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am 5. Dezember 2001
I have to admit: I don't like crime stories and with this book again I know why. The preview really sounded great but the book is just disappointing, especially the end with its too many coincidences.
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am 28. Mai 2000
Michael Connelly is unique. His writing is similar to Patricia Cornwell's, but he's much, much better. When I read THE POET, some years ago, I said to myself: Such an very well-written book! But when I read BLOOD WORK, I found a book that it's so good as the other one. Things are always happening in a kaleidoscopical speed. Things just happen so fast! And the plot is also so cool!
In order not to spoil the plot, in a few words, BLOOD WORK tells the story of policeman who's going to retire because of a heart surgeon. In fact, he's in a leave because of his heart problem. But before he is able to do so, a case "calls" him and he finds himself involved in a story that you will love to read.
Michael Connelly's favorite books are ANGEL'S FLIGHT and THE LAST COYOTE. I don't have AF, and personally, THE LAST COYOTE is far behind THE POET and BLOOD WORK, my favorite ones. Anyway, I prefer the ones 'without' his famous detective Harry Bosch. If you like detective stories full of twists and action, you won't be disappointed with that one. The whole book is incredible and you never get tired of the reading. Try it and see exactly what I mean.
Marco Aurelio
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am 10. September 2005
This is my first experience with Michael Connelly and after reading "Blood Work", I'll definately read more of his work. But after finishing this book, I feel kind of short-changed. Mainly because of the ending. The ending was not only unbelievable but also a quick cop-out, as if the author couldn't or didn't want to finish the book but he had to. So he made this really bad and unbelievable ending. It's like those crime shows on TV where they solve a complex case in 45 minutes. That's what the ending is like. Everything suddenly falling into place with no hitches or setbacks. Like that happens in real life - not.
The identity of the bad guy really threw me but then McCaleb goes off on a guilt trip which annoyed me. He thinks because he has the victim's heart that he is obligated to end all his relationships, cut himself off from the world and wallow in self-pity! Come on! I'm not saying McCaleb should be a macho man but he shouldn't be a wilting lily either!
All in all, a very good story which got me hooked but there were a few small things which were irritating.
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am 13. Oktober 2006
"Blood Work" hat einen außergewöhnlichen Ermittler, den ex-FBI-Profiler Terry McCaleb, der seit seiner Herztransplantation im Vorruhestand ist. McCalebs schwierige Transplantation und Rekonvaleszenz sind der bewegende Hintergrund seiner Ermittlungen, und das hebt "Blood Work" über den Durchschnitt hinaus. Die Kriminalgeschichte ist gut konstruiert und hat unerwartete Wendungen, wobei McCaleb sympathischerweise auch mal Fehler unterlaufen. Mit McCalebs chaotischem Freund Buddy hat Connelly eine schrullig-liebenswerte Figur geschaffen, die die manchmal etwas schablonenhafte Darstellung der Nebenfiguren (bes. bei den Polizisten) durchbricht. Das einzige, was in "Blood Work" zuviel des Guten ist, ist McCalebs Liebesbeziehung mit der Schwester seiner Organspenderin - das ist einfach zu wenig plausibel.

