like the mech drawings and stuff I wish they would make a second season!
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