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DruidCraft: The Magic of Wicca & Druidry
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am 22. November 2003
Philipp Carr-Gomm the head of the Order of Bard, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) has merged two of the strongest pagan movements, Druidry and Wicca. His idea, that both tradition are able to fill in the blanks for each other is plausible. The book is written in a framestory similar to a pathwork, in which dialogs between students and teacher can be found, which give the book a very personal touch and intimacy. The most important topics in the craft, such as magic, blessing, healing, the great rite are elucidated very perceptively and profound (something lacking in many fluff-bunny-instant-wicca books). Some very beautiful ritual proposals are describe, especially the solitary Beltaneritual is one of the most beautiful Beltane-Rituals I have ever read for solitary, and teaches some very deep wisdom. Because it is a mix of two traditions it can bring very much to the "common" pagan, who doesn't really want to read a "only Wicca" book, and for people following the Wiccan path it can show some deeper aspects of their tradition.
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am 24. Oktober 2002
While the historic origins of celtic mythology seem lost in time, it seems that the surviving remnants of the two threads of druidry and wicca share the same origin. Philip Carr-Gomm, who as chosen chief of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) has been researching celtic spirituality for decades, has tried in this book to reunite the threads of druidism and wicca-witchcraft, which have so far been perceived as separate movements. He identifies five common topics, which are blessings, love, nature's cycles, health and magic. These he presents through a fictional discussion between teacher and disciple as was the druids' way of teaching, and adds a rendering of a short celtic legend for each chapter respectively, which carries the main thought of the chapter in a poetic yet modern form. Also, short insights into the historic traditions underlying the main thought are given.
I enjoyed reading the book very much. Its tone is heart-warming, its message will surely be applauded by all who feel drawn to (Neo)Paganism. Of course, readers who are familiar with the subject will not necessarily find revelations beyond that of the common goal of druidism and wicca. But there might be the tasty morsel here and there, such as some practices of opening up to the old path, which to my knowledge were uniquely developed out of the practice of OBOD and thus might be new to some readers. There's only one drawback: the book has only 155 pages of text, so it serves (only) as an introduction not so much as a studybook of legend and lore. I suppose Philip's main concern was to unite rather than to reiterate what has already been written about druidism and wicca seperately.
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