Auf jeden Fall zu empfehlen! Aufgrund der leichten Schwächen des Romans aber nur 4 Sterne.
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am 20. Juni 1998
Michael Connelly has just written his best book. It will read even better if you read all of the Harry Bosch books first, begining with Black Echo. This will give you a feeling for his writing style, which will enhance this read. Michael's characters come alive with all the foibles with which we deal with in real life. As a story teller Michael ranks with W.E.B. Griffin and Tom Clancy giving you reading entertainment at its best. There are already too many reviews with the story line in it. So, I will only comment on the quality of the book. Read it. When you are finished, you will want more mysterys from Michael. As the story unfolds so do the facts, and so do the twists. Allow for lots of time for you will not want to put this book down.
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am 21. Dezember 1998
At this point this is one of my favorite books. This is my first Connelly read,and I am completely looking forward to reading his others. Connelly's choice of the main character is different.Usually the mian character is a strong, perfect, healthy person. However, in this novel Terry, is just recovering from a heart transplant. Connelly is an amazing writer with at clever and realizstic way of writing. Blood Work has an unusual plot with realistic characters. It is a novel that I really couldn't put down. I truly enjoyed this novel and recommend this novel to everyone!
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am 11. Oktober 1998
I enjoyed this book. I had not read this series of books before nor have I read anything from Connelly.
I assume that Blood Work is the latest edition in a series of stories because there seems to be many places where there are discussions of past cases of Terry the former FBI man that were done in a kind of summary voice.
I have to honestly say I didn't like was the fact that Terry, the main character is not the strong, macho-hero type. I guess I am a bit old-fashioned in my hero image!
Terry is smart, sensitive and somewhat sexy, but I felt worried, every step in the book that his heart would give out and he would die.
(I knew that because he is the star, he wouldn't really get killed-off, but I was worried that the story wouldn't be as believable because of the extent of his medical vulnerability...)
Somehow overcoming this particular physical weakness is an impossibility. I guess the challenge to the main character was whether he would be able to be as effective of a crime sleuth, with the heart situation. Okay. I see where the author wants me to go, but I am not sure I got there on that issue.
At the predictable part of the end when Terry's new love and her nephew are in their predicament, I wondered how in heaven's name would his new heart really hold out under all of these circumstances.
I also couldn't get with Terry's guilt driving him (in the beginning) to take this case in the first place. How does one do all of these things within 9 weeks of such serious surgery?? But, of course, as I am ignorant of this condition, I guess it must be possible if Connelly put it in his book.
All of that said, I enjoyed this book a lot. It is a quick read and I finished it in about a week of , before-bed reading sessions. I am pleased enough with this author to go and buy past editions to see what Terry was up to before the heart surgery occurred.
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am 1. Februar 2000
Something happened to Michael Connelly while he was writing that book. Some kind of crisis or breakdown. Maybe he was fed up with writing that book or writing in general.
It looks like the publisher tried to minimize the damage and make the author finish the intended bestseller no matter what. That's why we have that ridiculous ending. An extra effort was put behind Blood Work's promotiom. Every Connelly's book cover in the English edition I've got advertised Blood Work and guaranteed 150 pound discout on a trip to the USA and Canada with the the book's purchase.
Reading Michael Connely you can rely on a certain standard but this time the writing is very uneven. Of course Terry McCaleb is no match to the authors more famous character. It seems Connely used up all the dark colors of his palette on Hieronimys Bosch. No neurotism, no emotional problems for the new guy - except the sense of guilt all the Connely's creations possess in great measure.
Connely is not very good in characterization. All his characters blame themselves for various bads they did or caused to happen. They like people who like them (and feel guilt toward them) and hate people who do not like them. In every book beside the usual villains there are jerks among the hero's colleagues who devote all their time to making his life diffucult. But he prevails upon them through his mental superiority and courage.
All this guilt, neurotism and the urge for self- destruction are used by Mr.Connely to make his characters alive and complex.
The less important personas are testimony to the author's uneasiness in dealing with real people. They are very stereotypical.
Blood Work's Graciela is the archetypal Latina, giving and forgiving, lustful and religious, loyal to her man.
Bolotov is a criminal by birthright. He is Russian and can be easily confronted and accused on a weak hunch,in fact, on a whim.I was amused when my compatriot reacted on that crap in a very manly way and after that every thought of Bolotov's supposed nearness sent the chills up McCaleb's WASPish a$$.
Yes, Bolotov is not guilty of this crime but he ended up in a prison for something else - so there is no reason to worry about that wrongful accusation.
It was one of the very few episodes when the sense of guilt was not bothering the distinguised ex-agent.
So the first hundreds pages had a promise of a good entertainment then something gone wrong and the last pages is just Michael Connelly's fulfilling his contract obligations. I hope his later books will bring back the author we are used to.
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TOP 500 REZENSENTam 26. August 2008
Are plots the center of murder mysteries? Or are the characters the center? I think that highly intelligent authors sometimes get carried away and try to do too much. That's the weakness of Blood Work. But if you don't mind a plot from Mars, you may find that the paths of Mars and Venus eventually intersect on Earth.

Blood Work is a novel filled with more imagination than I can ever hope to muster. As a result, the story becomes dizzying in its complications towards the end. What will hold your attention throughout is the riveting portrayal of retired FBI-profiler, Terry McCaleb, as he tries to track down the murderer of the woman whose heart saved McCaleb's life while recovering from the transplant surgery.

To me, the most interesting parts of the book relate to what it would be like to receive a heart transplant and to have a chance to do something for the donor's family by sorting out a murderer. That's about as interesting a premise as you can have. I'm sure you'll think about it often after you read the book.

On the other hand, I was less than thrilled by the shifts in pace within the book. It starts slow and gently . . . but is moving at breakneck pace near the end. The beginning is too slow, and the end is too fast. It's more contrast than most readers can easily absorb.

Michael Connelly also relies a bit too much on his ability to tie an infinite number of facts together into a plot. It's overkill. But I had to be impressed by the imagination that can do that.

If you haven't read other stories by Michael Connelly about Terry McCaleb, be sure you start with this one. It will enrich your appreciation of the later stories.

If you want to have some extra fun with the book, keep track of the different ways that the book's title fits into the story. You'll be amazed at how many different references are appropriate. I don't recall too many novels that use more than three such references. Connelly moves well beyond such a modest target.

Pay attention to the details. They matter!
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am 21. Juni 2005
This time I felt compelled to write a review because the book's got two sides. One is that you can't put it down - I spent whole nights reading it. On the other hand - a somewhat experienced crime reader knows after 20 pages the outcome of the story and feels a bit annoyed that the "good guys" don't see the obvious. I have to admit that it was compelling nevertheless. Therefore - and therefore only - only 4 stars.
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